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Cities: Skylines

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(OBSOLETE) Image Overlay
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(OBSOLETE) Image Overlay

Obsolete, use this one instead:

Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.10.1-f2 (Parklife)

Image Overlay is a mod for Cities: Skylines that allows you to show and control an image over your terrain, so you can easily use it as a template for building your city.

Image Overlay is an updated version of BetterImageOverlay by Omegote.

This mod will automatically load any .png images located at "[Steam directory]\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Files\[filename].png".
Images max size is pretty much unlimited, but expect huge load times with images higher than 8192x8192 px.
I also suggest you to upload images here [] to decrease its size.

To adjust overlay opacity, change slider value in mod settings and hit Apply button.

  • Rotation support (thanks to DwithS)

  • Overlay corrensponds to terrain height
  • Images cache system: after each image is loaded once, loading gets much faster
  • Adjustable overlay opacity
  • Dynamic load of .png files
  • Multiple images to toggle through
  • Auto fit to 1x1, 3x3, 5x5 or 9x9 tiles

  • Move: keypad arrows or Shift + arrows

  • Toggle: keypad Enter or Shift + Enter
  • Cycle through images: Shift + R
  • Lock: keypad 5 or Shift + V
  • Auto fit image to 1x1...9x9 tiles: Shift +T
  • Reset to default position: Shift + B

  • Scale: keypad 1/3 or Shift + +/-

  • Rotation: keypad 7/9 or Shift + Q/E
  • Rotation by 90°: Shift + []

  • Precise movement: Hold Ctrl
  • Fast movement: Hold Ctrl + Alt