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Low Magic Age
Genre: Strategy, RPG
Platforms: PC
Players: Single-player
Dec 9, 2016 @ 1:14am
Jan 14, 2017 @ 7:09am

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Release date: From end of 2016 to early in 2017
Low Magic Age is a fantasy RPG that focused on turn-based, party-based tactical combat. The most unique feature of the combat system is various kinds of strategy elements, such as war fog, field of view, ZOC (zone of control), cover and flanking, etc.

The combat system of Low Magic Age is based upon the Open Game Licence 3.5 (OGL), the set of rules based on the pen-n-paper version of the best selling fantasy role-playing game of all time, made by Wizards of the Coast.

In order to apply a set of rules designed for a pen-and-paper game to a computer game, many rules in the open game content had been adjusted or improved.

Normally, you'll create and customize a small party of 4~6 characters: choosing from seven races, three basic classes and ten class variants, dozens of feats and spells. And then fight with all kinds of monsters!

  • Inherited from classic game rules: Evolved from historic pen-and-paper game rules, plus well designed information display UI, clear prompt of hit percent and damage range, help players to learn and immerse in the fantasy world. The innovative combat system, flanking, charging, full-attack, etc., various circumstance bonuses bring more meaningful tactics selections.

  • Classical fantasy monsters: 7 categories, 100+ classical fantasy monsters. Goblins, trolls, giant ants, basilisks and much much more. Different monsters need different strategies and tactics to defeat.

  • Tons of equipment and wondrous items: 60+ common items, 90+ wondrous items, 80+ enchantments. Slashing, piercing and bludgeoning, different weapons against different monsters. Gloves of Dexterity, Counterstrike Bracers, Ring of Regeneration, Belt of Magnificence, Cloak of Thorns, Elemental Gem, collecting powerful magical artifacts to create the hero character in your mind.

  • Well designed skills and spells: Fighters own a variety of martial arts movements, not only basic attacks. All of the arcane spells and divine spells of caster classes are greatly improved, too.

About graphics similarity with another game ToME4:
We purchased and used a tileset of monsters/items from the Norwegian artist Raymond E. Gaustadnes (Shockbolt). He made another tileset for ToME4. So, both tilesets share the similar style and a few same tiles.

Thanks to the Open Gaming License (OGL) from Wizards of the Coast:
It has been stated explicitly by Wizards of the Coast that anyone can make a computer game using the open game content under the terms of the OGL. The OGL can be viewed on the OGL section of their official website, or the help system of this game.
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Low Magic Age is available on Steam store now:
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》总得来说游戏对于dnd战斗规则的简化还是很成功的,果园的大大们很给力^-^ , 希望游戏能够成为国产dnd类的标杆,加油!

Low Magic Studios  [author] Jan 7, 2017 @ 5:53pm 

Low Magic Studios  [author] Jan 7, 2017 @ 5:53pm 
》4.法术列表严重不足:法师全是炮台法术,牧师一个辅助buff法术都没有,牧师的驱散被砍的也太狠了。建议制作组参考4版规则补全法术列表。同时法术采用cd机制导致法系职业兼职物理输出成为了必然。建议改为 次数/每场战斗比较好


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