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Mini Manticores
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Dec 6, 2016 @ 12:07pm
Aug 19, 2017 @ 9:31am
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Mini Manticores

Mod ID = 813553722

Adding Miniscule Manticores to your Ark.

The Mini Manticore requires a saddle to ride, when taming one it will have a saddle already in its Inventory. Better quality saddles can be obtained by killing wild Mini Manticores.

Manticores can be tamed on raw meat or Prime, but their preferred food is Lion Bars.

To craft Lion Bars you need to learn the Engram (at 0 EP cost and available at lvl 25) They can be crafted in your inventory.

Lion Bars require Raw Prime Meat, Argent Claws, Rex Arms, Megalania Toxin, Titanoboa Venom, Thylacoleo Hook Claws, and Sarco Skin.

Manticores can gather Saberteeth from the corpses of Sabers which can be used in place of Rhino Horns, Venom Glands from Scorpions and Spiders which are a mild Narcotic, and Acid Glands from Arthropleura which can be used in place of Leech Blood.

Manticores also drop Manticore Tails when killed which is a potent Narcotic (giving 100 torpor)

The Mini Manticore can of course walk and fly, and has a variety of attacks

Left Click - Bite and Claw attacks, rapid attacks with a fair damage (50 base). Short range.

Right Click - Sting attack, will stop movement when walking and slow you when flying. High Damage (70 base) and large torpor (uses the Sea Scorpion damage) Medium Range. Has a 3 second cooldown.

C Key - Posion Ball attack, very low damage and very high torpor (1 Damage and 150 Torpor base), large range. 7 Second Cooldown. Note, this is an AoE attack and not a ranged attack.

Left Ctrl Key - Pick Up, can pick up dinos up to a drag weight of 200. The Manticore can grab Flying dinos and the carry weight is now customizable via Ini.

The Mini Manticore has 8 spawnzones across the map, and will spawn on any map, exact locations can and will vary due to the size of each spawn zone (each takes up1/8th of the map) Each zone spawns 1 manticore at a time making 8 per map. This is adjustable through Ini.

Some things to note about the Mini Manticore; It can carry dinos when flying or running, and can grab flyers. If landing when flying it will be dropped though. Nothing I can do to fix that unfortunately. The Manticore is a great fridge for Prime Meat (fish and regular) and Mutton with a 6x spoil timer and a 4x spoil timer on Organic Polymer (those timers however may be subject to change) The Manticore being a poisonous creature itself has a high torpor, and a rapid rate of torpor drop, be prepared with plenty of Narcs for your tame. To counter balance that it eats quickly and Lion Bars provide a high affinity so it should be a fairly quick tame.

Ini Customization options now available. See here for more info. GUS Ini Settings

Manticores now have colour regions and will have colour variations. See pics for the regions. Note that currently the mane colour cannot be changed. I hope that I picked some nice colours, and let me know if you come across any cool looking Manticores :D


So it's been a while since I made Mini Manticores, it was my first real delve into making a dino mod of any type, and was a really good learning tool for what needs to be done in terms of animations, attacks, IK, and using the Dev Kit coding systems. Making the Mini Manticore taught me a lot and I'm proud of it and believe that it still holds up perfectly fine, and a lot of what I learnt has now been passed on to help me with my more recent mods such as Better Dinos. However I look back at it and think there's a lot that could be done better in terms of the back end of the mod, knowing what I now know, and using some of the features now added to the kit. There are changes that I'd like to make, but they would adversely effect those of you who are already using and enjoying this mod. Therefore I'm going to draw a line under it and say that this mod will no longer be supported. Whilst I won't remove it I will no longer be updating it in any way shape or form. I am however going to create another mod that will have miniature versions of all the boss creatures (except Rockwell) as well as mini versions of some larger creatures like mini wyverns, squids, mosas etc. It's going to be some time coming as I have a bit of a stable of mods going on now, and more in the pipeline, but that is the direction I'm going to go. Thank you all for your support on this and all of my mods, I hope you've enjoyed it now and in the future, and I hope that you'll support Little Big Dinos in the same way.


Spawn Codes:

Summon MiniManticore_Character_BP_C

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/MiniManticore/PrimalItemConsumable_LionBar.PrimalItemConsumable_LionBar'" 1 0 0


Thanks for looking and subscribing to this mod, hit the like button if you enjoy it, and don't forget to check out my other mods;

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As always, a massive, massive big up to the whole gang at the Ark Modders Discord, without whom I may find other more profitable ways to spend my time XD
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CoyodiSoul Apr 30 @ 12:08pm 
How did I not know you made a manticore mod? Anyway lol.. They're sweet, but is there any way to control the spawn areas you've assigned through ini entries? It sounds like they're basically just 8 chunks of each map by default, but I'd like to place them where it thematically makes sense on Ragnarok (Desert.. maybe the volcano, etc). Not sure how the spawn params you've set varies from the regular SpawnContainer method.
Gonna fly around and check rarity on SP.
Tigg3r00 Apr 22 @ 11:40am 
I spawned into the Miner's Tunnel map and had no idea what was happening until I'd killed all but one, which I was phew able to tame. Then I couldn't take him with me because I couldn't put a darn tek transmitter down in there. How would people normally get the resources out? Oh wait, I have to ask the map person that. I loooooooooooooooove mini manticores!
SaltyBart Apr 21 @ 4:08am 
I have a question~ Where exactly do they spawn? I know they spawn on the Island and I have seen with ACM that there are 8 on my map but where do I need to look for them?
Feko Mar 25 @ 10:23am 
Does it still work though?
[THC]Teark420 Mar 23 @ 5:04pm 
manticore don't spawn anymore in my server from today, we see only 2 manticore and we make a destroy wild dinos and then they don't spawm anymore (map The Volcano) what can i do?
DarknessZero Feb 18 @ 4:34pm 
kraken in scorched earth where do they spawn at?
Travis Jan 22 @ 6:51am 
Kraken:1  [author] Jan 21 @ 9:56am 
Left Ctrl
Travis Jan 21 @ 9:51am 
how can i pick another dino with it? (which button)
n0puls3 Dec 11, 2017 @ 4:19pm 
@Anemia, I run this mod on Ragnarok and haven't had any issues.