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Pyro the Flamedeer
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Dec 5, 2016 @ 6:30pm
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- 3LODs
-Team colored Lenses and Filter
-Rubber mask area is paintable.

-Concepted, modeled, texturing and rigged by QuestionablyInsane and his questionable brain
-SFM still art was made by the Crazy skilled Dilly Dong and photoshopped by QuestionablyInsane

Okay this one has actually been in my head for over 2 years! Due to just life and other projects I never got around to it. Actually I’m very surprised the workshop waited for me to put it out … There’s this very real thing I just call “The Workshop juju” (patent pending) where if you have a good idea then no matter what, there is going to be some guy you have never met or talked to across the world who is thinking up the same darn thing! Anyways yeah I hope I hit the mark with a cute cartoony animal themed gas mask… And not some creepy, latex fetish, furry thing. Sometimes a mentally disturbed guy wearing a cute reindeer gasmask is just a mentally disturbed guy wearing a cute reindeer mask! …. Oh and for you sharp eyed guys who really tune into details… The Gas mask filter says: XMAX - 16QI…
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