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Chainsaw Mod
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Dec 5, 2016 @ 7:38am
Aug 10 @ 2:09pm
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Chainsaw Mod

Adds a ChainSaw to the game.

Have a gas can in your inventory and right click on chain saw to add gas. A chainsaw with gas equipped will automatically start, no need to turn it on. will keep running while equipped.
Can be found in crates, metal shelves, storage units and lockers.

Running ChainSaw stats:
Very slow swing
Makes noise
Max hit 6 targets
1 hit kill most the time vs zombie
2 hit to break door
2 hit to chop tree

Without gas can still be used as weapon with stats comparible to a bat but you will see the slow swing speed makes its suck

If you want to spawn a chainsaw with admin powers the full code name for it is "ChainSaw.ChainSaw"

NOTE: Must have jabs old model loader to see the chainsaw model if you are using build 34. Not needed with Build 35.


Chain Saw Model By:



Workshop ID: 812871265
Mod ID: ChainSaw
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nolanritchie  [author] Aug 10 @ 2:09pm 
update: cut all spawn rates to 1/4 of what they were
nolanritchie  [author] Aug 10 @ 10:49am 
yes lots of tree damage when running. avg tree goes down in 2 swings
Wirmon775 Aug 10 @ 10:48am 
Will it Cut Down trees Faster ? :D
Jew_Santa Jul 14 @ 7:41pm 
Works. Sound and chainsaw model 37.14.
Jew_Santa Jul 14 @ 11:21am 
Downlaod at first doesn't work(steam warning window) and then dowload starts anyway. Confusing.
Jew_Santa Jul 13 @ 4:26pm 
Does it work properly with 37.14 version of game?
Dydimos Jun 19 @ 3:00pm 
upgrade please
Blixil Mar 19 @ 11:20am 
Download isnt working
DeadlyDanDaMan Feb 14 @ 4:49am 
@MoGatz You can change the spawn rate yourself. Go to Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/workshop/content/108600. Then find the folder that has mods/Chainsaw in it. Then open media/lua/server folders and you should see the file ChainSawLoading.lua. Open that file with Notepad ++ (download that program if you don't have it already, it's a must have) and edit the colored numbers to change the spawn rate. The lower the number, the more rare it will be to find.
gaiadarkness666 Feb 7 @ 7:51am 
it would be nice if you can cut down tables