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Rising Stars
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Rising Stars

The year is 722 AP. For the first time in years, the galaxy is at peace. On one side, a loose coalition of like-minded races encourages trade and peaceful coexistence between its members, defending themselves against anyone who would conquer them. Defeated but not destroyed, its opponents have retreated to their space to rebuild their armies and regain their strength. It is but a brief respite - but it is a welcome one nonetheless.

It is a respite that is about to come to an end. On one side, refugees from a distant galaxy are claiming worlds near the edges of civilized space, resupplying - sometimes violently so - as they prepare to flee from a mysterious galaxy-devouring entity. Elsewhere, worlds which were once lush and bountiful are being stripped of resources, violated by a technology the likes of which has never been seen before. It is the beginning of an invasion whose omens had largely been ignored for over a decade. It is the coming of the Vanguard.

Amidst the chaos, a world of machines awakens from its indifference. The last remnant of an ancient empire, older than the Ulthaar, foresees its doom and scrambles to defend itself - but the rest of the galaxy may not agree with its methods, or cooperate with it...

A large-scale mod that seeks to expand and improve various aspects of SR2's gameplay. Designed primarily for use with the Wake of the Heralds expansion. While the mod should still function normally, some content may be missing.

Current version: 1.2.1 (Coming of the Vanguard)

The current release of the mod features the following:
  • Five new lifestyles with various pros and cons
    • Berserkers, exemplified by the warlike Rahta race
      • Be the finest warriors in the galaxy, but be wary of galactic peace, for your internal strife will cripple you
    • Pacifists, such as the telepathic Fasshi
      • Peace is a means and a purpose to your people, but war disturbs them greatly
    • Researchers, exemplified by the determined Alipha
      • Stop the impending Overlord invasion through the power of superior technology
    • Progenitors, represented by the ancient, recently reawakened Ulthaar
      • Rebuild your broken civilization and awaken the Remnants to reclaim your heritage
    • Ringworlders, the first 'Vanguard' race, exemplified by the hedonistic, sedentary Bluuhbi
      • Funnel the galaxy's resources to your Ringworlds as you work to reassert your dominance over the Vanguard and gain the favor of the Overlords by ensuring their conquest of this galaxy
  • A fully transformed tech grid, bringing back the organized nature of the ABEM grid and reintroducing its specialization system
  • More than a dozen new subsystems, including Ferrofluid Armor, Miner Hulls, Covariant Shield Generators, and Singularity Cores
  • A complete overhaul of weapon balancing
  • Several new orbital modules - Stellar Shield Generators, Power Transmitters, Subspace Telescope Arrays, and others
  • Several new buildings, including Command Centers and Centralized Coordination Complexes
  • Increased control over the way the game plays, with settings such as First Contact Mode, Research Effectiveness Decay, and more being changeable during game configuration
  • New gameplay mechanics:
    • Derelicts - flagships not using Sinew now have a chance of being disabled rather than destroyed when they lose all their Control, depending on how badly damaged they are
    • Stellar phenomena - the unique 'Nebula' system of the base game is now a variety of non-unique nebulae with all sorts of different effects and valuable resources, while black holes hold valuable 'Ancient Hubworlds' that are guarded by powerful Remnant fleets, and are no longer limited to galactic cores
    • Boarding - send troops to attack the enemy from within and take their ships for yourself
    • Vanguard Victory - races such as the Bluuhbi can construct Portal Stabilizers on Ringworlds and Artificial Planetoids, working to summon an unstoppable alien armada
    • Materials - resources such as Ore can now be stored and used in a global resource pool, and are now used more frequently
    • Starbases - most orbitals have been converted into modules for large, upgradeable 'Starbase' orbitals, capable of performing a variety of functions and potentially resilient enough to repel raiding parties
  • New maps:
    • Precious Clouds - 4-player map; race to rule the rich nebulae at the heart of this small sector

Full patch notes can be found in the forums.
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Imortis317 Jun 28 @ 6:54am 
Thanks for the help.
Imortis317 Jun 28 @ 6:54am 
I'm not entirely sure what happened but I was able to fix it and get it to work.
Dalo Lorn  [author] Jun 28 @ 6:40am 
Yeaaah, I don't think that was the problem. Science being at (0,0) is just a convention - if that's really why things were breaking down, then there's a much bigger problem here.
Imortis317 Jun 28 @ 6:37am 
By starting anew I mean-starting the tech grid from scratch and having to delete the other techs before having to re-add the techs and upgrades where I want them to be placed in the tech tree.
Imortis317 Jun 28 @ 6:36am 
Figured out what it was. When I moved the starting position for science it screwed it up. I was able to see if it would work by starting anew without touching the science icon.

I would have thought that you could choose whereever it would start. Position wise.
Dalo Lorn  [author] Jun 28 @ 6:12am 
Probably, but without more data I can't tell you what that "something" might be.
Imortis317 Jun 28 @ 5:22am 
Hey guys I have a question. I just finished using the mod editor to create my own custom tech tree since I felt that the vanilla tree is all over the place and not very structured. However when I start a game the research section apears blank. Is there something I can do to fix this?
brigadon Jun 21 @ 1:54pm 
Unlocked. Solar panels are clearly 'another power source'
Dalo Lorn  [author] Jun 21 @ 9:15am 
Unlocked or installed?