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Created by Dan83
Once upon a time, in a distance land, Palantir was a city of Kings...who giving their lifes defending his native lands...
Features 90% custom content.
By Daniel 'KaMi' Díaz, 2012.

More info:
*This map is now official and you can play it on ranked mo...
Port Etheria
At this busy port-of-enty into the land of Etheria, the enemy Hordes prepare for an invasion.


- 8 waves of standard Tower Defense for up to 4 players

- Mini boss wave and final boss wave!

- Customized rewards for completion

- Diffi...
Rainbow of Death
What happens when you drink too much beer.

A real endurance round, you'll have to brave wave after wave of ogres, mini ogres, new super ogres, and an ultimate ogre boss as well as the psychadelic trippiness that is the Rainbow of Death!

The Library
Created by MacCoy
The library is under attack! Only a hero like you can save it!

you cant build things in the rushing water....go for spots sticking out...like bookcases or debris...
The Manor
Created by The Other Wes
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Please do remember to comment, whether you like it or not, whilst trying to be constructive.

Update fixing skybox is out

New visuals, hedges and grass changed

New version has the summoner are fixed and ...
The Siege
Created by Geekotron
The castle wall has been breached, enemies are swarming up from a smouldering crater, and the evil archmage has more tricks up his sleeve!


Difficulty: similar to Endless Spires. Recommended mid-to-upper 20s for Medium....
Tomb of Etheria
Created by TheBeev
Tomb of Etheria has been updated to version 1.2. The map now supports Overlord mode of the summoner class. We have also added some new content to the final wave to make it more exciting, you'll have to play it to find out what though. Good luck, h...
The Knights Court
Created by Vawx
Defend the Knights Court crystal!

v3 - Added two more crystals, changed the intro cinematic a bit, added a mini-map, and changed the enemy spawn numbers a bit, to make it more difficult.

To download:
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Etheria Village
Created by Ri
The seal of the temple "eye of hell" has been broken, etheria village ain't safe no more... The little heroes join they're forces in one more epic adventure defending the hearts of the world.

--- Work in progress ---...
Forgotten Graveyard
Created by Stimz
You tremble with fear as you arrive on the outkirts of Etheria and discover an ancient graveyard where the source of the evil invaders seem to be originating from. You must free this sacred ground of tyranny so that the souls of this enchanted place may re...
Mumbos Mountain
Created by AwesomeSauce231
By TillOilenspiegel, one of the best games of all time comes to DD! (PvP)

Features multiple areas, dynamic music, Mumbo Shop... and Jinjos of course!!!...
The Forsaken Undercroft
Created by jeremy.stieglitz
Once... far ago... this area has been a highly coveted chill-out place for everyone, but now... Some careless guys have done some experiments with an unknown critical matter. They recognized the attracktion effect of the materia onto creatures a...
5 way defense V2
Created by S1
You and your allies are put in to an arena for another species' entertainment. Will you back down and let your self waste away? Or will you fight back and prove them wrong.
Excessive Exp Encounter
Created by chibi++
The original Excessive Exp Encounter! Updated for the new caps and Steam Workshop! A modified Deeper Well full of super-squishy mobs full of Exp! Go from 1 to 90 in one run!

>>>>>>> IMPORTANT!! READ ME!! <<<<<<<<<
Negative EXP is the result of getting ...
Final Stand v2
Created by S1
The monsters coming up the castle are at the last floor, its up to you and your allies to protect the last Eternia Source. If broken you leave the Portal wide open for a full-fledged assault on Etheria; Will you rise up to the challenge? Rise up to the tas...
The Corridoor
Created by S1
What wonders lurk down the halway? Well now you can find out.

I want to give credit to whoever gave me idea yesterday. But i dont know who it was D:...
Entryway Endurance Mod
Created by Cleric18
Entryway endurance mod.

-More enemies

-Harder enemies (That's what she said)

-12 treasure chests

-Higher mana drops from enemies

-12 waves

-500 tower units

**Updated V 1.0**

-Changed start level to 6

-Changed treasure chest mana ...
Mad Mana Map
Created by chibi++
The original Mad Mana Map. Hit the dummies and get mana, it's that easy!

How to download and use this map:
* Click the subscribe button on this page, if you are in game, the download should start immediately, if not, the map should start to download ...
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