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Tree Helm (OLD OLD OLD)
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Jul 8, 2012 @ 11:23pm
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UPDATE: This is an old item for an old model. At least it was fun making it. As with any horribly improbable mutation, you would expect some organ systems to survive the transformation running at less than perfect efficiency. Such is the case with Venomancer's renal system. The build-up of nitrogenous waists was affecting the potency of the venoms he could produce so the seeding of a symbiotic plant was the rational choice. While factors like plant-based increase in venomocity and the plant's health are yet to be explained one tends not to worry about such things when it doubles as a nice helmet and, well, it is nice to look at isn't it?Authors Notes:BEFORE YOU THINK THIS DOESN'T "FIT" VENOMANCER: First, consider that venomancer is a creature of the forest. In trying to create an item for Venomancer I was trying to contemplate if he would actually put on some armor like your typical hero. Second, read the lore behind Venomancer. He started out as a human herbalist. If you consider that he lost most of his memory in the transformation you still have to consider that he prefers the company of plants at some level. Fits the character perfectly imHo. And thanks for the feed back!I have more to do with Venomancer using this theme, but, as many people know, when modeling organic it's very difficult to keep the poly counts down. The Tree Helm alone eats all the item polys for Venomancer. It's got Fa:843 LOD0 and Fa:505 LOD1. I did, however, make a little one for Venomancer's ward (in collection).Plus, I still have to wait for VALVe to enable Venomancer on the workshop.Thanks to my wife for the input, the polycount forums, Helljumper, VALVe, and of course you for checking it out!