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Food Imports/Exports
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Food Imports/Exports

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This mod introduces the ability to import and export food between planets. While there are other mods that achieve the same goal, this takes the approach of adding destructible freighter convoys that travel from export planet to import planet and back again.

Two planetary edicts, costing zero influence, control importing and exporting. Using these edicts, simply set a planet to import up to a certain amount of food, and then another planet to export up to a certain amount. A convoy of freighters will soon depart the exporting planet and be on its way, hauling six months' worth of food for each freighter in the convoy.

Importing and exporting food can be a fairly convenient arrangement—until war happens. Freighters have relatively thin hulls, and hostile fleets may try to intercept the convoys. Vulnerable shipping lanes should have military stations or fleets protecting them in times of danger, or else there'll be starving planets.

  • Once planets have been set to import and export, everything works automatically.
  • The energy-credit cost of having freighter convoys in space can be mitigated by researching thruster and FTL techs, so that fewer convoys need to be out at once. There is also a mid-game researchable technology to further improve freighters.
  • A new policy, "Civilian Vessel Targeting," allows (or forbids) an empire to target freighters during wartime. Pacifist Pops will not be happy if you decide to allow targeting.
  • Another policy, "Food Distribution," can allow planetary governments to automatically manage and adjust their own import requests.
  • Diplomatic consequences for attacking freighters are similar to orbital bombardment but less severe.

  • A planet can import up to 25 units of food or export up to 200. Exports are in increments of five. Since food isn't accumulative in Stellaris, a "unit of food" actually means "six months of one unit of food production."
  • For now, importing and exporting can only occur between planets belonging to the same empire.
  • As of Heinlein Kennedy, there is no way for a mod to know a planet's food production. A number of features depend on that information, so this mod attempts to estimate it. It's generally accurate but may sometimes be off by a few units, especially when in the hundreds range. It also won't know about food-producing buildings and planet modifiers from other mods.
  • Freighter convoys belonging to wormhole-FTL empires can't effectively use wormhole stations. They will use warp instead.

  • Add an alert for when a freighter convoy gets attacked, as well as one for when an exporting planet is serving at full capacity.
  • Add inter-empire food trading via new diplomacy options, with energy credits payable by importers to exporter.
  • Implement (hopefully somewhat intelligent) AI usage of the import/export edicts.--Done! It's ... somewhat intelligent.
  • Late-game performance optimizations.
  • Add an "Agricultural Focus" for sectors - Works, kind of, but not well enough to unleash on people due to the screwball sector AI.

This mod should actually work just fine with most other mods, including the famous Civilian Trade. Only one core feature is edited: the game rule for whether hostile actions can be taken against neutral fleets. This rule isn't typically overwritten by other mods, but I'll add significant exceptions here as they're reported.

There's a slight conflict with this mod and Pre-FTL Players (which I recommend giving a try!). Here is a compatibility patch.
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Shark that walks like a man  [author] 2 hours ago 
Did your buddy deactivate the mod? That's the only cause I can think of where every last feature abruptly disappeared.
Apathy Enrage 7 hours ago 
Also, the one planet has NO edicts available for food import or export. they're just gone... We're at a loss...
Apathy Enrage 7 hours ago 
soo, weird bug where my buddies freighter operations group has dissapeared... Therefore there's no one to actually ferry his supplies around. Any chance you know a fix for that without restarting?
Stealth777 Mar 20 @ 5:00am 
Thank you. It appears to have worked all my planets are getting 25 food.
Shark that walks like a man  [author] Mar 20 @ 2:29am 
OK fixed. You'll get duplicate modifiers in your game. To remove the obviously incorrect one, select the planet in question and run (for example on Mining Planet 1) "effect remove_modifier = food_imports_5_24"
Stealth777 Mar 20 @ 12:28am 
Stealth777 Mar 20 @ 12:25am 
One of my planets (Food Planet 1) isn't exporting food. It says it is but one planets I have importing food aren't receiving anyting and the ships are still moving from 1 planet to the others. Also the food surplus counter on some of my planets is broke and the numbers that show up don't make any sense.
Shark that walks like a man  [author] Mar 20 @ 12:13am 
Stealth777: What problem are you having? Dropbox or Google Drive are fine.
Stealth777 Mar 20 @ 12:11am 
Where would I post my mod list and save file?
Shark that walks like a man  [author] Mar 19 @ 1:58pm 
Amelek: I don't have a German translation, but it'll show up in English.