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Build all the Buildings
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Nov 28, 2016 @ 6:25pm
Dec 3, 2016 @ 10:55pm
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Build all the Buildings

This mod adds in new, faction themed building blueprints to various vendors around the world. A few, select shops sell them all, and some are designed to be rarer than others.

Currently available -

ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE (Currently all recipes and construction is free for further testing of the lab ramp and the vast factory shed)

Ancient Citadel
Ancient Lab
Ancient Lab Ramp
Ancient Lab Ramp Gate
Ancient Safe
Vast Factory Shed (needs more testing, left in to see if anyone can find a place to build something this massive)


Cannibal Butcher Table
Cannibal Camp Big Building
Cannibal Camp Medium Tent
Cannibal Camp Small Tent
Cannibal Camp Trophies
Cannibal Camp Butchery Tables
Cannibal Camp Storage
Prisoner Pole


Market Tents
Metal Warehouse
Metal Walled House
Moor Tower
Pontoon Bridge
Sitting Pillow


Hive Commune Hut


Swamp Dome
Swamp Fences
Swamp House
Swamp Platforms
Swamp Shack
Swamp Store
Riceweed Farm

I'm still in the process of testing all of this, so as always, back up your save :)

It's always a work in progress too, so if you know of any buildings you want included that I've missed, or if any of them don't work let me know :)

Happy Building!

p.s. If you already made a similar mod, I'm not trying to cut your grass or anything, I make mods mainly for my own enjoyment, and figure I may as well upload them and give people the options that I would want :)

(Note: This whole mod is tested mainly in experimental rather than the stable version. I also want to apologise for long breaks in communications or updates to this mod, as I tend to take long breaks from this game. Its one of my all time favourite games and still being in development and all I don't wanna burn out on it before its complete)
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Wanaskiwin May 29 @ 9:22am 
hate to sound like im beating a dead horse, and im sure i will try it when i get in, but has anyone tried to build vast factory shed in leviathon coast? seems like it would have ample room.
FoxyAndris Apr 29 @ 2:23pm 
There are new buildings added to the game now. Could you please test and add them. Some of them are really massive! I wanted to make the mod myself, but since I saw you already are working on it I don't see a reason to reinvent the wheel.
Like the watchtower, they just get stuck on the stairway
Some of these buildings dont have proper pathfinding :/?
hotbed Mar 11 @ 4:22am 
Thank you for this mod! Really enjoying building up my base with all the additional buildings. Thanks!
2Thotty Feb 20 @ 1:59pm 
were do you fine the Ancient Citadel blueprints
Lucian Feb 13 @ 1:19pm 
Ancient labs and Citadel one of the best in my opinion, they fits perfect for an outposts role, if you planning expansion. 3 floors, a lot of space, high elevation. But, the biggest problem - you can't build turrets on it outer side, inside - yes (why would you build turret inside anyway). It doesn't even have snap points for turrets. Sad, was downloading this mod exactly cuz of Ancient buildings. Seems like i have to stick with a basic watchtower.
ELDER LUL Feb 6 @ 4:01am 
If steam doesn't let you update your mod then just create a new mod and rename this to [outdated] or something like that. It's a known steam bug that doesn't update things you tell it to update. Thanks for the mod.
Sir Luis Feb 4 @ 9:16am 
i love this mod thanks 4 making kenshi better
Badgerhands  [author] Feb 4 @ 4:04am 
Hey folks, went to do a big update session on all my mods tonight, and the mod tools won't connect to steam for some reason. Got a thread open on the forum, until then sit tight, because they'll all be updated as soon as I get this problem sorted! Peace, Badgerhands