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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Nov 28, 2016 @ 4:39pm
Feb 24 @ 7:17am
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Water Catchers and make sure you follow the games progress on your website
Release date: Third quarter 2017
Please Note that some of the assets we are current using are placeholders and will be replaced later on in development.

We are small Dev team that was brought together back in 2011, We devoted years of work to create a total conversion mod for Supreme Commander 2 and its community.

OverRated Lead Developer and Creator
Avitus_12 Lead 3D Artist

At the stage we are arming for a early access release around the end of 2017.

Your goal is to survive and overcome deadly threats against your well-being, tackle starvation, dehydration, thermal condition's, radiation poisoning, toxic gas inhalation along with keeping your insanity intact, pushing your body to its breaking point over and over in a period of time will cause even the strongest to lose their minds, shack up, cook some chicken, make friends or enemy's while fending off what else may wonder these harsh lands.

One thing we are aiming for is game play and server customization, which means you'll be able to setup a server with a list of options to chose from which will give people a range of ways to play remnants how ever they want.

We do plan to add mod support in at some point coming from a modding background my self i know having the options for mods is a huge part of the community.

Every Survival game needs crafting and base building, but we want to bring some think new to the field so expect some new features, what these are will be relieved at a later date.

Remnants already contains a crafting, Base and Vehicle construction system.

• Bases
• Vehicles
• ( Defenses )Turret, Drones, Traps
• Garden beds

We are going for a large world with different areas zones each with there own loot areas, these areas will also features the following AI types.

• Experiments ( Human like creatures )
• Wild Animals

• Gas Stations
• Small Towns
• Light House
• Underground
• Power Plant

• Radiation
• Gas
• Desolate ( Dead )
• Woods
• Desert

The project was built with multiplayer in mind so it will support it from from day one, the game will run on dedicated servers the client limit is unknown at this point in time.
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Dec 3, 2016 @ 11:31pm
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im le vivid May 30 @ 7:49pm 
I will pay 5x the starting price to play this game early. I cannot wait for this!
OverRated  [author] May 29 @ 9:53pm 
@hu52 when you place a campfire in a house it places down a stand for it LMAO.
[BIER]hu5a May 28 @ 2:25am 
super cool, making a campfire inside a house is made complete with wood. damn that home wont burn down. the future seems to be fantastic.
Roguebiscuit May 23 @ 4:22am 
hay doing really great work in this.
Just Pioneer May 1 @ 7:41am 
This looks good.
Andrew102 Mar 21 @ 3:54pm 
I wish you could use this song in your game It is from MineDatFunky YouTube channel. He used to play lots of Rust Legacy and probably still does. He made good tricks and tips videos.
Tea Mar 21 @ 12:11am 
I hope the combat and gunplay is amazing! The thing i loved about Rust was how fluid and beautiful the combat was, though simple it was. So simple but amazingly fun! I hope there is a "headshot" sound.. Preferably a crunchy sound, its just so satisfying lol :) But enough about Legacy.. I can't wait to play Remnants.
Tea Mar 21 @ 12:06am 
@Immortal Hand Studios, It looks beautiful man, i can't wait! It looks so similar it gives me nostalgia just looking at it. I can't wait for this game and i can't wait to be able to support this game throughout your journey developing it.
Immortal Hand Studios  [author] Mar 18 @ 9:28pm 
@Mr. Bean there is a road to these locations but you will have a new area to explore.
Andrew102 Mar 17 @ 11:03pm 
Cool I hope it has most of the rad towns as in Legacy and the track to walk to all the rad towns. I will love it if it does.