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Fix black bars in cutscenes and aspect ratio issues with 4K/UHD TVs on PC (GTA V, Deus Ex...)
By Paz
Using a 4K/UHD TV for games like GTA V or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on PC may lead to problems with black bars in cutscenes or a distorted aspect ratio. This guide will show how to fix the problem on a system level, so should work for all affected games. With some modification and careful exploration the guide can probably be applied to other displays with the same issue as well.
Affected Games and TVs
Games that are known to have this issue:
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Assassin's Creed Syndicate
Watch Dogs 2

The guide has been confirmed as applicable for these TVs so far:

Please post if you know of other affected games or if you find the guide works for other TVs too, and I'll add them to the list.
The Problem
When using a 4K/UHD TV to play games like GTA V or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in fullscreen mode you may have black bars appearing in cutscenes and videos like so:

Or you may have noticed a distorted aspect ratio in-game, where the image looks squished horizontally. If you look at the circular object in the following screenshot you can tell it's not perfectly round in the left one, the right screenshot is how it should look:

The problem here is that despite being 3840x2160 (16:9 ratio) displays, they actually have support for an input resolution higher than that at 4096x2160 (~17:9 ratio). Your list of desktop resolutions might look something like this:

As you can tell from the image above 3840x2160 has been correctly identified as the native resolution. However some games don't do this but rather look for the maximum supported resolution—in this case 4096x2160—and assume that is the proper resolution and aspect ratio for the display.

So what happens is the game either renders a 17:9 image which is then squished to fit in a 16:9 resolution, or in the case of the GTA V cutscenes the game adds black bars on the sides as it mistakenly thinks that's what it should do to make the image 16:9.

The Solution
So the fix for this issue is to simply remove support for that 4096x2160 resolution, which is completely pointless anyway, so that any game that looks for the max resolution will find the proper 3840x2160 one (obviously if you do need that resolution for some odd reason then this won't work.) We can do this by creating an EDID override.

The EDID is basically a bit of data the display sends to the connected device (PC in this case) that describes its various capabilities and supported resolutions and refresh rates and so on. In Windows there is a functionality to override the EDID by adding entries to the registry, so when the display driver looks for supported resolutions it will look first and foremost in the registry and not the display directly.

What you will need is an application called Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) which you can get from here:

Many thanks to ToastyX for creating it. It would probably be good to read through that page and like it says familiarize yourself with booting into safe mode in case something goes horribly wrong, though if you're careful it shouldn't.

Steps to creating the override
What we will do is go through the EDID and remove any references to the 4096x2160 resolution. I'm not sure how closely these steps will match other displays, but the idea should basically be the same: carefully look through all the various data blocks and delete any entries for resolutions that are higher than the native resolution of the display.

Start CRU and make sure the display you want to modify is selected in the top box. If it's connected and in use it will be marked as (active). In the Extension blocks box, select the CEA-861 entry and press Edit.

Select the TV resolutions entry and press Edit.

One by one, select all the 4096x2160 entries and press Delete. Press OK when you're done.

Select the HDMI support entry and press Edit.

Select any 4096x2160 entries and press Delete.

When you're done press OK on all the windows to return to the main application window. Press OK there which will save the changes to the registry and close the application.

Run restart64/restart to re-initialize the display driver, and you're done!

Final notes
If everything worked correctly there should no longer be any options for 4096x2160 if you look through the desktop resolutions, and games like GTA V and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided should behave properly without any other tweaks.

If you wish to undo the modifications simply run reset-all which will clear the registry of any EDID overrides.

Generally the overrides stick even when updating drivers, switching HDMI ports etc. but if the 4096x2160 resolution reappears it's probably because the display was detected as a new device for some reason, in which case simply follow the guide again.

Thanks for reading!

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Xerxes Jun 15 @ 7:47pm 
Whenever I reinstall GTA V I'm always inevitably brought back to this guide like an old friend.
Rektnarok May 28 @ 8:21pm 
This worked!! Thank you
rothchildthe3rd May 18 @ 9:19pm 
At first it didn't work, but then I found 2 more instances of the 17:9 resolutions in a data block labled "4:2:0 resolutions". After deleting those 2, it worked like a charm.

Thank you so much Paz and ToastyX!
MelonHead Feb 25 @ 3:17pm 
You can add another brand to the list of ones the black bars appear on: TCL.
Nick Chronic Jan 3 @ 2:11pm 
thank you , this still works perfect
goodsmelly Aug 9, 2019 @ 3:00pm 
I was able to create a custom resolution in the NVidia control panel of 4096 x 2304, 16:9... after that the blacks bars stopped.
erkins007 Mar 24, 2019 @ 12:06pm 
Thank you so much, man. Worked great on Kivi TV. And before that, even the support of Ubisoft did not help
Flappy Pannus Feb 16, 2019 @ 9:13pm 
Unfortunately not working on a Visio M55-F0. The problem is the CRU sees no extension blocks, the CEA-861 extension has no detailed resolution settings or data resolution.

BTW another game which is definitely affected by this is the Metro Redux series. Both games have the elongated aspect ratio with this.
cavoglave Jan 19, 2019 @ 2:52am 
Thanks so much. I got this to work on a Sony 4K tv, by following Sebastian's post below as well. The first time I did this it didn't work because I didn't delete the 4096x2160 resolutions under the 4:2:0 resolutions data block. But once I deleted them also, the fix worked.

Selfishpie Jan 3, 2019 @ 11:55am 
still not working, no matter what i do i just get the black lines, i even tried that trick the other guy did where he created another 16:9 custom resolution in nvidea but my tv just said the resolution was unsupported and reverted to the original resolution i had set after the timer was done, these bars are still here i have a 50 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart HDR LED TV TVPlus and im using windows 10 with the most up to date nvidea drivers