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Eranthis' Lobby Graphics
Created by Eranthis
Custom hand drawn UI for lobby character selection....
Eranthis' Healthbars
Created by Eranthis
Custom hand drawn health bars and progress bars with subtle animations....
Eranthis' Signs
Created by Eranthis
Three hand drawn signs that appear in various campaigns.
-Whispering Oaks billboard
-Midnight Riders billboard
-Burger Tank sign...
Eranthis' Menu Modes
Created by Eranthis
Custom hand drawn menu selections....
Eranthis' Loading Screens
Created by Eranthis
Custom hand painted loading screens for each Left 4 Dead campaign. I currently only have Dead Center, The Passing, Dark Carnival, No Mercy and Crash Course done. Will be planning to do all 13 campaigns plus the misc. loading screen. Death Toll is up next.
Eranthis' Side Hud
Created by Eranthis
Custom colored weapon and item icons for the right UI as well as hand drawn hint interface....
Eranthis' Tip Graphics
Created by Eranthis
Five custom hand drawn tip images along with minitip pictures, red splatters, custom loading scroller [made by urik] and animated clock. Also comes with a versus infected picture. Does not come with versus images (yet)....
Eranthis' Lobby Graphics 2
Created by Eranthis
Custom painted UI for lobby character selection.
Also includes beta l4d1 survivor graphics as well for those who want to utilize them for thier beta survivor skins....
Created by Flagg
Walking Dead Negan Lucille

This mod Replaces the Baseball bat from L4D2. It adds models and textures. No new sounds or scripts.
New Viewmodels Animations With Legs
Created by el Almenara

You will no longer be a pair of floating arms!, this addon changes all firstperson animations for every weapon (except the cola bottles and CSS weapons) to add more dynamic and immersive feeling to the g...
Maschinenpistole 40/U
Created by Lt. Rocky
Mein Leben.

This replaces the SMG on its own animations, normalized onto L4D's rig by myself. You can get a version on the C...
HD Explosion Decal
Created by Ellie
While I was playing L4D2 the other day, I noticed that the Explosions Decals were really low (the decals that appear when you blow up a Propane Tank or a PipeBomb). So I decided to replace them with new ones, that are in 2K (2048x2048) Resolution. Enjoy ;)...
Refractive Puddles
Created by Lt. Rocky
A simple mod that modifies the puddles seen throughout maps to use a refract shader, utilizing two separate normal maps, one being animated....
RNG Magazine Stands
Created by Tя!cky ツ
3 Magazine Stands that will be random!

Contains these: "HD Mag Stand" - [url={LINK REMOVED}
HD 60 Molotov Cocktails #1
Created by Ellie
Feel free to check the 180 Molotov Pack ! With even more Molo and stuff.

This addon adds 60 brand new Molotov Cocktails ...
HD 4K Real Blood
Created by Ellie
If you experience errors, you can apparently fix them by unsubscribing from all other Blood Mods. Apparently, just desactiv
A random Colour Correction Pack
Created by Mute
So this is about a half year late or so. Whoops. You can blame demotivation, or something.

This mod replaces most of the campaigns' default and boring colour corrections with some more lively and fitting. Do note that most of them will darken the map, p...
A random Dead Center colour correction mod
Created by Mute
And now for my least favourite one thusfar. Nothing really looked that good with this, simply as Dead Center is pretty bland in comparison to the other campaigns.

Replaces the Dead Center streets and mall colour correction. Due to the way the map was desi...
A random The Passing colour correction mod
Created by Mute
The one time desaturation makes sense, they instead make it colourful and bright. Alright then.

It was quite hard getting good pictures of this campaign, not very many major memorable places.

Replaces the colour correction in The Passing to one a bit mor...
A random Saferoom colour correction mod
Created by Mute
Just a small one here to change the saferoom colour corrections.

Do note that, some maps won't use the saferoom colour corrections, and will instead use the current map's one.

As of the upload date, I'm having some technical difficulties, so the L4D1...
RNG Sleeping Bags
Created by Tя!cky 4 ツ
HD Sleeping Bags can be found in Dead Center, Blood Harvest, Death Toll and other maps. They seem to be used in most L4D2 and L4D1 maps. However you may only see 1 kind and not all 3.


Enhanced Lighting Effects v2
Created by Unknown Senpai
Old version here:

Compatible with all flashlight mods.

27.4.2016 / 13:15:34 | Fixed problem with alpha channel on "particle_flare_001". Was noticable black square on "Blood Harvest - Bridge"...
Left 4 Dead 2 HD Remaster (Update 09.04.2018)
Created by ClipoDEL

Modification is the property of the author. Use of modification files without permission of the author is prohibited.

The modification improves the texture in the game environment models, adding detailed texture and light reflection. This is a...
Road Closed Sign HD
Created by Lunatix
The original was definitely made with Paint, this new looks more real than ever.

Original resolution : 256x128
New resolution : 1024x512

Traffic Barrier in HD 4K[/url...
Resident Evil Thirdperson
Created by Kolliker
In case it doesn't work at the first try just put:

Bind V Thirdpersonshoulder in the console and you're ready to go...
Black Mesa Death
Created by SerSeri
Black Mesa Theme as Death Music...
Informal Skyboxes
Created by Descarado
This pack (not all textures) and script of skyboxes made by me for personal use and friends. A distinctive feature of this assembly is that the skyboxes are working at low graphics settings. Full change of sky's on all L4D2 campaigns + ''No Mercy'', ''Cras...
HD Machine Guns (+ HUD Display)
Created by Ellie
VMT-Link between the HUD and an item to display formerly hidden helpful information (cf. Global Radar).

This mod replaces both Machin...
MG 42 [M60]
Created by [ΖмBя.™] Dusty

Hello, everyone, here's another quickly made mod. This time, it's the MG42.

The Maschinegewehr 42 was a medium machine gun created in Nazi Germany, and initially served as the primary successor to the earlier MG34. The MG42 fir...
Colt M1911A1 (Desert Eagle)
Created by Tööttieläin
Replaces Desert Eagle/Magnum pistol.

Quick convertion of my M1911A1 dual pistols addon. Updated its animations and textures and thought might as well make this one too. Added flashlight from default pistols just to differentiate the mods.

Dual pistols v...
COD4 MP5 [Real Anim]
Created by Yafeu Fula

○ The MP5 Navy (CSS MP5)

• Original Model
• Original Animations
• Original Textures
• Original Sound?[...
Unlock the hidden weapon
Created by 國民革命軍 半
Open a console input: sv_consistency 0

Unlock the hidden weapon SG-553 scout-rifle awp &mp5

In many game modes
Unlock hidden weapons
They will spawn in each level corner


В большинстве игров...
Springfield M1903A3 V2[Scout]
Created by Rex The Impaler
This rifle has seen the beaches of Normandy, the trenches of europe and even the jungles of vietnam. Stood the test of time and now it's here to teach the infected a little history lesson one .30-06 round at a time. Take your time, breathe, and just let th...
Stechkin APB (Silenced smg)
Created by Tööttieläin
Supressed variant of Stechkin APS.

More "tacti-cool" version, with flashlight/laser from default pistols, shoulder stock taken from my Carl-Gustav model and totally new supressor. Replaces Mac-10 AKA silenced smg.

Tweaked animations from original Stecki...
Created by SmithySmirkyDragon
With this weapon of mass slapping, you can slap people with a real hand, instead of ruining your own.

This free frying pan upgrade includes:
*The HandSlap
*Slap sounds

Slapping enemies make the normal slap sound, but if you slap something like the...
Cod4 G3 [Real Anim]
Created by Yafeu Fula
This mod was requested by Goodfelllas26.

Want to request something by yourself? Submit them via this button.

Insurgency M16A4 Custom for Desert Rifle
Created by Nebberkadnezzar
Replaces SCAR-L "Desert Rifle", not the M16.

Originally, this started as a re-working of my previous Insurgency M16A4 mod for the burst rifle, but along the line, it devel...
Created by Cele
Hello,my 2nd compile for L4D2,this time i will show u a beautiful beast ever in the whole COD,it has cool white gun body and looks decorous,it let me feel like Spartan,that is the ARX160 from COD:G
Relacing M16
Grossfuss Sturmgewehr (AK-47)
Created by Tööttieläin
Assault rifle based on Grossfuss Sturmgewehr replaces AK-47.

German prototype assault rifle, also known as Stg45 and Avtomat Horn. One of the attempted successors to Stg 44 assault rifle made late in the WW2. The protoypes were captured by soviet troops...
COD:GHOSTS M9A1(Pistols)
Created by Cele
OK,this little thing has ruined me 3 months,yes,i have been making this since 3 months ago and many unexpected probelms screwed my progress,so i prepared to make others first,the ripper,the SC2010,and it finally has been released after 3 months intermitte...
Defibrillator Reanimated
Created by Salad
I'm shocked that nobody has done something like this before... This puts the default defibrillator on arby26's new dual pistol animations. Includes walking animation. Works online.

There's like no defib model replacements out there. What gives?...
Killing Floor 2 Crovel (V2)
Created by Lt. Rocky

Now with pretty animations.


Modder's Resource

The source files for the Crovel animations ...
Killing Floor 2 Pulverizer
Created by Lt. Rocky
Half shotgun, half sledgehammer. The shotgun part doesn't work, but it doesn't really matter when you've still got a perfectly functional sledgehammer to flail about with.

This replaces the Guitar on its own ported animations.

Killing Floor 2 SG-500 Shotgun (V2)
Created by Lt. Rocky
Familiar, no? You think this is the real SG500? It is. Moreso than ever in fact, because now she's been redone with her own animations from Killing Floor 2 ported over. If you enjoyed the previous version, you may just get a kick out of this one.
Killing Floor 2 Eviscerator
Created by Lt. Rocky
Look at them all, standing tall, promptly defying the entry ticket that disects the glorious kingdom from the shimmering fumes of the effervescent flare. They shamble as they please, they mock as they prowl afoot, and they show no love for the shine! But t...
Shotgun (SSHD)
Created by AvengedDeathAlert
Replaces the chrome shotgun.

Model comes from Serious Sam HD and it uses animations made by Lt. Rocky and Tripwire/Killing Floor 2....
Killing Floor 2 - Fleshpound
Created by Neverstops577
Fleshpounds can't talk in second game

Dosen't have lights. but maybe will happen next time.

It has unfinished sounds. Don't bother this to me, it's the tool's fault.

Model fits perfect on the bones.
Report any issues.


Small Hatchet (Katana)
Created by Ellie
This mod is a replacement for the Katana. It replaces it by a small Hatchet on Killing Floor 2 Katana Animations (Ported by Lt. Rocky). It includes HD Textures and Custom Bloodmap.
I did a quick mod because I wanted to test Killing Floor 2 Katana ...
4/20 Alarmclock [HD][Also a must have]
Created by Waterpater
Yea this mod is actually the crappiest mod ever made. It changes the colors of the alarmclock to the Jamaica national flag colors and it changes the time to 4:20

Its only 99.16KB so why the hell won't you install it.... :D...
Marked Incompatible ]  Orgasm Grenade Launcher
Created by Drak
Makes the Grenade Launcher more better.
Dragon Ball Z Opening 2 Background Intro
Created by Kenshiro
We got Power your intro background.
This Changes your intro into the Opening of DBZ. Watch video for more info.

How to Install:
1. Subscribe to the item
2. Download GCFScape in this website http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/?p=26
3. Download Winrar...
The Amazing Spider-Man (Louis)
Aunt May: What happened to your face? It's filthy.
Peter Parker: It is?
Aunt May: Yes!
Peter Parker: Oh, yeah, yeah, I was cleaning the chimney.
Aunt May: We have no chimney... O.e
Peter Parker: Whaaat? o___O

It's Spider-Man, from the Amazing S...
Hitler Witch
Created by Spartan464748
I have made a disturbed hitler in the role of a witch!!!

- Hitler is talking and screaming too :P


and the mod does not, in any way, propagate nazism.

Hitler zombies !!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=231930698...
Thin man (Smoker)
Created by Izqui
Smoker replacement model. After 123456 hours trying to fix the bounding box I have this.
P.S Shoulders and arms are shit....
Lepotitsa Spitter
Created by mrlanky
By popular demand (and because I'm trying to do all the special infected hehe) here is a spitter mod based off the Lepotitsa_by_adngel(xnalara) model. Seems to work ok but the spitter is a little hard to mod for so let me know if you see any problems. Enjo...
Hot Dog
Created by Doktor haus
Replaces the jockey with a hot dog. Basically this mod exists so you can say "There's a weiner on your back!" No pun title this time, but in this case, you really wouldn't wanna see that.

Doktor haus - rigging, compiling
GriiM - model, texture...
Created by Splinks
There's always that feeling as you lay down, that someone is watching you, in the shadows, staring, waiting. Once you see it, it just leaves.

Well, this is it....
Dross Rotzank: Charger(mod de sonido.)
Created by Iori
Este mod en español reemplaza todos los sonidos del charger con la voz de Dross, principalmente de sus segmentos de "Dross Juega", videoblogs, entre otros. Disfruten.

Actualizado: nuevo video, gracias Zax Nightmare por el aporte.

Actualizado 2: Añadi...
Soloman Grundy (Topless)
Created by Splinks2
Now Fully Exposed for all the supernatural heartthrob chasers.

Batman Arkham City

Rocksteady Studios
Warner Bros. Games Montréal
Lepotitsa - Resident Evil 6
Created by Chet
Lepotitsa a creature from Resident Evil 6 and is a replacement skin for the Boomer.

Visit http://www.l4d.com/blog/ for more info....
Professional Scope
Created by Red Schism
Replaces the Sniper Scope sights with a highly detailed alternative featuring an Optical "V Dot" sight for easier targeting in the dark.


:::Tutorials for removing cros
Sweet Victory Credits
Created by Keychain
This mod replaces the credits music for every L4D1/L4D2 campaign with David Glen Eisley - Sweet Victory.
Special thanks to Woozie for showing me how to make this work for L4D1 maps!...
Nick The Mafia Mobster
Created by miztaegg
Nick plays a mobster boss, or whatever.

Eranthis for the hand drawn custom incap panel...
John Marston From "Red Dead Redemption" UPDATED
A skin that changes Ellis in John Marston from "Red Dead Redemption".

Pajama911: Original Skin ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/pajama911 )
Sherlock Van Helsing: Texture Improvement, Boomer Bile bug fixed
Rockstar Games: everything related to ...
picolas cage (rochelle)
Created by aap15
Do you like pickles? Is nicolas cage your favorite actor?
then this is your lucky day mister.
you are now able to play as PICOLAS CAGE. And the only thing you have to do is to click the subscribe button.
don't hesitate.
Just do it, don't let your dream...
Private Investigator Coach
Created by 👻Ninja Nub🍕
Coach puts on his trench coat and fingerless gloves to investigate some zombies!
With a shotgun.
Or maybe an axe.
Either way the zombies aren't gonna be walking once the day's over.

Outfit originally modeled by kojipro, ported and rigged by me....
Weeping Bat
Created by Splinks2
Don't be scared of the monsters, just look for them. Look to your left, to your right, under your bed, behind your dresser, in your closet but never look up, they hates being seen.

GAME: Silent Hill: Downpour...
Louis Survivalist Redone
Created by Ze$kalli
"Well....This is it."
Im Back,And this time i present to you Louis Survivalist Redone After 4 months he is here.

First-Person Viewmodel
Puked Textures

Pictures were taken on highest possible settings.

NO RE-R...