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The Kitty's Blood
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Nov 24, 2016 @ 7:30pm
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The Kitty's Blood

The Kitty's Blood is the FM Armory's first attempt to convert the Shotgun into a battle-practical lever-action shotgun.

The original Shotgun, conceived mid-2014, was presumably based off the 14'' barrel Remington M870 Express. It was chambered for 12-gauge shells, and had wooden furniture, akin to that of the M870. It was very light in weight, simple to operate, and inexpensive to manufacture.

It featured no iron sight at all, instead of the conventional bead front sight. This was probably done to minimise the weight of the shotgun to the extreme level, seeing that it weighed precisely 3.00kg, 200g less than that of the lightest model of the M870. The shortening of the magazine tube and the use of aircraft aluminum instead of parkerised steel for the receiver seems to support this idea. Even the safety feature was removed, meaning that the user must strictly adheres to the four rules of gun safety in order for them to not discharge the weapon.

The Shotgun, since its inception, has received mostly positive reviews, with most praising the weapon for its lightness and manoeuvrability during close quarter combat. However, some claimed that its range was abysmal and the buckshot spread radius was quite wide due to the effect of the short and widebore barrel. A few had even gone as far as claiming that it is useless in the battlefield.

The Kitty's Blood is a lever-action shotgun resembling an amalgamation between the M870, and the Winchester M1887. It was named like so due to the fluorescent paint design on the right side of the shotgun, which looks similar to that of a cartoon cat.

It features a slightly shortened blued steel barrel (16 block-length long instead of 18) in order to further improve manoeuverability around corners, while retaining identical accuracy. The barrel was also slightly reduced in diameter in order to tighten the pellets spread.

The shotgun features a polymer body, as to compensate for the weight of the barrel.

In order to assist the user to aim in the dark, fiber optic iron sights have been install by default, with adjustable rear sight for zeroing.

For faster reloading, a shotgun shell holder is supplied with the gun. And for the point blank combat-oriented minds, a bayonet lug also comes pre-installed. Lastly, a lightweight trigger unit is installed to reduce the overall weight of the shotgun. The trigger's is modified so that its pull weight is around 1.5 pounds.

As per the designer's request, red 'x' crosses are painted on the receiver of the shotgun.

On November 25th, 2016, the eve of the designer's birthday, this weapon has been released for the public to enjoy.