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Nov 24, 2016 @ 2:39pm
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- 2LODs
-Team colored hat and patch
-Fits all classes
-Every hat has a unique class patch
-Whole hat is paintable.

-Concepted, modeled, rigged by Mark Unread (the barbarian)
-multi-classing, texturing and promos by the still questionably insane QuestionablyInsane
-SFM still art was made by the wonderful and talented Daesdemona

Okay this one is a bit of a story… I made friends with this guy a while ago called Mark Unread who I knew for being more of an SFM animator. (He worked on the really cool Ghostbusters Saxxy Animation) Anyways One day we were chatting and he showed me this beanie he was working on for the medic. He said he was looking for a texture artist. I vonluteered and started in on the project. He said he was wanted the beanie to fit the Heavy as well… Well originally the beanie had this large cross rather than a patch for the medic and he had just a plain beanie for the Heavy… Well due to different time zones he went to bed an left me to my work… And as I was working… I thought : Wouldn’t the Heavy’s beanie look good with his class emblem as a patch? So I made that… And things were just going so fast and then I thought… It’s a bit odd to have it for only 2 classes… I wonder how it’d look on all the classes?... And for some reason this project just flowed and I was able to make the hat for 6 of the classes all with their own class emblem patch that night. I showed Mark Unread in the morning what I did kinda worried that he’s be a bit upset me doing a ton of stuff without consulting him.. But coolly enough he was ecstatic! So yeah… That’s how a small project become a big project but it was a ton of fun and Mark Unread was super cool to work with.
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