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Rifle Mk.2¹·⁶ (Mk.3)
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Nov 24, 2016 @ 6:05am
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Rifle Mk.2¹·⁶ (Mk.3)

The Rifle Mk.2¹·⁶, known simply as Mk.3, is the successor to the now-obscure Rifle Mk. 2.

The original Rifle was conceived in mid-2014, emulating the Soviet-made SVT-40. The only main difference internally was that its chamber was engineered to accomodate .308 Winchester rounds instead of 7.62x54R. This resulted in harder hitting shots, but the weapon was only able to hold 8 bullets in its magazine instead of 10 due to size difference. Nevertheless, it enjoyed critical acclaim, and was used extensively by players, new and old. The popularity finally declined in early-2015, when tech-savvy players figured out how to use the then-newfangled ability to modify equipments in-game.

The FM Armory Ltd., opened September 2014, had since produced a small array of rifles such as copycats of Steyr SSG08, the Rifle Mk.2, and the SR47, based loosely on the Pistol Mitralieră md.90.

The Mk.2, conceived early-2016, was an attempt to modernise and improve upon the original Rifle. It was painted shades of pale grey-green in an attempt to universally blend in with any environments, and had a Harris bipod attached to it. A red dot sight was also supplied along with the weapon in order to allow the users to acquire targets in a more timely fashion. An extended muzzle device was also attached, however it was hollow and only served to increase the weapon's loudness and length. The design also changed the feeding system from box magazine to internal magazine, allegedly to 'improve reliability'.

Flaws were found, the major one being its length. The designer and several users found the Mk.2 to be very cumbersome in battle, mainly due to its muzzle device, which is 8 block-length long. The device was permanantly welded to the gun, meaning that there was no way to remove it cleanly.

The other flaw was its colour. Users also found the Mk.2 to be bland aesthetically, since the colour difference in the design was very basic and minimal. Its receiver's colour also proved to be ineffective as a camouflage, perhaps as much as the United States Army's Universal Camouflage Pattern.

Nonetheless, it has found a soft spot in its designer's heart, with him claiming that it is 'truly the most tsundere among all Rifles'.

The Mk.3 is the Armory's attempt to revitalise the Mk.2. Modifications were done to the feeding system, in which it is reverted to the box magazine system, this time using double-stack magazine in order to increase the capacity to 15. However, due to technical difficulties found during the manufacturing of the Mk.3, the Armory has strongly advised users to only load 8 rounds per magazine, as loading any more than 8 seem to make the weapon jams, with a small chance of catastrophic failure.

The Mk.3 also features a charging handle, which the original and the Mk.2 lacked. It also features a bayonet lug, with a blue steel bayonet come attached. The barrel's material of the rifle also has been reverted back from stainless steel to blued chrome molybdenum steel. This is done to cut the cost of the rifle, with minimal effect to the shooting accuracy. Trigger job is also done to decrease the trigger pull distance and the weight of the pull itself.

The receiver is also painted in a camo resembling vine on ground. This is done to cater to the tropical environment that players usually face. The camo is also satisfactory to some extent in arid environment. It is, however, ineffective in snow.

Lastly, a red dot sight is pre-mounted to the gun by default, with the sight's weight and size slightly decreased to increase its power efficiency, and to allow the user to aim more accurately via reduced moment.

On November 24th, 2016, 2 days before the designer's birthday, this rifle was released for the public to enjoy.
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