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Cultural Victory On Emperor
By Adam Jensen 007
This information will help you how to get Cultural Victory On Emperor when everything goes wrong. The first part is how to do it in theory (if everything goes well) . The second part is what actually happened (the beginning went wrong).
I managed to get a Total of 550 Tourism (Not including International Games)
Over 800 Tourism with International Games (though I did not need this)
Recommended Races: Brazil, France and Egypt.
Other races that could work: Persia, India (+2 tourism from Mogual Fort) and Maya (Great people pick really helps), Poland (More social policies are always nice).
Why did I choose Persia (Obviously, France or Brazil or Egypt would have been better)
-1) Endless Golden ages (More Culture, gold and production)
-2) Satrap Court (More happiness and Money than the regular bank)
-3) Immortal Unit (heals twice as fast on enemy terrain) helped me capture Egypt's capital Thebes easier.

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Social Policies & Ideology
-Note: I recommend that you turn on "Allow Social policy saving" in the advanced options before starting the game.
-Tradition: I recommend you finish this for the extra wonder production and the ability to faith buy Great Engineers.
-Rationalism: If you research something faster, you are more likely to build it. You at least want secularism here. I recommend filling out this policy.
-Aesthetics: Greater boost to tourism through trade, open borders and shared religion.
-Ideology: Autocracy is the best policy for cultural victory. The Futurism policy allows massive tourism for every great writer, musician or artist. You want In my game, Autocracy was picked already and I decided to go with Order. I really wanted the two free social policies. I was also worried about science since I was behind in technologies. Order allowed me to pick up more science (The policy where factories provide 25% more science).
If you Choose Order, make sure you maximize your happiness so that you get the policy where you have +34% tourism to civilisation with a lower happiness
If you choose Freedom, you choose the policy where 34% tourism in cities with broadcast towers. Additionally, I recommend Volunteer Army policy. This policy gives you 6 Foreign Legions which are very helpful in keeping your army competitive. They can be life saving if you are attacked by Shaka or Atilla in modern era.
Always buy Open Borders from other Civilizations but never give Open borders to them. Why? 1) Ideology Pressure in the future 2) they can steal your artefacts.
Spread religion: use missionaries to spread religion to nearby city states. Build temples in cities and the Holy Temple to spread your religion. You want to stockpile faith later to purchase great people. NEVER use Prophets for spreading religion. You always want them to either Enhance religion or work on a Holy Site.

This is what I chose for order:

If you get a high happiness (Easier with Persia thanks to due Satrap court), pick this

What wonders to build?
-As mentioned before, I highly recommend that You finish Tradition social policy so that you can faith buy great Engineers and you 15% Extra wonder production.
-Note: many wonders have bonuses that can be earned if you point your on them.
-Local Wonder: Hermitage: requires Opera house in all cities. Make sure you fill this with Art work from different Civilizations and Different Eras (other than you)
-Oxford University: Upon finishing this wonder, you will get 2 slots of Great work of Art. Trade your Great writing with other Civilizations (+2 Free Tourism YAY!!!)
-Local wonder: National Visitor centre: requires hotels in all cities. Massive Tourism boost.
-Stonehenge: This will guarantee a religion which is essential for cultural victory. If you cannot build it, you should try conquering it. The extra faith can be used to purchased Great People. Additionally, this wonder gives you a Great Engineer. You can use that Engineer for other wonders like Uffizi/Sistine Chapel, Eiffel Tower
You can tell if someone is building this wonder (Please see the screenshot below from another game). Therefore, do not build it. Instead conquer it.

-Uffizi/Sistine Chapel: You could get One of them with the Great Engineer from Stonehenge. I personally prefer Sistine Chapel. However, the decision is yours. I really like the 33% culture generation in cities. It greatly helps with filling out your social policies.
-Parthenon: very good wonder. However, AI's will beat you to it for sure on emperor.
-Oracle: Free social policy and + 3 culture/turn means you get 2 social policies in total. You can get this wonder even on immortal. Egypt and Maya really like this wonder and might try to build it first.
-Petra: You need to be near a desert to get this wonder. The benefits are reaped when you discover Archaeology (+7 culture/turn). If you are the only one near a desert tile, you can be rest assured that you get this. However, it is not guaranteed that you are near the desert (Unless you play as Arabia or Morocco). If Morocco and Arabia are in the game, they will build this wonder first.
-Eiffel Tower: Very important. I generally use a Great Engineer from this via faith purchase from tradition. +12 Tourism is very nice.
-Broadway: Very important. Make sure you build Musician guild close to Modern Era. This way you can get 3 Great Musicians
-Cristo Redentor: The timing of this wonder is very bad. This wonder becomes available at the time of International Games and Research labs. I recommend you focus on research labs and International Games.
-Neuschwanstein: This is a fairly good wonder. You get gold, happiness and culture from castles. It is no essential by any means though.
-Hubble Telescope: why build this? This prevents your opponent from getting a scientific victory. Never hard build this. Always use a great engineer. Additionally, you trade a Great Engineer for 2 Scientists!
-Ideology wonders: Statue of Liberty and Prora are worth it. However, the bonuses for Kremlin are not that significant. You won't need 50% armoured units production.
World Congress
World Congress:
-International Games: Make sure you win this!!! The winner gets a free social policy and 100% tourism. You will need a minimum of 5 cities with great production capability.

-World Ideology: If you can pass your ideology as the world ideology, you will have an easier time in the game!
-Art funding if possible! AI's generally like Art funding.
Maxim Tourism output
How to maximize your tourism:
I reached a tourism of 550 on emperor (without International Games)

Diagram above shows how to get more tourism by filling out the required artwork.

International Games Boosted Tourism over 800!

Here is an overview of how to maximize your tourism.
-1) Internet: This doubles your tourism output
-2) Local wonder: National Visitor centre: requires hotels in all cities. Massive Boost to Tourism. Make sure you have hotels in all your cities.
-3) Local Wonder: Hermitage: requires Opera house in all cities. Make sure you fill this with Art work from different Civilizations and Different Eras (other than you)
-4) Build Airport
-5) One of your religious beliefs allows you to get +5 tourism to Hermitage (I believe it is called Religious Arts not sure). You will need different works of Arts (Artefacts do not count!) from different civilizations. Therefore, either conquer them or trade them.
make sure you get bonuses from the wonders by doing what is asked.
-6) Ask for their open borders. Never give open borders to other people
-7) If they have a different ideology, you should put a diplomat in their capital.
-8) Trade with the other Civilizations to get bonus tourism.
-9) Faith buy great artists, writers and musicians. Make sure to stockpile your faith throughout the game. You need to finish aesthetics social policy for this.
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