Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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The Wonder Race
By AlexT
I have played a lot of Civilization 5, and there is one thing that intrigued me for the longest time - the "Wonders" that you could build throughout the game. From Stonehedge to the Louvre, you can build pretty much all of the famous buildings in the world today, and they have some pretty amazing effects in game. After a lot of experimentation, I figured out a pretty good strategy - basically, you create as many wonders as possible to give you an advantage over everyone else in the game.

Why Wonders?

In Civilization 5, every civilization can build anything. Other than leader-specific abilities, there can be more than one monument in the world, more than one spearman. However, there can only be one wonder. This means that every single wonder you build gives you an advantage over other civilizations. If you build a Hanging Gardens, you get +6 food every turn, but NO OTHER CIVILIZATION can get +6 food from the same place. So if you were, to say, build as many wonders as possible, you could win the game from the wonders alone.

Picking a Leader

In order to build a wonder, you have to research certain technologies. It wouldn't make sense if you could build the Pentagon in 3000 BC! So in order to be able to build as many as possible, we need a science boost. If you start out as Babylon, you get a free Great Scientist once you research Writing. If you construct an Academy, you will get +8 science per turn, and that can be nearly double the amount of science you would normally get as a different civilization.

However, the best civilization for this strategy is actually Egypt, with their ability to develop wonders faster through a +20% production boost. Both of these leaders are really good for this strategy, so it shouldn't matter too much which one you pick.

Your First Wonder

Our first wonder should be the Great Library. It gives you a science boost so that it will be easier for you to research technologies (and as we said earlier, learn how to build more wonders).

First, build a monument in your civilization. You should roam around with your warrior to try to find Ruins. We need Ruins so that you have a chance to either equip him with advanced weapons or gain culture.
In the meantime, you should start researching Pottery.

Once you have finished building a monument, start building a Granary. If you haven't discovered Pottery quite yet, stall by building another troop. Once Pottery is done, you can switch over to building a Granary. Also, start researching Writing so that we can make the Great Library.

Once you have enough culture to get a policy, unlock the Tradition branch. This will give you +3 culture per turn.

After that, unlock Aristocracy so that you can build the Great Library Faster.

Once you have finished researching writing, found an academy and build the Great Library!

I am sure that you have noticed that we have violated one of the most fundamental rules of Civilization 5 - we forgot to build a worker! So once you get enough culture, unlock Liberty and Citizenship. This way, we didn't have to build a worker and waste precious Wonder building time.

So Now What?

You have managed to build the Great Library. What should you do now?

Well, you have officially started the Wonder Race! I would suggest researching the Calendar and Philosophy. After that, get the Oracle.

Research as many technologies as possible and get as many wonders as you can! Now that you have started the Wonder Race, it is time to win!