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After East Wind
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After East Wind

CSAT has retreated and the AAF is defeated, but the story on Altis is far from over...


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The mod is vanilla friendly (no other mods needed), but it inherits alot from DLC content. Some features might not work without ownership of DLC's.




After East Wind is set in the time a few years after the East Wind campaing on Altis, ending with a NATO victory. The AAF and FIA are disbanded, and the Newly formed New Altis Army, along with the help of a small contingent of the Hellenic Armed Forses are working hard to bring back stability, safety and public trust to the new government, under the supervision of the unarmed multi-national United Nations Truce Observation Force In Altis And Stratis (UNTOFIAAS). Unknown to the Altisians, CSAT is not done with the mediterranean, and are undergoing Apex Protocol operations in Altis by funding anti-government dissent.

I'm expanding and updating the mod in small pieces whenever I find time to work on it.


The mod add the following factions:

New Altis Army (NAA)
The new de-facto military of the new Altian government. The old Aegean pattern that the AAF used is being replaced with the new Altis pattern camouflage (ALPAT), as the new government does not want to be associated with the old civilian murdering army.

Hellenic Armed Forces (HAF)
A small coalition of peacekeepers from Greece to help the new government in restoring trust and peace in the region. Greeks work in a battallion sized joint Grekko-Altian unit, named Task Force Nike.

United Nations Truce Observation Force In Altis And Stratis (UNTOFIAAS)
After the Ceasefire in late 2035, UN military observers were deployed to monitor the CSAT withdrawal as well as the disbanding of the AAF and FIA. UNTOFIAAS is still present on Altis, now observing the fragile peace. Currently the unarmed observers come from four countries: Canada, Finland, Russia and China.

Myrimidones Inc.
A newly formed multi national private defence corporation based on Altis. The founders of the company are ex- military personel who saw combat in the East Wind conflict, and lots of its hired personel are made up of Altian, American and British ex soldiers. Myrmidones Inc. is currently providing training for the NAA, and security services for domestic and foreign entities investing in the rebuilding of Altis.

West Altian Militia (WAM)
Not everyone in the FIA enlisted to the NAA when it was formed. Many Altians still distrust government authorities, and many militias have been formed across the island nation to form a "balance of power". While not the only one, the WAM is by far the largest and best organized, with many private gunowners having heavily invested in weaponry and gear. As many militia leaders are friends and former men at arms with many NAA officers, the relationship between the army and the militias are complicated. After Al Sirae began their terror attacks and the mandate for the Greek peacekeepers was extended, the militias have grown significantly, leading to tentions rising between them and the Army.

Al Sirae
Of all the militias formed on altis, Al Sirae is the most closely monitored and dangerous according to the Altian government. Translating as "the struggle" from arabic, this loosely organized paramilitary is not just an other militia but also a political party, made up of ex AAF soldiers still loyal to the old government, CSAT supporting citizens and marxist revolutionaries. While the party denies the existence of its armed wing, it has been accused of many terror attacks, some even on UN observers, and are seen by many as the largest threat to the stability in the region. Western intelligence suggests that the group is accepting monetary and military funding from CSAT.

Expansion by request
Sayeret Matkal


Alive Compatability mod by OutOfScope


About NAA strenght and structure
Units that I choose to add and gear I choose to assign are all based on my subjective vision of what a post war Altian military would look like, with a few artistic liberties thrown into the mix.

The NAA is signifigantly smaller and weaker in equipment than the old AAF, as most of the Altians vehicles and weapons were destroyed in the conflict with NATO. However, its officers and staff being mostly made of former FIA combatants, they are far more professional and experienced than the arrogant "greenbacks" as the Altians were knows as, especially in light infantry warfare and counter insurgency operations. The Army's main fighting strenght is in it's 2nd light infantry battallion, but the it also has a single elite mechanized infantry company. The NAA has officially no armoured units nor heavy artillery, though NATO estimates them to have a few tanks in hidden reserves. To standardize ammunition as much as possible, he Mk200 light machinegun has been replaced with LIM-85 as the standard infantry squad machinegun. Because Altis and Stratis are both drowned in unexploded ordnance and mines from the coflict, the NAA has trained large numbers of EOD specialists.

The NAA has a relatively large corp of Military Police, both to help policing the nation and to keep their own troops in line.

All specialized gear and air assets have been issued to Force Hades, Altis' special force. Details about the force's size is classified, but it is estimated to be approximately the size of one platoon plus support elements.
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Ianassa  [author] 6 hours ago 
@Phalanx thanx man, I absolutely get it, and I appreciate your viewpoint. The balaclava bug drove me to the point of insanity too, and I know that the current way is a suboptimal solution. I really hoped Bohemia would have fixed it, since they said they look into it years ago.

I've read about politicial science and history too, and share your interest in it. You are absolutely right, one can certainly make the case that Al Sirae is too complex to be believable. Maybe I should emphasize that it's what NAA intelligence says about them (which is lacking and maybe flawed).
Phalanx Dec 10 @ 2:53pm 
(2/2) Finally, this is also in your hand after all. I can easily understand your choice to follow the lore's ambiguity of the game itself. I think Al Sirae is simply too polysemic, you know I mean they could be so much things at a point that it became complicated when you begin to ask to yourself question about the lore. But whatever. I guess it is my problem, from being a Politic's sciences, history and philosophy student : I'm always trying to ordonate things in a very logical pattern.
Phalanx Dec 10 @ 2:53pm 
(1/2) I understand for the balaclava bug, it is a complicated issue I see. In my opinion, the balaclava could be easily sacrificed in favor of a good and normal looking shemag. But it is in your hand after all. I just find it quite still annoying when I'm playing against or with Al Sirae and seeying those guys wearing strange and buggy things on their head haha !

And about Al Sirae, I would give you that point about the fact that every faction in this game is vague and so mysterious. I always think the lore of Arma was too much skinny, insufficient and lacking of informations. The Law of War DLC tryed to put us more in the background lore of the East Wind events. But it was a fail I think.
Ianassa  [author] Dec 10 @ 10:59am 
@Phalanx thank you a lot for the long and well thought reply. I intended Al Sirae to be up to interpretation of the player, and as such their lore is vague. They could be marxist, could be jihadis, could be by-partisan "extremist" dissenters or anything in between. I mainly drew inspiration from pro-CSAT Altian citizenry and ISIS cells in Europe today, but also Hezbollah (hence also a political party). I drew in marxism as I imagined myself that the vanilla AAF hard line government was marxist, but obviously this is not canon and some people are upset from that decision.

As for the balaclava bug, I've tried to solve it for ages, but it seems to be a hard coded glitch within the game itself, and such the balaclavas don't really match in the random eyewear generators. It's a shame, Bohemia promised to fix it a while back, but haven't been able to. The solution would be to either not use randomization or not use balaclavas, and I don't want to make that compromise.
Ianassa  [author] Dec 10 @ 10:59am 
@Lucas_Wu thank you for the info. I'll take a look at it once I have time.

@theroboxkilleryt Thank you for the compliment. I'll have a look at the mod code at some point, and if it's workable without too much effort, release a NAA standalone.
Phalanx Dec 7 @ 8:00pm 
Or, maybe there could really be marxist why not ? But I think they should not only be arabs, since their common goal must be to want to put an end to the fees and depts from the war that NAA pay to NATO (they see NAA as puppet that exploit honest altian workers). And what about climate change ? Maybe water is raising, causing a lot of troubles, affecting only the poorest, who could be so angry that they would want to revolt. They could be something like eco-terrorists why not ?
Phalanx Dec 7 @ 8:00pm 
So, maybe Al Sirae should be more like muslim integrists on the island who doesnt like the pro-NATO governement of caucasian and orthodox christians. This minority of muslims may be getting more and more radical because of the war (oppression from AAF, then from the pro-NATO NAA). These native arabs would maybe want independance ? Maybe climatic change and war would put migration pressure on the island, causing a lot of muslims refugees to go there. Poverty and all of these would radicalize them.
Phalanx Dec 7 @ 7:59pm 
2) Why Al Sirae faction would be Marxist ? Marxists in general wont be on the side of ethnical or religious movements. They normally reject non-marxist governement. Marxism want workers (ALL workers, from all nations and religions) to unite and seize the means of production. Now, there's a lot of variant form of marxism of course. But I dont see a huge link with CSAT, a league of eastern countries that are on the opposite geopolitical interest of the one of NATO's countries. Iran is the ''core'' of CSAT forces in the mediterranean sea in the lore. We do not know exacly what is the political orientation of Iran in 2035. Actually, Iran is a theocratian republic.
Phalanx Dec 7 @ 7:46pm 
This mod is very nice ! I'm enjoying it a lot ! Good work !
I would only mention two things :

1) On the editor, when I'm placing Al Sirae units (not the special forces, only regular ones), every ones of them have balaclava AND shemag, which cause to be pretty ugly since the two elements are in conflict (the balaclava is still visible from outside the shemag, causing issues). It may be fix by only let the balaclava or the shemag on these guys (in my opinion, the shemag would be better).
therobloxskilleryt Nov 29 @ 6:00am 
Hello, creator @ianassa are you able to make New Altis Army alone? As in this mods are too much units which I will not use and it will take me more lags, by having more big mods.