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EUTAB - Ethos Unique Techs and Buildings
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Nov 22, 2016 @ 11:16pm
Jun 15 @ 11:15pm
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EUTAB - Ethos Unique Techs and Buildings


So every building has to be redone from scratch, a lot of the modifiers have been dropped or renamed and empire unique buildings are out which kind of trashes balance. I've got ideas on resolving this stuff but it won’t be till mid/late December that the mod is back up, after that it will come back online in stages with some new content in later. Thanks for your patience guys.

Ethos Unique Planet Structures - IMPLEMENTED
Government Authority Edicts - IMPLEMENTED
Ethos Unique Technologies - PARTIALLY IMPLEMENTED
Gestalt Unique Technologies, Focuses and Perks - IMPLEMENTED
Fanatic Unique Technologies - PARTIALLY IMPLEMENTED
Unique Icon Replacers
Voidborne Related Tech Rework
Final Pass and Rebalance
Updates will not effect save games
2.1 version here

Chinese Patch thanks to 兽耳娘是好文明

Ethos Unique Techs and Buildings

This mod is intended to be an expansion to the vanilla game and provide more unique content for different playthoughs. It adds over 170 new technologies, edicts and buildings to the base game. All of which have been done in a style as close to the game as possible, usually using game assets as a source. With the focus on replayability on average only 20 of these will be avaliable in a single game. All new buildings and techs have their own flavor and description text.

The Mod is broken up into several sections:
  • General Perk Techs:
These are perk specific techs that apply to all ethos and are accessible in any game given you have the correct ascension perk unlocked.
  • Ethos Unique Planet Structures:
Ethos Unique planet structures exist as upgrades to the Symbol of Unity, the new Development District or as replacements to the alien visitor centre. This is to avoid too much building spam in the build menu. They require the correct ethos to research and to build. If your ethos should change midgame the option to build an unlocked structure will disappear and a new technology will become avaliable depending on your new ethos.
  • Government Authority Edicts:
These are perk specific empire edicts that apply to all ethos and are accessible in any game given you have the correct ascension perk and right level of government authority. If you change government authority mid-game you may lose access to the edict unless the new authority level has a path to get the same edict (either though the same perk or a different one). If your new government is able to get the edict it remains avaliable (and wont have to be researched again).
  • Gestalt Unique Technologies, Focuses and Perks:
Hiveminds get a short technology tree of hive focuses that ends with an additional civic slot. Machine Empires get a few minor techs and upgrades to each of their unique buildings. Machine Empires have also had many of their building icons redone to better define them from their ogranic counterparts. The Focuses for Hives and ME's are empire level edicts of which only one can be active at a time.

Machine Empires and Hive minds also now each get an exclusive Ascension Perk, Hives with a buildings focused perk and Machines with a machine trait focus. The Hivemind building set also pairs with other perks to unlock sub-buildings. You only need a single perk out of the options to unlock the sub-building.
  • Ethos Unique Technologies:
A set of 12 additional techs have been added for each ethos and gated behind the 16 minor (non-exclusive) Ascension Perks. In any game two of these techs are avaliable for research for each ascension perk unlocked, once the second tech is researched from the same perk the remainer techs gated behind that perk will be locked for the rest of the game. Each tech is clearly marked to show which perk it is attached to when it appears as a research option. Some techs can be attained multiple ways and are marked as shared techs. They do not count toward the two tech limit.
  • Fanatic Unique Technologies:
Each Fanatic has access to upto two techs for each of the three ascension perk paths (Biology, Cyborgs and Psionics). You only need the first perk of the path to access both techs. Should you switch to another fanatic ethos you aren't locked out of researching those as well, this may change later.

Replacement Icons Only (Achievement Friendly)

FINAL NOTE: Sorry guys but I'm not willing to make any more compatibility patches between this and other mods. Tracking and publishing patches detracts from the enjoyment I get from modding the game. If anyone wants to make them they are totally free to do so.

If you run into any bugs or conflicts and are using a patch please leave a message in that mod page otherwise leave one below, thanks and enjoy.

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Reygis Jul 15 @ 12:13am 
Will the habitat techs be making a return? I remember from a previous version that you had a whole bunch of buildings and the likes for habitats as well.
Dumuzii  [author] Jul 10 @ 11:17pm 
I'll have to wait till im home to confirm if ive tested if its working. Thats a strange number to be getting.

@edey thanks man

@tinten ill have a look this weekend, all my jobs have been straight copied from the most relevant vanilla job so it shouldnt be that disadvantaged
FiddleSticks96 Jul 10 @ 8:17pm 
@Dumuzii How does the "District Energy Output +0.5" bonus from the Maintenance Streamlining techs work exactly? After having researched it 3 times, presumably getting a +1.5 bonus to district energy output, my budget shows that I am producing 17.32 energy from "Districts," but I currently have 239 districts as of this post. Presumably, I should be producing an additional 358.5 energy, but this is not the case.
edey5000 Jul 4 @ 5:09am 
This was always my favourite mod. I look forward to what magic you'll do this time.
Biggus Maccus Jun 29 @ 1:37pm 
Can we have some language information? :Hire:
[BoS] Tiberius Jun 25 @ 9:39am 
Will this mod work on an ongoing save? Is it known to work well with mods such as GPM/PD/NSC?
Gokudo31 Jun 18 @ 11:41pm 
is there a compatibility patch avaible for utopia dream and EUTAB ?
Tintenfisch Jun 18 @ 1:06pm 
the park ranger job seems a bit unattractive, pops just refuse to do this job no matter what
Dumuzii  [author] Jun 17 @ 12:20am 
Thanks dudes,

@Elite, that would be spot on if they've changed the perk name from ap_imperial_prerogative. I don't use the mod myself so I cant confirm. Otherwise the only requirement is adaptive bureaucracy

@Reygis totally agree, ill make the changes next patch for the other appropriate jobs as well.
LokiCharms Jun 16 @ 10:23am 
I agree this was a fav mod of mine through 2.1 and happy to give it another go through. Thanks for bringing it back :)