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ISO Crystal Isles
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Nov 22, 2016 @ 5:02am
Oct 24, 2019 @ 7:40am
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ISO Crystal Isles

MOD ID = 804312798
Map Name = CrystalIsles

Main Description
ISO: Crystal Isles is an otherworldly Ark Survivor Evolved map mod geared toward a fantasy sci-fi genre. With enchanting biomes, bright colors and plenty of scenic appeal this expansive map is one of a kind.

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Progress and Content
Current Progress: 75%

Currently in Progress: Rainforest, Bog, Floating Islands, Remaining Snow Biome, Remaining Ocean.

Future Plans: Custom World Boss and Boss Arena, Boneyard, Underworld, Caves and any appropriate future ark content!

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MANAGED BY Grumpy Gaming
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Special Thanks to...
The Ragnarok Team
iSpeZZ of the Steampunk Mod
Exilog of Shigo Island
Sicco of The Volcano
Xanjis, Modder Extraordinair

Isolde Gaming (Iso)

Dev Team
Isolde Gaming (Iso)

Support Team
Fubukiyo - Discord Admin, Super awesome husband
Jukari - Discord Admin, Videographer
Lillian - Discord Admin, Dev
Zedxrgal - Discord Admin
iSpezz - Discord Admin, Dev
Pip - Discord Admin
Zarienai - Discord Admin
Everlost - Discord Admin
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Jun 16 @ 3:23am
What's the difference between the modded map and the new DLC? Can this mod be used in conjunction with the DLC?
Jun 27 @ 6:45pm
Possibility of an expansion mod?
Jun 24 @ 3:48am
Captain Howdy
< >
Flockerkill Jun 30 @ 7:57pm 
@Друг Паши
this mod is not the official map, ask wildcard why it was blocked, not this mod
Друг Паши Jun 30 @ 6:09pm 
42x73 what happened to the cave why was it blocked? I have a base there
vossi57 Jun 30 @ 1:42pm 
Das ist die beste Map die es gibt ! ganz ganz toll.
gwSenpai007 Jun 29 @ 4:01pm 
@Neves if your using this workshop file, yes the memory leak is a known issue - you should be playing the official one, it's not a problem anymore
Ekanaka Jun 27 @ 11:12am 
Very cool and beautiful map. She became official. Congratulations!
Neves Jun 27 @ 7:31am 
Anyone else having problem with Chrystal isle on private servers using to high of memory usage
Spirit3057 Jun 27 @ 5:45am 
What happened was WC's attempt to make a great mod available to all users. It's to bad that everything WV does to a great mod, screws it up completely.
Hallbard Jun 27 @ 3:24am 
I mean this map was amazing, it was so unique. Still is unique but i feel like, this map was better then the official one. First of all the wyverns, i mean they are still in it and i do like the abilites they have gotten, but the one's i this, they are so much more beautiful in colors then what they are now.

Why remove Rock Drakes? Can somebody explain why cause i never understod that?

Also it's a bit annoying how you get all green,blue,red gems and element shards from one crystal and not that you get green gems from one crystal, blue from one an red from another one so right now, those crystals just stand there and i don't know but i feel like they are just there for astetics. I know minor things to complain about that idk nobody real cares about them, but i must just ask why did that change? So that the green,blue and red crystals aren't resource's anymore?

I really don't know how to put sentences but hope somebody here understands :/
Flockerkill Jun 25 @ 8:53pm 
well no you should report that to wildcard directly as they are the new devs of the map
Junkyard Cat Jun 25 @ 4:33pm 
I don't know if this will get back to the map Dev somehow but I noticed the mining drill does not work with some of the resources nodes on the Crystal Isles map. Some of the rocks and some of the crystals cannot be harvested with the Mining Drill.