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Fine Road Anarchy
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Nov 18, 2016 @ 3:02pm
May 24 @ 3:07pm
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Fine Road Anarchy

Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.10.0-f3 (Park Life)

This mod adds additional options when building road.

Basically Sharp Junction Angles but compatible with Fine Road Tool and better behavior when anarchy enabled.

- Anarchy (Ctrl + A): when enabled, removes all the limitations such has the slope, the height or the collisions.
- Bending (Ctrl + B): when disabled the segments will no bend.
- Snapping (Ctrl + S): when disabled you can get much closer to other roads without snapping.
- Collision (Alt + C): when disabled the road will clip objects. Buildings and paths won't be bulldozed, pillars will always be built, zoning under elevated roads will remain untouched.

The UI integrate into Fine Road Tool UI if enabled. Otherwise it gets its own window.

This mod will disable Sharp Junction Angles as they are not compatible.
This mod won't break your save games, and can be safely disabled at any time.

Source code


This mod uses detours C# library[] by cope. Without it, this mod would've been impossible to make.

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Jul 17 @ 11:23pm
Road texture at road junction glitches after enabled fine road anarchy mod
Jun 9 @ 8:55am
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May 13 @ 3:18am
Can you support another language your mod?
Toothless FLY [ROK]
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Impatient Jul 18 @ 6:53pm 
Oh boy! If I had to chose the two mods I want to play with, it would be Move it! and Fine Road Anarchy!

Some advice from experience regarding roads: Sharp junction angles can mess up the game engines turning logic though. This can be a hassle with on- and offramps especially. Always pay attention that the turning markers on the lanes show the correct left and right arrows. If just a straight arrow is shown, the angle is so sharp that the game engine thinks, vehicles are going straight over the junction, instead of making a turn. In case of onramps this e.g. leads to the behavior that a vehicle choses freely from one of the three highway lanes instead of just taking the most outside one. Thus slowing down the traffic on all three lanes.
CocaineCruise Jul 13 @ 2:04pm 
Where is it possible to get the UI mod? Couldn't find it.
mjm92150 Jul 11 @ 11:43pm 
When I am going on the options menu befaore to play, your mod is in English.
I would like to translate in my own language.
So, is it possible for you to add English xml file on GitHub ?
Then I can translate in my own language.
Thanks for your answer.
toruk_makto1 Jul 7 @ 10:29pm 
@JohnJohn1983 sounds like a snap issue
JohnJohn1983 Jul 7 @ 5:16am 
I have issues using this mod to join tunnel roads with a road thats already in a tunnel, it keeps wanting to create another road over it.
Countercroc52 Jul 4 @ 5:57pm 
Great mod makes all the things you couldn't do in vanilla that seemed easy possible. Thanks!!
_C@nG@C@_ Jun 30 @ 7:48am 
Nice mod THX!
BNSF 4531 Jun 25 @ 7:47am 
The ground mode is only in Fine Road Tool, another one of @SamsamTS's mods.
Good stuff Jun 21 @ 12:37am 
It's not a zoning problem as it's already says in comments, you must to force road on the ground after a bridge. Also sometimes the road is automaticly a bridge fews meters upper the ground, you must to force on ground too. This mod works perfectly with all DLCs and my mods collection ( ) . Very useful.