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Systematic Naming of Lines in Transport Fever
By romonito
A system for the naming of traffic lines in TF makes sense, because it is easy, that lines in TF get names automatical (line 1, line 2, ... line 231), but in the late game that will become confusing.
For clarity, various methods have crystallized out over the course of time, as lines can be appropriately grouped or distinguished by the designation.
(Updates for colour coded cargo lines and industrial centers coming soon...)

Because of alphabetic sorting, the first character of a line name has special significance.

Which identifiers you choose and where you distribute them in the line name, is personal taste or depends on your own way of playing. But it helps to think about it.

You can refine the lines as you increase their number, if you have played a map for decades,
Since you will not want to rename a larger number of lines in the future, it is good to use a system from the beginning.

Unfortunately there are no filters in the statistics window. Also with the Linemanager it is only roughly, Even freight and passenger trains can not be separated. What a pity.
Basic classification and specialization
First of all, I chose the following identifiers (coming from german, most of them work in English)

B - buses
M - Metro
S - Ships
C - (cargo) Trucks
F - Flight
T - Train

The following subgroups emerged from the game:

BI - Bus interregio
CS - Cargo Ship
CF - Cargo Flight (thanks Gwinda!)
CT - Cargo Train
T3 - High Speed Train

Geographical Refinement
For the local bus lines within the places I use terms like

- B Gotha East West
- B Gotha Airport

or shorter

- B Gotha EW
- B Kiel SN
- B GothaA

For ring lines:

- B KölnCycle (or "RingB" for backwards)

In Interregio bus lines I use start, transit (big) places and destination:

- BI Cologne Kiel Gotha

Or in short form

- BI CologneKielGotha

(If you use line numbers, you can also use even numbers like for North-South and odd for East-West as in German motorways.)

Center and direction
I like to play on big maps (so that high-speed trains can actually drive really fast), in the middle of the map growing cities (which also grow accordingly) with stations as junctions, from which trains travel to different regions more outside.
You could, of course, use pass through (large) places and destination in the line name.
However, if you rarely play or play several maps, you often do not know where the places are exactly on the map. Due to the restricted visibility of the map and the still missing mini map, further orientation is missing. In the end you want to know roughly the direction and the region the train will go.

In the picture above you can see the further geolocale refinement, namely the (rough) direction, into which the line leads and usually start and destination.

In the local traffic, whose area you can overview on screen, but I actually use the passing places. Here, e.g. Regional bus lines:

- BI Cologne Kiel Gotha

Or in short form

- BI CologneKielGotha
Special cargo
A slightly modified system applies to cargo lines, since usually several lines (usually trucks and railway) belong together. My system is not as uniform. 
Mostly raw materials and products are included and because the lines belonging together locally, usually also the city to be supplied is part of the line name:

-C Wood2Saw, C Wood2Saw Kiel (for larger maps contiguous lines will be obvious quickly)

Because sometimes, the end product of a factory supplied several cities, I have used the "<", so food goes to Kiel in the example below. As the cities need different products, you can see quickly which products are missing.

-CT Kiel<food (city supply line)

The End
You read a brief summary of classification which has evolved during years (decades) playing from Simutrans to Transport Fever. 

I hope I can give you some suggestions. You're invited to provide suggestions, complaints and supplements, I will add your ideas.

A Pleasant Journey,

PS I am not a native english speaker as you see, so feel free to correct me!
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Jon May 6 @ 1:39pm 
Everytime I begin a map, I change all the city names into abbr. so that even names can be systematic.
I just use a similar system to what my local transit company uses, like "City Bus 10 East", "City Tram 11 Right" (right for clockwise, left for counterclockwise), "City Industry Cargo Supply/Delivery". Nov 27, 2018 @ 2:05pm 
@Skybaxx, off course I have thought of that. Or rename the city in the north when loading the first time can also do the trick ;-) But I don't like it. Some lines are called after general goods others to the specific good (München General Transport, Paris Oil). Depends on the map I play.
Skybaxx Nov 18, 2018 @ 6:00am Pause the timer, then perhaps place a tiny train station (or something else that you can rename), on the compass points of the map - North, East, West, South.

That way, you at least have the NEWS on where things are?
Skybaxx Nov 15, 2018 @ 5:05am 
Valid point, trains are faster. There are a lot of user-made maps coming out now, which make heavy use of water areas. I'm using the 'North Atlantic' map at the moment, which makes shipping ideal.
romonito  [author] Nov 15, 2018 @ 3:04am 
@skybaxx i would name (start).(destination) and direction (N,S,W,E). I was not much engaged in ships because trains were faster ... But I liked the hovercraft ...
Skybaxx Nov 14, 2018 @ 9:00pm 
Nice system. Do you have any suggestions for naming passenger ship lines? Jan 6, 2018 @ 7:50am 
Interesting ideas. But I move and turn the map around a lot, I lose directions (N,E,S,W) after a couple of hours playing. Also I had some lines crossing each other, but still are on the same direction. Mainly because of different type of goods which can't be combined.
Most of the time I use the starting city for all lines. And because all regional buses are replaced by trains, I use linenumbering in the city (I haven't played with big cities though and not used 3 or higher yet, but I make long lines :) ).
arizonaquarius Nov 22, 2017 @ 7:42pm 
do you have any particular way you name your other structures/vehicles? for example, I like rechanging the name of my grain storage to "[town] Granary"... just curious
arizonaquarius Nov 22, 2017 @ 7:40pm