Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Extended Asset Editor 0.4.11
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Nov 16, 2016 @ 8:51am
Nov 2, 2018 @ 4:17am
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Extended Asset Editor 0.4.11

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Adds some stuff to the asset editor for dealing with vehicles. (And perhaps more asset types in the future)

Trailer variation loader requirement
This is needed if you want to see the effects of changing the Variation fields of submeshes in-game. If you don't intend to do anything with these, just ignore it.

Current features:
-Exposes Variation field for vehicle sub meshes, used for cargo-specific meshes. Check this table[] for the value for each cargo type.
-Fixes 'attach offset back' of the lead vehicle not being taken into account when displaying a vehicle in the editor.
-Panel for editing door positions.
-Toggle for 'passenger light' effect. (used mostly on trains to simulate light shining from the windows in the environment)
-Light position editor. (move, add and remove)
-'set engine' buttons which replaces the selected trailer with (a copy of) the engine.
-Invert toggle to invert a trailer.
-Option for simulating movement direction of a vehicle (affects the displaying of headlights)
-Preview for emergency lights and plane landing lights.
-Effect editor: add and remove effects from the vehicle.
-Easy snapshot: Press CTRL+ALT+S to take one!
-Change individual trailer models (like in AVE)
-Duplicate a specific trailer
-Remove a specific trailer
-Trailer naming options to allow multiple .crp's in a single workshop upload (Use the Package name option!)
-Button to import vehicle as a prop

Keyboard shortcuts
CTRL+ALT+S: Take snapshot
CTRL+ALT+T: Take tooltip shot
CTRL+ALT+I: Take info panel shot
(The UI doesn't need to be hidden, it won't show up anyway)

Planned features:
-Better save panel

Known bugs:
-When using the "Remove" button the trailer panel sometimes disappears. Reselect a trailer using the dropdown to make it show again.

-All new panels can be dragged around the screen
-Add/Remove light adds train light effects automatically, for other vehicles use the effect editor.
-Always use the Save Asset button of this mod to prevent any issues with saving the asset!

Note that the effect editor lists all currently loaded effects. This includes all custom effects created by mods such as Vehicle Effects. DO NOT add these custom effects to a vehicle with this editor or it will break your vehicle (the game can't find the effects on loading, leading to flickering and disappearing vehicles)
If you do however end up in a situation where you have saved an asset with one of those custom effects, don't worry. Just load it using this mod's load panel and the mod will give you the option to remove them automatically.

Thanks to SamsamTS for making the Advanced Vehicle Options UI code public, it helped a lot
This mod uses Harmony 1.1.0

Github page[]
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GilbertRoyAlva May 22 @ 8:23pm 
How do you properly save custom train assets with this? It doesn't load up in game after saving.
Robert W. F-501 Civ-883 May 16 @ 7:26pm 
Just tested, custom trams still do not work at all
SergJack May 16 @ 1:38pm 
Yes, my trains have various different trailer types (up to 6 types on some trains), any I can make custom trams and they work.

Also @Pyrite Spotted you can already make coupled trains with the mod
Robert W. F-501 Civ-883 May 16 @ 12:38pm 
have you attempted to make custom trams? and do your trains have multiple different trailers?
SergJack May 16 @ 11:30am 
Well, this mod is still working perfectly fine for me, and I use it to make my custom trains, and they function perfectly as well.
Robert W. F-501 Civ-883 May 15 @ 11:57am 
yeah, I think this mod is dead/abandoned at this point, as of now custom trams and trains are pretty much dead on arrival now, as those functions no longer work, but it's whatever, we gotta be grateful we got as many as we did
Lets see an Update soon please to enable coupled trains ASAP.
Robert W. F-501 Civ-883 May 12 @ 6:30pm 
the issue is something in the mod's code likely broke, but now, it's um.... yeah, not working since the last update
Pewex May 12 @ 9:49am 
@aubergine18 I just did a test in --noWorkshop mode with only EAE installed and the issues with trams remained.
Robert W. F-501 Civ-883 May 10 @ 2:29am 
well, it doesn't matter much now anyway, at least for the moment, this mod seems to be dead/abandoned, which is by all means the author's choice, but that also leaves us unable to make custom trams, which is one reason I'd love to see an update happen