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5X - The Ultimate Balance Mod v4.3.0 (Next update Oct 26)
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Nov 15, 2016 @ 12:02am
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5X - The Ultimate Balance Mod v4.3.0 (Next update Oct 26)

Spud Dastardly presents the biggest Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars mod in the galaxy! This mod is massive overhaul of the gameplay experience. It's like a whole new game! It includes a total rebalance of every aspect of gameplay, new technologies, improved AI, and much more. For a more specific overview of what this mod does, read this[].

Languages/Sprachen/Языки/Idiomas: English, German (Deutsch), Russian (русский), Spanish (Spain) (Español (España))

The Unofficial Code Patch by WhatIsSol is highly recommended for use with or without this mod! You can get it on Steam or on Nexus Mods[]. If you are going to use UCP with 5X, it is necessary to use the 5X UCP Compatibility mod

5X was featured in a series of videos by YouTubers Mal and Sabouts! They played two games on impossible difficulty (using version 2.3.1). You can see the first video above, or click here to watch it on YouTube. At the end of the second game, they did a review of the mod and the game which is featured above, though there's some spoilers on how that game ended up, so you might want to watch the whole series first.

I've put many hours of work into this mod! If you would like to show your appreciation with a donation, you can do so here.[]

Version 4.3 Changes:
  • New weapons, Nucleonic Charges and Antimatter Charges. These weapons deal splash damage, making them ideal against groups of smaller ships. It uses a special slot instead of a weapon slot. The first tech is in the Fusion Weapons node, and the second is in the Molecular Engineering node. These techs are miniaturized by bomb miniaturization techs.
  • New star type, Black Hole. This star type uses an unused black hole visual effect from the game's files. Typically they have few planets around them, and those planets that are found tend to be terrible biomes but rich in minerals, however there is a small chance to find an uber planet biome around one.

    This star type is uncommon and may not spawn at all on smaller galaxy type, though a bug does cause them to be spawned more than they're supposed to for certain galaxies (this bug will be fixed in UCP 5.8). They spawn more often in older and sparser galaxy ages. When you mouse-over the star, a description will appear, but the icon will be missing unless you install the Custom 5X Assets mod.

    On a few galaxy types, such as tiny spiral, the Orion system is always a black hole. Your home system can never be a black hole.
  • Brown stars now also have a small chance to spawn an uber biome planet around them.
  • Wormholes now have a chance to spawn asteroid belts around them. You can even construct planets out of them and colonize such systems.
  • Added a new tech, Automated Armor Turrets, which provides a ground combat bonus for armor barracks units. However, this tech will not be functional until UCP 5.8 is released and is only available if you are using the 5X UCP Compatibility mod. Also adjusted battleoids tech to give +1 HP and a combat bonus instead of +2 HP, and again the combat bonus part will only work once UCP 5.8 comes.
  • Heavy armor now can't reduce damage below 75% of the base damage (previously 50% in 5X but 75% in vanilla). Increased the cost and space requirement of heavy armor a bit. Updated the description for heavy armor to now include the full formula for how resilience and armor penetration work. I'm planning to add more formulas to other tech descriptions in the next update to clear up some game mechanics, like the beam defense formula and spy mission risk formula for example.
  • Reduced space/cost requirement for Multiphased Shields and Hard Shields.
  • Increased production cost of battle pods (still takes 0 space, just adds to build time).
  • Reduced space requirement for pulsar
  • Updated AI ship blueprints: Nucleonic/antimatter charges added, reinforced hull given lower priority, bomb ketches for AI now only carry 1 bomb since they like to build so many of them.
  • Updated some research holograms for hyper advanced techs to match the icons I gave them in the last update. Some other icons were changed as well (doesn't require custom 5X assets for any of these changes). Terran planets now have a new look on the main galaxy screen (the model is actually supposed to be the Earth), and the old Terran model is now used for Coral World.
  • Advanced/Hyper advanced colony ship now places Government Support Facility if you have it researched.

Past changes can be viewed in the change log.

Any feedback is welcome, and I'm happy to answer questions about specific changes. The French localization for 3.0 is not available since my translator quit playing MoO. If you enjoy this update, consider donating (link near the top). I put many hours of work into it!

Also check out these related mods:
  • Split Tech Tree is an addon for 5X that re-arranges the entire tech tree into 8 separate branches to make it more like a MoO2 style tech tree. This completely changes the tech tree strategy, so if you want to shake things up with a totally rearranged tech tree, give it a shot!
  • 5X Lite is a lighter version of the 5X mod that includes most of the balance adjustments of 5X but none of the added technologies, tech tree changes, added uber biomes, etc. It's for players who want a more balanced game but one that's closer to the original in terms of its scope.
  • ALL AI + 5X galaxies allows you to play with every race at the same time on 5X galaxies and allows you to use 5X galaxy ages/density settings with potentially every race on an extreme circle galaxy. This mod can be used standalone or with 5X. There is also a no wormhole variant.
  • 5X UCP Compatibility Mod is for players using 5X with WhatIsSol's Unofficial Code Patch. It re-enables the bugged technologies disabled in 3.4 because those bugs are fixed in UCP, and it takes advantage of some modding features added by UCP. I highly recommend using both UCP and this addon!
  • Custom 5X Assets contains new ship icons for the alternate hull types introduced in v4.0 as well as new planet icons for the added uber biomes.
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Spud Dastardly  [author] Oct 6 @ 6:21pm 
The unofficial code patch by WhatIsSol increases the available space on the custom race screen, as well as doing a bunch of other great bug fixes and UI improvements. I recommend you install it.
DarkDagas84 Oct 6 @ 2:45pm 
so with this mod and any mods that add traits cause the custom race screen to expand past the screen boarder and you cannot select the traits on the end... is there a fix for this tried changing resolution but that didnt work.
d_iperione Oct 5 @ 9:42am 
@Spud Dastardly

OK thanks
Spud Dastardly  [author] Oct 5 @ 4:28am 
Only WhatIsSol could do that. It would mess up the formula though. The formula is set up so that when you are at 1 population, the amount of food required is equal to maxRequiredFoodStart, when you're at half max it's equal to minRequiredFood, and when you're at max - 1 the required amount is maxRequiredFoodEnd, as per the yaml values. Basically since your max population is 2, at 1 population it's like you're trying to have all three values at once. In the formula, this manifests as doing 0 divided by 0.

What would work though would be to add an exception that says if max population = 2, then life points required equals one of the three values, whatever one seems most appropriate. I'll let Sol say if he's willing to do something like that.
d_iperione Oct 5 @ 3:40am 
@Spud Dastardly

Could you change the formula so that it does not subtract -2 from the maximum of the population but -1?
d_iperione Oct 5 @ 2:20am 
@Spud Dastardly

Could you change the formula so that it does not subtract -2 from the maximum of the population but -1?
d_iperione Oct 5 @ 1:50am 
@Spud Dastardly

thank you :)
Spud Dastardly  [author] Oct 4 @ 11:03pm 
The guide in question is here:
The formula is found in the Assembly-CSharp.dll file, specifically Backend.Settlements.Colony.GetRequiredLifePoints.

The subtraction by 2 in the formula can't be modded through yaml editing.
roland.johansen Oct 4 @ 3:35pm 
I'm not sure what you mean with 'the variables'. You did change the planet sizes yourself, so you can't mean that. The population growth formula, you can find in a formula guide from Spud Dastardly, here on Steam. Some parts of that formula are controlled by values in yaml files, but the formula itself is probably in a dll-file. So changing some parts of it is non-trivial while other parts can trivially be changed in the yaml-files. If I were you, I'd ask Spud for the source of this formula.
d_iperione Oct 4 @ 10:41am 

Do you know where the variables are so I can change them and solve the problem?