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Fast leveling method using magic!
By waterworrier
This is a simple guide that will allow you to level up your character quickly without grinding away various skills in dungeons or the like. You simply stand around in a location of your choice and use magic and the legendary skill ability after reaching level 100 in a given skill. No need for vast amounts of potions or resting/waiting for this method. :D

You will need both the Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLC's in order to most effectively use this method... with the Dawnguard one being somewhat optional.
What you need to begin.
You will need the Circle of Protection expert level restoration magic. Dawnguard DLC can help with this.

The robes, gloves, and boots from Miraak that you gain at the end of the Dragonborn DLC.

A spell or spells of your choice in any of the non-combat specific magic groups. (Alteration, Illusion, Restoration)

You also need to be a vampire. Not sure if there's a difference between a normal vampire and a vampire lord in this case, so Dawnguard might be required for this as well.

OPTIONAL: The Ring of the Erudite from the Dawnguard DLC. This is to mainly help with magic levels and regeneration. Haven't tested the method without so it might be required.

OPTIONAL 2: Aetherium Crown from the Dawnguard DLC. This allows 2 stone powers to be active at once. Choosing The Mage and The Lover allows you to gain a 25% xp bonus.
How to get what you need to begin.
If you posess the Dawnguard DLC you will need to progress at least far enough to get into the Soul Cairn.

Circle of Protection spell:
Gather 25 soul husks in the Soul Cairn and locate the merchant in the second section just past the large wall to the right. He offers you a choice of various random items at the cost of 25 soul husks. First, save the game and choose a spellbook. Reload/repeat until you get Circle of Protection.

Alternatively, go to various spell merchants in game and try to find one for sale there. Might require training your restoration level up a good bit before they will be normally sold though.

Miraak set:
Complete the Dragonborn DLC to gain this set at the end.

Ring of the Erudite:
Side quest given by one of the vampires of Castle Volkihar if you side with the vampires in the Dawnguard DLC. Gives a nice magic bonus and reneration.

Being a vampire:
With the Dawnguard DLC this is quite easy if you side with the vampires. Otherwise just locate vampires in the various dungeons and be attacked by them until you gain the Sanguine(not the full name but you will notice it) disease. Wait a few days for vamprism to become active then.

Aetherium Crown:
Find the Aetherium Wars book in Castle Dawnguard to begin the quest to gain this item. The quest is fairly hard so beware at lower levels. The crown is one of the reward options at the end.
How to do the leveling/How it works.
Equip the Miraak set, Circle of Protection spell, a spell of your choice to level with (detect life, muffle, etc.), and any optional equipment you want.

The Miraak set gives you a certain % of magic absorbtion from spells/shouts. Combined with you being considered undead as a vampire and the Circle of Protection spell, this means that you gain roughly 25% magic per second from the Circle of Protection spell's effects by being within it.

Now you simply go somewhere safe and cast the Circle of Protection. While standing within it you will have insanely boosted magic regen. So with this, cast either a sustained (hold the button down) or single cast non-combat spell in the other hand to level that magic class quickly. Without the need for numerous potions or sleeping/waiting a lot.

Just use trial and error to see what spells give the most xp at a time to really benefit from this method.

Whenever your skill hits level 100, make it legendary by pressing 'space' on it in the skills screen to reset that skill back to level 15 and be able to relevel it and your character again.

This can technically be repeated forever.
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Wand3r3r3 Nov 15, 2016 @ 10:22am 
A guide for a lazy person :p