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Eco Guarda
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Nov 13, 2016 @ 6:16am
Jun 7, 2017 @ 4:58pm
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“ Take care of your planet, it is of all of us”
Eco Guarda
Release date: 20/12/2016
Eco Guardian:

Eco Guardian is a game released for PC, LINUX and MAC. The goal is to be a hero and save nature. Eco Guardian will soon be available on other platforms such as IOS, Android, and others.

The goal is to have fun, but also to introduce the player to situations where they fight and maintain the balance of nature.

Movements are made by a simple click of the mouse; all the actions in this game will only require a mouse.

The game has a diverse range of songs created to make the game exciting and to make you feel like you’re in a natural environment.

The elements of Earth, Air and Wind are your allies and will give you strength to fight with the other elements. Fire is an ally of your enemies.

The boss enemies are:

Impius (destroyer of the forests) be careful of the sierras.

Ardilax (destroyer of the water) be careful of the tentacles and rays.

And the last boss you will face:

Fumegigante (destroyer of the air) who spreads gases and toxic smokes; it also has other weapons.

Your mission is to protect and prevent villains from destroying our nature, capture animals from the forest, and so much more.


Get aboard in an amazing adventure in the game Eco Guardian and be a hero to defend nature, set the animals free, fight against fire and the felling of trees. Use your courage and strength against aliens.

Everything was going great and it was beautiful outside, but you were playing when you found out something was wrong: the water was polluted and blurry, there weren’t any animals wandering close to your house, and the air was dark and it was hard to breath.

You try to understand what is going. On the hill you face a terrible scene that explains why your world is so ugly. You let a beautiful animal free (captured), but you are discovered by a strange creature, which threatens you and starts to chase you. At this moment, a fox realizes you are in danger and in a magic trick it energizes and teleports you to a cave, which will be your center of operations to fight against the threat of the aliens.

In the cave an android helps you with a magic gate, which brings you to a diversity of levels in your adventure.

As you get in the gate and chose the first level available, you will be sent to your next mission, which will give you your first power (special power) to continue the next levels.

Set the Water element free and receive the power of water, so you can stop the fire the aliens in the forest. Always remember that if the power of water is expired, you can use the power of rock, which you received in the beginning of the adventure.

Next, set the Air or Earth elements free, and unlock the powers of nature that are necessary to continue your mission.

In each level you will find pink and blue gates, they will lead you to mini games that must be completed to increase your experience level and unlock the next levels.

When you come back to the cave (base) you will find the elements, which will give you support and advise you on your missions

Unlocking levels:

You complete the levels when you set the animals free. Complete your mission and win the mini games of the levels you are.

Remember that in each level you will face an enemy at the end, who will be even stronger than the last. Have courage and be smart!

Discover what each power has that makes it special, you will realize they must be used in different situations and with different enemies.

Each enemy has a different type of velocity and a different way to attack, learn them and be faster.

End of the game:

Even if you defeat all the bosses and complete the mini games, your mission will only be totally completed when you come back to the base, click the “star” and can see that you’ve unlocked all the animals you could set free in your mission.
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