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Space Engineers PoR Server Mod Pack
So here we are with the collection of mods that are being used on the IanDLive Streaming Server at the moment. Please feel free to get hold of these mods (if you don't already use them) so you can fabricate your own creations ready to build in the survival world.
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(DX11) Boarding Ramp
Created by Eikester
Boarding Ramp

Small and Large Grid
1x1x3 (Large)
5x1x15 (Small)

DX9 & 11
No Construction Model (will be added soon)

Advanced Door

(DX11) Letters Mod - Scrolling
Created by Deapri
This is not my original work, reworked the block XML files to bring this mod up to date, the original can be found here

All credit to Darth Biomech - I have updated t...
(DX11)Interior Wall Corner
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: I don't understand why nobody still hasn't done this. I mean, come on, seriously? This is an armor block, so hidden faces are removed, like with normal interior wall. Optimisation friendly~

There is a little bug with normals, as you ...
Arc Reactor Pack [DX-11 Ready]
Created by SEModder04™
Arc Reactor Mod Pack

An Arc Reactor© Mod Pack containing all the Arc Reactors you could ever need for running your ships with many different power variations for your everyday needs!

The Arc Reactors are now:

=>Arc Reactors Run on their
Assertive Installations
Created by Splitsie
This is a collection of bases for the Modular Encounters Spawner
  • multiple variations on each base, some come with a variety of traps
  • no reactors or uranium on any of the bases
  • you will need to have in-game scripts
Cargo Container with Fill Level Bars
Created by Eikester
This Mod adds Fill Level Bars to Cargo Containers (similar to Batteries) in 5% steps

The Bar will change its color depending on the Fill Level of the Cargo Container:

<75% = GREEN
>75% = YELLOW
>90% = RED
in Creative Mode: >100% = BLUE = you will ...
Corruption PvE Combat
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod adds several new pirate drones to provide a more challenging Player vs Environment (PvE) experience. Many of the drones included make use of custom behaviors, making them a bit more unpredictable when compared to vanilla p...
Easy Inventory
Created by DraygoKorvan
Keen reached out to me and asked permission to borrow ideas from this mod. Permission was granted.

As a consequence of the release of build planner I have ceased development on this mod. The mod will remain on the workshop as is for people running previ...
Created by Takeshi
First: please leave feedback, its frustrating to get nothing back (thumb up).

This Mod contains hover engines for large and small grid. The behavior is the same for Planets and Moons (environment has to support atmo thrusters).

Two Military Blocks +...
IDL - 3x Default Astronaut Inventory Override
Created by IanDLive
A simple override mod that sets the default inventory of the astronaut to 3x of the world size inventory (i.e. if the world is set to realistic, then the astronaut inventory size will be 1200L as opposed to 400L).

Also updated the flame output from the ...
IDL - PoR Logo + Blocks
Created by IanDLive
This is a strip back of the original IanDLive Logo mod so that it only contains the logo blocks and the antenna blocks. The suits that were contained within the original mod have been removed and will be looked at for being put back in as a separate chara...
Light Block Improvements - easy control panel access
Created by Digi
This mod does the following things:
- Adds control panel access points on the interior lights, corner lights and spotlights.
- Slightly improved models on interior lights, corner lights and spotlights.
- Changes the light falloff minimal value from 1 to...
MA PocketGear
Created by AutoMcDonough
This is a folding landing gear (based on rotor block).

Large grid and small grid.
"L" Variant is 2x the size, better for larger ships.

UPDATED 7.31.18
  • Added a magnet (ranged locking gear)
  • Re-added the locking pads!
  • Pads
Nanobot Build and Repair System
Created by Dummy08
Nanobot build and repair system
for small and large ships/stations (automatic welding/grindig/cleanup system)

  • This system could repair damaged, build projected and grind marked/enemy blocks wi
[OBSOLETE] Planetary Installations
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas
This mod is now considered obsolete and will no longer receive updates. It's functionality is now provided by the Modular Encounters Spawner

RB Compact Battery
Created by Ravenbolt
I really want to update all my mods to working order and with new models. It is alot of more work than it was before and my free time is limited and my motivation goes up and down...

Update (2019-03-10):
-Added in to progres...
RB Compact Turrets [DX11]
Created by Ravenbolt
I really want to update all my mods to working order and with new models. It is alot of more work than it was before and my free time is limited and my motivation goes up and down...

A smaller version of Keens Small ship turrets. 3
Reworked Armor Ramps Mod~(DX-11 Ready)
Created by SEModder04™
Reworked Armor Ramps Mega Mod Pack~(DX-11 Ready)
'From the developers of the Small Ship Mega Mod Pack, Reworked Armor...
Surface Occupation
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod adds a variety of stations that will appear on the surface of planets as players explore.

Included Stations
  • Small Stations:
  • - Defense Installation
  • - Scouting Outpost
  • - Ore
Tiered Engine Super Pack
Created by nukeguard
Here is my tiered engines all in one super modpack, as requested from some users and to make your mod list smaller!

UOH Airtight Hangar Door - Old Do Not Use !!
Created by Visentinel
--Original mod updated at original page

This mod bring a "new" airtight door with the new block design. The opening height is just doubled compare to the vanilla version.

- Fixed Airtightness

Mod Made by UOH
Original link to Now Updated mod - ...
VCZ Airtight Connector
Created by Vicizlat
What is VCZ Airtight Connector? Connect small and large ships and stations and freely walk within pressurized rooms without putting on the helmet.
No merge blocks = No name changing of the ...
Warbros ModLabs Long Ramps
Created by Ced23Ric
Because of Keen SWH's repeated pushing of broken updates which make it hard to impossible to maintain a running server, I am taking a long break from Space Engineers. This includes work on said server, mods, and support for ...
}DT{ Interior Conveyors
Created by OncaLupe
}Drifting Thoughts{ Interior Wall Conveyor Blocks

This mod is also available as part of the }DT{ Modpack.

Adds 20 new blocks that are a combination of Interior Wall and Conv...