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Planet Coaster Star Trek 50th Ann. Collective
Welcome to the Planet Coaster Star Trek 50th Anniversary Collective.

This collection was initiated by me and is mostly being put together by me, Axm Vesser aka axmgames. But I also would like to recognize and thank the other community creators who have made contributions from the past and those who are continuing to help make this collection as complete as possible.

These ship builds are an ongoing engagement and are considered a vital component for the completion of Star Trek Frontiers Theme Park build which I am currently on as a WIP project.

In the end when the project is finally completed, this library collection will include the entire collection of all 50 federation and enemy ships and all other series blueprints that were created just for this collection along with the completed Park file, Star Trek Frontiers. Current Collection Status: Work Currently In Progress - Estimated Collection Completion Date: 2021 - 2022.

FMI, visit the official site at AxmGames []

This PC/ST Collection is organized under the following series:

Series 1 - Federation Ships, Enemy Ships, Space Stations (min. of 50)
Series 2 - Star Trek, Space Port, Alien Buildings, and Interior Ship Designs
Series 3 - Scenery Items that are not included in the two series above
Series 4 - Scenery Items that have been built using the TMT

Items (26)
Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC 1701 (Nexus Class)
Created by AxmGames
Star Trek 50th Ann Collection Blueprint no. 1 of 50

After Captain Archer helmed the NX-01 Enterprise and before Kirk and his crew had their 5 year mission on the Constitution Class Enterprise, there was the first 1701 experimental Nexus Class E...
Star Trek Borg Cube
Created by AxmGames
Star Trek 50th Ann.Collection Blueprint no, 2 of 50

The Borg have arrived in Planet Coaster. Resistance is futile...

The second ship in the 50th Anniversary Collection brings us face to face with the Borg as a rootless enemy of Starfleet hel...
Star Trek Borg Cube Psychola Ride Skin
Created by AxmGames
Star Trek 50th Ann. Collection Blueprint no. 3 of 50

UPDATE**This blueprint has been updated with the ride included in the blueprint and can be found at the below link. This blueprint could not be updated because I do not have this original mas...
Created by AxmGames
Star Trek 50th Ann. Collection Blueprint no. 3b of 50

This is a updated blueprint of the original blueprint (the borg psychola ride skin), but this version includes the psychola ride inside the cube, along with some more special effects....
Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey (Under Update)
Created by AxmGames
Star Trek 50th Ann. Collection Blueprint no. 4 of 50

*08.13.18 - This blueprint will become a collectors items if subscribed to as it will be deleted when the new update replaces this one. *

Adding to the collection of 50 Starfleet vehicles ...
Star Trek TOS U.S.S. Enterprise-NCC 1701
Created by AxmGames
Star Trek 50th Ann. Collection Blueprint no. 5 of 50

***This is a brand new completely redesigned blueprint of The Original Series, TV-Show Enterprise, that replaces the previous blueprint which is no longer available. This new blueprint was bu...
Star Trek Voyager NCC 74656-B (Refit Ver)
Created by AxmGames
Star Trek 50th Ann. Collection Blueprint no. 6 of 50

After being lost in the Delta Quadrant for 7 years, the U.S.S. Voyager finally returns home and is given a complete refit upgrade creating a new Hybrid Intrepid-Prometheus Class Battleship in...
Star Trek Starfleet Dry Dock
Created by AxmGames
Star Trek 50th Ann. Collection Blueprint no. 7 of 50

A complete lighted (this is the white light version) Starfleet Dry Dock to repair and upgrade your Planet Coaster ships. Detailed dock model comes complete with everything you see in the pict...
Star Trek Deep Space 9 Space Station
Created by AxmGames
Star Trek 50th Ann Collection Blueprint no. 8 of 50

I have created this blueprint in high detail as much as possible, using my Star Trek DS9 AMT fiber optic model (pulled from my Star Trek model collection) as a guide. There is some minor desig...
Star Trek DS9 U.S.S. Rio Grande NCC-72452
Created by AxmGames
Star Trek 50th Ann Collection Blueprint no. 9 of 50

Hey everyone, I present the second of three (pre-park) preview blueprints for the Star Trek Theme Park Adventure. This is a high detail reproduction of the famous runabout. This version also i...
Star Trek NX-01 Enterprise
Created by LordDeimosIV
Star Trek 50th Ann. Collection Blueprint no. 10 of 50 - NX-01 Enterprise -

Replica of the NX-01 Enterprise from the Star Trek tv show of the same name. Hope you like it :)

One of the most important starships in interstellar h...
Star Trek NCC-74656 Voyager
Created by LordDeimosIV
Star Trek 50th Ann. Collection Blueprint no. 11 of 50 - NCC-74656 Voyager -

Hello everyone. I give you NCC-74656 Voyager based on the show with the same name.

The asset has a building item in the shuttle bay...
Star Trek Borg Tactical Cube
Created by LordDeimosIV
Star Trek 50th Ann. Collection Blueprint no. 12 of 50 - Borg Tactical Cube -

Another day , another ship. Ladies and gentleman I give you The Borg Tactical Cube! This was a request by Rohana Ardais. Feel free to rate this up if you...
Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-A
Created by AxmGames
Star Trek 50th Ann. Blueprint no. 13 of 50

Hello everybody, I give you the movie-star, star-ship, the Enterprise A, that made its debut in Star Trek IV: the Voyage Home, and went on to be a major player in 'The Final Frontier' and 'The Undiscov...
Star Trek TNG U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D
Created by AxmGames
Star Trek 50th Ann Collection Blueprint no. 14 of 50

Welcome to Planet Coaster 24th-century! Hello all, it's time to present the newest addition to the Star Trek 50th Ann. Planet Coaster Collection with the Enterprise-D from 'Star Trek The Next...
Star Trek Galileo at Space-Dock Alpha 13 (Series 2 - #001)
Created by AxmGames
This Planet Coaster blueprint model was created in memory of Leonard Nimoy, may he shine above us in peace and prosper in the heavens above.

This is two seperate blueprints, Suttlecraft Galileo and Space-Dock Alpha 13, included in...
Starfleet Flight Ops Command Center - (Series 2 - #002)
Created by AxmGames
A new building addition for the 50th Ann. Collection (2nd Series) created for my Star Trek Theme Park Adventure coming this Summer. This one is the Command Center for Starfleet Flight Operations.

This highly-detailed beautiful Starfleet masterpiece inc...
Star Trek Klingon Council Chambers (Series 2 - #003)
Created by AxmGames
Hello everybody, I want to present a Special Planet Coaster Blueprint Release as a symbol of my gratitude to all my workshop followers and community players who have guided me past the magic number of 100.

So, as a way to say thanks to all, I present ...
Moondust Alpha UFP Mining Ops Center (Cloud Runner Coaster)(Series 2 - #004)
Created by AxmGames
Welcome to the United Federation Of Planets Mining Center Operations at Moondust Alpha. This is a prelude SyFy Park Project to the upcoming Star Trek Frontiers Theme Park. This park will feature many new SyFy buildings that include rides and coasters that ...
Star Trek Species 8472 incl. Stasis Chamber Building
Created by Imper_
The blueprint contains Species 8472 contained in a Stasis Chamber. This blueprint is part of the Star Trek 50 Ann. Collection, Series 2 - Item 004.

The big "mushroom" like plant was done by XMG. Please visit his workshop, he has got some great creations...
4K Sci-fi / Future /Tower Madness by Imper_
Created by Imper_
This is the 4K placable blueprint of the previously released park blueprint of this tower. It will be part of the Star Trek 50th Ann. Park. Enjoy!

It features a flat ride, toilets, atm, med bay, staff room and multiple shops, with a nice terrace view o...
Star Trek Enterprise D Corridor
Created by LordDeimosIV
Hello guys. I give you the Enterprise D modular hallway/corridor set. This set consists of 8 segments and a door. I plan on adding expansions to this, in no particular order, just some ideas: second ring hallway, Main bridge, Engineering, Sickbay, Ten Forw...
Star Trek TNG - Locutus of Borg (Series 3 - #001)
Created by AxmGames
Hey everyone, here is the newest Star Trek collection addition that will be first of several statues and scenery pieces that will all become part of the ST 50th Anniversary Collection separate from the 50 numbered ships, space stations and buildings alread...
Star Trek Starfleet Command Insignia (Series 3 - #002)
Created by AxmGames
I needed a custom-made Starfleet Command Insignia sign for the Starfleet Academy in the Star Trek Theme Park Adventure. This particular design is the insignia currently being used in Star Trek Timeline from 2349 to Present.

I would like to extend a spec...
Star Trek Font Pack (Series 3 - #003)
Created by AxmGames
Star Trek font pack. Each letter is it's own scenery group separate from the other letters....
Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-A (TMT)
Created by AxmGames
Here's the Enterprise 1701-A, TMT miniature to introduce Series 4 known as Star Trek TMT, for the Planet Coaster Star Trek 50th Ann Collection.

These TMT size ships will work very well when being used in sy-fy dark rides, coaster stations, ride effects...