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Dino Freaks
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Nov 11, 2016 @ 5:57pm
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Dino Freaks

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MOD ID: 797851896

This mod has been a work in progress and is playable but is on its last legs. So with that being said please use with caution as with any mod that is not finished or discontinued. Also,while this mod is stackable it has issues with some stacking mods so I suggest not using them.

This mod has strived to be balanced for all styles of play (PVE/PVP/RP). Most of the dinos should be just a step up from vanilla stats and are not meant to be over powered like many other mods. There is not a variant for every creature because I felt vanilla dinos should not be obselete. Some dinos may be broken or have messed up textures due to updates that I am unable to fix now and will require the NPC replacement ini codes to remove them but some of them are still playable with minor issues.Scroll down further to see the dino list to determine if you want to remove them or not. Otherwise,add the NPC replacement codes listed as follows below into the game.ini:


If you would like to get the source files please join my Dino-Freaks Discord and I will be placing the entire mod in RAR to download: Join now! []

Important Notes:

All dinos use additional spawns and are not remapped.

All dinos use vanilla saddles or require none currently.

Not all dinos have the same vanilla diet class and the proper taming foods are listed on the web page or the info post in Discussions. If you see something not listed please let it be known. Note: After the kibble rework some of the diets may be broken. I have not tested this out yet.

All modded dinos use custom tags so using the DinoSpawnWeightMultipliers code will only work for the modded dino selected and not the vanillas. So if you used the code on a Prestige Jerboa,it will only effect modded ones. For more codes and better understanding of them see this site:

For quick access to code for fixing Vanilla Manta spawns on The Center
Vanilla Manta Spawnweight Code:


Currently being worked on and in the mod:

-Map Spawns-

The Island
The Center
Scorched Earth
Aberration - Yep,I was not going to support the map but it was requested enough that I felt I should add some of the dinos!
Extinction - No,sadly my PC is unable to continue working on this mod.

-The Dinos-

Tiny Anklyo 2 Variants
Tiny Araneo 2 Variants
Aeroray (flying manta)
Tiny Argent 3 Variants - {BROKEN}
Bantam White Hawk - Crafts Ice Creams - {BROKEN}
Bantam Bullfrog
Tiny Toad 2 Variants
Turtle Tyrant
Tiny Turtle 2 Variants
Tiny Scorpion 2 Variants
Tiny Moth 6 Variants
Torchtail Dilo
Prestigious Jerboa
Prestigious Mantis
NeoRaptor - {BROKEN}
Tiny Snake
Bantam Boa
Prestige Titan Hawk - {BROKEN}
Tiny Saber Cat 2 Variants
Tusk Tiger
Tiny Wolf of Spirit
Bantam Wolf
Tiny Beaver
Red Nosed Reindeer
Prestige Turkey
Tiny Thorny Lizard 2 Variants
Rabbit 2 Variants
Tiny Bat
Tiny Mantis
Bantam Mantis
Tiny Doedic
Crimson Grizzly
Prestigious Troodon
Tiny Lystro
Divine Jerboa
Prestige Sheep - Crafts Goats Milk
Bantam Bloodwing
Tiny Venomwing
Prestige Pteradon
Pink Pelamingo
Prestige Dolphin
Party Pooper Monkey - {BROKEN}
Prestige Stormwing
Titanis Terror
Toad Sage
Prestige Thyleo
Prestige Pachy - Crafts Flour
Leprechaun Primate - Bar Tending Companion
Dread Hawk - {BROKEN}
Prestige Dragonfly
Prestige Thorny Lizard
Prestige Iguanodon
Prestige Unicorn
Shadowfin Stalker
Riot Racer
Prestige Carno
Sl1pDraax the LPg8er
Tiny Piglet
Gryphon - Breedable using egg hatching but no Speed Leveling.
Tiny Ptera
Pub Pony
Booze Bug - Bar Tending Companion
Crimson Hell Kite
Tiny Komodo
Tiny Boose Bug - Bar Tending Companion
Giant Otter
Goldenwing - Bounty Wyvern
Tricorn - Currency Crafter
Crimson Bloodmutt
Bird of Prestige
Prometheun Embertail

-Vanilla Dino Spawns Added-

Megalosaurus - outside of caves on all maps
Pteradons - SE spawns
Ragnarok has a few aberration additions
Aberration has a few vanilla dinos not native to the map


Goldfish - Crafted in player inventory
Cookies - Crafted in player inventory
Cupcakes - Crafted in player inventory
Gummy Bears - Crafted in player inventory
Red Potion - Crafted in player inventory
Flour - Crafted on Prestige Pachy
Clover Ale - Crafted on Bar Tending Companions
Bloodwine - Crafted on Bar Tending Companions
Honey Brew - Crafted on Bar Tending Companions
Bioshock - Crafted on Bar Tending Companions
Everwater - Crafted on Bar Tending Companions
Fire Flower Whiskey - Crafted on Bar Tending Companions
Narco Cider - Crafted on Bar Tending Companions
Citronade - Crafted on Bar Tending Companions
Brownberry Beer - Crafted on Bar Tending Companions
Goat Milk - Made on Prestige Ovis and Glimmerhorn
Raw SCOFD - Dropped by Goldenwing
Refined SCOFD - Crafted on Tricorn
SCOFD Ingot - Crafted on Tricorns
Prime Raw Turkey - Dropped by Prestige Turkey
Honey Roasted Turkey - Crafted on Firefang Bat
Baked Potato - Crafted on Firefang Bat
4 Ice Cream Types - Crafted on Bantam White Hawk - {MAY NOT BE ACCESSIBLE IF BIRD IS BROKEN}

MOD ID: 797851896[/b]
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Mr-Somes  [author] Apr 18 @ 10:28am 
I wanted to bring to attention that with the new 295 Dev Kit release WC have reported changes in the Dodo blueprint and that it may be causing crashes. If you experience any crashing it might be the Turkey,I can not remember if I used the Dodo or the Terror Bird for it. If there is crashing use the following to remove it from spawns: NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="PrestigeTurkey_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="")
gwSenpai007 Apr 4 @ 8:24am 
Understandable, I will continue to use and hopefully support this mod when you manage to work on it, otherwise best of luck with that.
Mr-Somes  [author] Apr 4 @ 5:19am 
@Luux @gwSenpai007 I am working on putting together another PC that hopefully will allow me to fix the mod but it will be awhile because friends are helping me with the parts. I just can not afford it myself. If it becomes too broken and if it takes too long to get this other PC built this mod may get removed from the workshop. I did open source the assets to my google drive and placed a link in the Discord if you or someone else would like to have a go at fixing it. I would even be open to making additions to help out. It is just that my PC does not have the ram to cook and upload. Wish I could fix it...sorry I can not do more.
gwSenpai007 Apr 3 @ 11:53pm 
Can confirm Luux's comment as I run the server this is on, I've added immersive taming to see if that becomes an alternate solution, but would love this mod to work with all creatures as I love this mod alot
Luux Apr 3 @ 1:31pm 
I really like the creatures that this mod adds, as a light dino expansion to the game, but at the same time it's endlessly frustrating to find those special creatures and have their tame simply not work. I've had multiple dinos simply refuse to KO at all, fully torped out multiple times and never falling unconcious. Making them untameable. It's a struggle to know that whatever cool dino i've found that i'm using narcotics on to tranq may just end up being one of those dinos that doesn't KO and can't be tamed. So far this has happened with the Crimson Theri, the Prestige Thyla, Divine Jerboa and Shadowfin Stalker, although i'm sure there's more.
gwSenpai007 Mar 29 @ 12:54am 
I like this mod
Mr-Somes  [author] Mar 20 @ 3:14am 
Update continued...I broke into modding because I wanted my ideas to happen and every single time I would request a modder to do it they would say "do it yourself,its easy" or "how much will you pay me". Obviously I was asking because I knew having learning disabilities and a PC that is not really up to par with many of the ideas I had would result in this current outcome but I gave it a shot anyway. Dino Freaks was not really what I wanted but it was something. I originally wanted to build a map. Perhaps one day if I hit the lotto or strike riches in some way I can either pay someone or get the rig I need to do it.

I thank you all for the patience and sticking by Dino Freaks. Special thanks to those that helped me out along the know who you guys are and I am very appreciative of everything.
Mr-Somes  [author] Mar 20 @ 3:12am 
Update: I could barely cook a small consumables mod without my PC overheating so it seems that with a heavy heart I have to stop working on Dino Freaks. It looks like with plans of a new season pass and more content coming to Ark it will make matters even worse on me so I plan to see if I can put out my consumables mod before I am not able to...than the ADK will probably be removed from my PC. I am going to add all the replacements codes for the current broken dinos in the description so you can copy and paste it easily. I will leave the mod up as long as its playable but if I get any reports that its causing crashes or serious issues than it will be taken down off the workshop.
Mr-Somes  [author] Mar 15 @ 5:52pm 
Just an update,I been out of the loop with health issues still. I did just get more ram for my PC and have yet to see the outcome with the ADK. Before the Ram I was sidetracked with taking the RP beverages and potion stuff from this mod to make a mixology mod for RP. Once I am done with that I will see how it goes with the ADK because after the extinction update I have not been able to cook mods. I may actually need to get help and out source to someone just to upload for me if my PC just is not able to do it anymore. Also,if anyone out there playing this mod has the time to list all the broken dinos (including the ones already known of) it would be greatly appreciated. I plan to remove them if I am able.
Mr-Somes  [author] Nov 20, 2018 @ 5:14am 
@ an new users of Dino Freaks...I have been slowly working on things and taking my time. I am not always well and I do not have any help or support to make things go smoothly and quickly. I use to push myself but I am not able to anymore. Besides not being well I am sidetracked quite a bit too. Sorry for any other issues that may arrise,the mod is kinda on its final stages of being done with. I may even just remove what is broken and call it done. Dino Freaks was my very first mod and it came with lots of lessons.I want to move on to easier and less stressful stuff for RP. I may do dino packs here and there when the next kit update for the extinction assets are released. Whatever the case may be...once I do the next update for Dino Freaks I am moving on and probably storing the assets away so I can remove the mod from my kit for PC resources...I am on an older PC with no upgrades so the kit is bogged down from it.