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Sid Meier's Civilization V

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How to Win as Mongolia
By Nut
How to win as Mongolia
Setting up to Win
First, remember that you're going for a domination victory. If that fails, then there's not much hope but maybe you can pull of a science victory if you put your MASSIVE empire (which you should have even if you fail your domination victory) to science focus.

When you start the game, make sure you set your capital up so that you can get good production whilst making decent food. Then make your other cities to get luxury recourses and hopefully secure some strategic points (horses, geographical strongholds, etc.).

I normally get liberty instead of honour, as liberty allows me to expand quickly and grab many things before I get ready for my war effort. Whereas honour simply improves your combat, which might be helpful but not as much as a strong start.

But make sure you don't fall too far behind in science or culture, as you need science to quickly research tech while culture makes sure you get social policies. I normally rush the two lines that lead to chivalry, but I don't neglect other things.

With all your luxury resources and other things, you should have more than enough gold and happiness to support a full war effort. If not, then just do small conquests, like 1 or 2 cities at a time. You'll need it for late game because you're going for a domination or if you don't try to pull of a science victory.

Once you've got a high production, high food, decent happiness to support a few captured cities and all the other necessary things, it's time for you to go to WAR! Remember that you should start war when you have a decent number of horsemen around, and upgrade all of them except a few to Keshiks. If not, then simply focus production and spit out an army's worth.
Actually Winning
Now that you've got your Keshik army ready, let's go to WAR! Go for the quickest, easiest target. Remember that if you have a weak city that's a bit further than you from the closer but more powerful city, go for the more powerful city. You've got enough Keshik's that you should easily take down that city. Remember to employ the hit and run tactic. Because Keshik's have a high amount of movement, and can move after attacking, send one Keshik in, fire, and send him out. Repeat with all the others. Make sure that the Keshik's are 3 tiles away from the city, or if that's not possible then just hope that the Keshik that takes fire can survive. Once the city is practically dead, send in one horseman and finish it off. Whenever I begin my conquests, I always keep 3 or 4 (but that's just a little extra,) and keep them at the back. Don't bother to heal the horsemen, just move them over. Always use the damaged horseman until he's nearly dead, then put him to heal and use the next one. Using this tactic I (most of the time) can wipe out entire civs, maybe two or even 3 if the circumstances allow it or the enemy I attack is simply weak. Remember to minimalize as many casualties as possible, so you can keep on going. Remember that you shouldn't expect to win yet. This is the first part in winning through domination.

When the Keshik era has passed, you (hopefully) should have a large, LARGE empire and even larger army. Take a rest for a bit. I normally play Mongolia on standard, so by that time there are about 4-5 other civs left. Rest your empire up, rebuild it, get your hapiness, gold and whatnot back. Remember that the Keshik era has passed, and it's time to use new units. Of course, Keshik's will still be useful, and they definitely still make up the main bulk of your army, but they're not your main damage anymore. They're more like damage takers (due to your quantity) and side damage dealers. At this point I normally have musketmen, cannons, etc. And I now mainly use them to conquer cities. Remember that Keshik's will still be helpful, but they simply won't do as much damage. So when you have your new and improved army, along with your remaining Keshik army, it's a prime time to attack again. Just remember to check if your empire can handle another conquest, and even if they can't attack anyway as they'll slowly rebuild. Once this conquest is finished, you should be close to winning with only a couple of civs left.

Now it's time to end the game. You've only got a couple of civs left, you're the main superpower thats leading in everything (except maybe happiness or science) and you're determined to win. I normally begin my 3rd (and usually last) conquest to win the game with Riflemen-Infantry and Artillery. By this point my Keshik's are mostly gone and I've replaced them with Lancers or Cavalry. If they're across the sea, then bring a fleet just in case. Once your army has landed on their territory, go ham and take the victory.
If Domination Fails
If you can't do a domination victory, then there's not a big chance of you winning. When this happens to me, I normally try to go for a science victory, which is probably far off but there's a chance if I can get a lot of science by putting everything I have into science.

I only do this if there's ABSOLUTELY no hope of winning a domination victory.
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