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Millennium Dawn: Trump and Brexit Edition
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Millennium Dawn: Trump and Brexit Edition

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The day is Friday 20th January and Donald Trump has just become President of the United States of America.

END OF DEVELOPMENT: It is with a heavy heart that I am ending development on this mod, simply I have run out of steam and while I love this mod and the amazing hounry I have had with itit's time to put it to rest. As for what I do now I'm not sure I may make some sort of other mod when I feel like it in the near future what with the upcoming new content, but for now im burnt out. I just wanted to thank everybody who subscribed and commented and had fun with my mod. I hope to see you again in the future for anything else I may one day make or even on HOI prehaps and I'm still blown away by the mods I see people making and enjoy a great deal of them espically ones I have come to love. I will however ensure to the best of my ability that this Mod continues to work with MD and the game. Thank you again!

SOURCE FILES: I think it's only right that if somebody else wants to keep the development up/make alterations a better version of my Mod, whatever really that they be allowed to do so! So I will link the files for the Final Version below. I will be happy to see what any of you do with it, be making the mod better or using it to make something entirly different, I will be sure to give it a play if so :) If you need a hand at all with anything in the Mod drop me a message here, directly or create a discussion and I will do my best to provide some help. Everything you need can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XSbfN8lfm6Euk5ycpX-XvTKcg63j74Ll

MD Gold Edition Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1136299035
A Set of My Favourite Mods when Playing MD.

Update - Locked and Loaded 16/09/17:
All British PM's and Party Leaders for Major Parties Modelled from 2000 Onwards. Yes, this includes Gordon Brown (who is not even in MD), Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg to name a few.
Trump and Brexit now fully continues on from the 2000 and 2016 scenarios in MD. Simply start in 2016 and boom you will have a Brexit event that removes Cameron and bring May to Power. You can start from 2000 and also do this but please note by doing the Brexit Focus before the event in June 16 you will not get this event.
The 2017 GE now comes about as it did, no more Election that did not technically exist at the start of the game already being June 17, this also means if you Skip Brexit and take the quick path (Brexit Focus) Cameron will remain in power till the 2020 election.
North Korea can now respond to Trumps "Fire and Fury" threat by attacking or Bolstering its Military.
China can choose to Remove its Guarantee on North Korea, or strength its ties by allowing Military Access between the two.
China has the choice to either help Korea after the Wars has begun (in fear of the US), take North Korea for itself before NATO, or do nothing at all.
2020 Election Event now works if you pick Clinton in 2016!

Update - 2020 Election 13/09/17:
2020 Election Event with 6 possible Candidates for Both Democrats and Republicans
Event for Clinton running in 2020
Event for Trump not running in 2020
New Updated News Events
New North Korean War Event
Charlottesville Event
Awesome Intro Music taken from the Dunkirk the Movie (Thanks to Gerrade and his Dunkirk Soundtrack Sub Here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1090248149&searchtext=dunkirk for the Full Soundtrack in Game)

Update - Lots of News! 16/07/17:
All New News Events Added for Trump foreign visits and conferences.
James Comey event with choice to either fire or warn him.
Event for Vince Cable becoming Liberal Leader.
Tory-DUP Deal event.
Iranian Missle Test event, quick way for US to go to war with Iran.

Update - HOI 1.4 15/06/17:
Checked and Updated for HOI 1.4 Oak.
Michael Gove added as an Leader candidate in the event of Conservative GE 17 loss.
Tim Farron Resigns event, currently this is just an event that takes away popularity, the Leadership replacement for Mr Farron will be implemented once more details come out about those running for leadership, then an event will be crafted. Mr Farron will remain as leader though as he is currently until the new leader is elected - more to come in future.

Update - Elections and Leaders 12/06/17:
French Election! Pick between Le Pen and Macron. If Historical is on Macron will now win the election if France is AI.
Genreral Election Updates! It has not been long but I have already included a new Thrid and Histotical option Hung Parliment! Pick between the Tories and DUP (May) or a Progressive Alliance (Corbyn).
New Minoity Goverment Trait.
New European Econmic Community Trait (Norway has this from the get go) Can be obtained by Britian as apart of new Brexit option.
Event for resignation of UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall and the appointment of a new temporary Leader Steve Crowther (waiting for new leadership to actually happen later this year).
Conservative Election Loss event with new Leaders (in the Event you pick Corbyn to outright win the election).
Event to Pass Irish Leadership to new Taoiseach (PM) Leo Varadkar,
Event to update Conservative Party of Canada Leadership election winner to new leader Andrew Scheer.
New News event (More will be coming soon, details above)
Juncker Removed as Conservative leader for Luxembourg (Was annoying me since he is currently President of the European Commission) Leader updated to current head of CSV Marc Spautz.
South Korea Has had its Political Party Popularity changed. It is now very Social Liberal so that Moon Jae-in is elected during the election by default.
NEW Loading Screens!

Update - Events and Spirits 13/05/17:
Bigger Scenario Window Now Intergrated - No Longer required to be used as another mod.
Fixed Brazil Party in Power.
Updated Photo for Bill English to reflect older age.
All New Brexit Events and National Spirits, with a two year time frame till leaving the EU.
Updated election time for UK and South Korea.
Add Events for UK 2017 election and Labour leadership (in the event Labour lose). - Conservative Loss event coming soon!
American gets new Spirts including Trumpism and Divided Nation.
All new Trump based events for Action on ISIS, the Syrian Missile Strike and North Korea.

DISMCLAIMER: All Content of the Millennium Dawn Mod is not created by me nor is it included with this mod, this mod simply uses MD as its base and builds on top of it.

So what dose this mod add:
1. A new start date of 20th Jan 2017 the day Trump is inaugurated (this is slight off screen no way around this sadly).
2. Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America.
3. Bernie Sanders as the Democratic Leader for the upcoming 2020 election.
4. Thresea May as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, do note since Britian has not and will not as of yet have left the European Union by January 2017 the UK still possess the Member of the European Union trait.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not edit MD files and MD games can be played as normal with this on from the normal start dates without effecting the MD mod. However save files while playing with this on even from an eariler date may not be compatible. This is strictly an Add-On for MD and it should work with any future MD updates and other add-ons that dont interfer with my changes. Any Feedback or Issues leave it below. Thank you and enjoy!!
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JackMarrowROBLOX II Oct 14 @ 4:01pm 
Will there be 2018 additions made soon? Because I actually live in the Parkland Area and I lost 3 friends at the Douglas Shootings
❤ Raxis ❤ Oct 6 @ 7:34am 
merkel love tayip erdogan
mythik1988 Jun 18 @ 7:36pm 
Btw, how come when you play starting out with Trump or Obama, you automatically agree to a trade deal with China? I wanted to make a deal with Taiwan.
Same goes for the deal with the Saudis; i wanted to be able to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.
mythik1988 Jun 18 @ 7:36pm 
@MetalGearToaster No I had not. Problem fixed now. Thanks
MetalGearToaster May 6 @ 2:10pm 
@mythik1988 Did you enable Millenium Dawn?
mythik1988 May 4 @ 7:37am 
Problem with this mod. When I try to play, it still gives me the WW2 scenario with the Soviet Union & the German Reich
Uncle Italian Mar 31 @ 8:51am 
End of development "grabs pasta" that's sad
2nd Lt "Rapier"  [author] Mar 26 @ 3:18pm 
@riley yes, you would.
rileybrown2006 Mar 26 @ 2:38pm 
Would the mod work if i start in the 2000 start date and than play until 2018? Would i still get the same events and elections?
HANKHILL Mar 24 @ 8:55pm 
@jimmyjoejohnson same here