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Star Wars Rebel Ships
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Star Wars Rebel Ships

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Star Wars Rebel Alliance Ship Pack v.1.1

This ship pack allows you to play with the Rebel Alliance Fleet from the Imperial Civil War era.

Do not redistribute the mod without permission, nor use mod content in another mod even if it is only the asset. files without asking first! The Mod will be for Legacy version 1.9 from now on, for new stuff wait for the Fallen Republic mod:

The Rebel shippack for Legacy 1.9:

How to use:
You need to start a new game with the prescripted Faction (Event Rebel Alliance 2). You can edit it and save them how you like.
Use the Prescipted Race only for the Full version not the LITE or any other shippack!

For the LITE version (Replacing only Models, like all the other shippacks) you just need to use the Rebels Lite ships and it will give you new Models for Levi and Titan from ISB.

The Rebels will not have moving weapontowers like the Empire.

Weaponsmod is only needed for the Strikecraft/ Fighter/ Bomber/ Patrol ships weapons.

For the Titan you need first one of these two mods: or

Read the F.A.Q and the Guide for not Annoying me! Guide F.A.Q

Then you need to do the Titan Tech Chain from the Mods and you need the Rebel Dreadnought Tech


Warb_null - for allowing me to use his models and textures

Jeroenimo - for allowing me to use his models and textures

Yuuzhan Vong at War Team for the free model release

ArvisTaljik - letting me use his Models and Textures

Maxloef - for his MC80 Liberty

Evillejedi and (Ezekiel first Rebelshippack) for some Models.

Lavo for providing the MC80 Wingless/ Assault Frigate MK I models.

Detailed credits are in this Mod zip

Be sure to check out Yorick´s IIC - Old Republic Ships Mod.
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Jul 15, 2017 @ 9:28pm
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Valya the Drunken Master™ Jul 13 @ 12:17pm 
@Tyler, when creating your own Race with the ship models you have to use the Pre scripted Rebel Alliance Race and alter it to your wish, otherwise the ship models wont be applied afaik.
¡¡¡¡¡Tyler Jul 13 @ 10:58am 
Does anyone know why my cruiser models are boxes with letters all over them? I'm using the star wars weapons mod and the empires pack. I created my own race and chose the rebel ship pack, not the lite verison. Am I doing something wrong?
Elratie  [author] Jul 11 @ 12:32am 
Make a new Race and pick shipset Rebels LITE done
TheSting  [author] Jul 11 @ 12:17am 
no, im afraid he'll just have to learn for now
☠ Narcissistic Black Jul 10 @ 2:28pm 
Is there a version with only the lite version. My friends get confused very easily and I don't feel like explaining over and over and over to pick the lite version only.
TheSting  [author] Jul 2 @ 11:11pm 
watch the video attached alongside the screenshots
Mattie HD Jul 2 @ 5:01pm 
ok so how do i start right
Elratie  [author] Jul 1 @ 10:34am 
read the mod description, no fighter tech if started wrong
Mattie HD Jul 1 @ 9:37am 
i need help i carnt seem to find the reserch for the fighter and iwhen i reserch crusers their just vaniller modal what do i do to chnge it
Mattie HD Jul 1 @ 9:13am 
ah ok thanks