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Nov 8, 2016 @ 9:00am
Nov 11, 2016 @ 11:08am
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Map based on Slide Mechanics from Dying Light.
Map for learning purpose what I can do with Slide Mechanic and that how I made it :)
- 4 Task/Quests and rewards!
- Completed map (technical, not by visual)
- Final Boss!

- Shift + C
- Do not use space!
- Use life rings to back on the spawn point!
- During using Zipline use C instead of space.

1. Turn off Dying Light
2. Click *subscribe* and wait until it download
3. Start the *Dying Light Custom Game*
4. Custom map then choose "Slide!" and click Yes.

- Jump mechanics is working on it's own. I can't change it so once you jump during "walking on water" you'll be stopped because that how it works.
- Ramp is "slideable", but honestly it's not working as I want. However I spend few hours to make "good enough" I hope you won't kill me for this. :)!

To all Dying Light developers, here's my wisdom about Sliding Limits
- The surface has to have right angle, it's above 33* otherwise sliding backwards the character will stop or will be able to going up (like walking)
- When you hit barrels with a "Physcial Objects" with full speed, you'll be stopped and nothing will happens with barrels.
- Jump destroyes speed, but still keep bonus.
- Zipline does not slow you at all, and furthermore it give you more speed, but it looks like player slowing down.
- "Ramps" like the Pipe is hard-to-made, because angle of mesh can't change more than 0.25-0.30 up/down/right/left in 2 meters.
- Zombie can slide as well!
- If ,kill _ AISpawnerBox is between long distance points, quest cannot work well.
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Right Click on Dying Light in your Libary and choose "Launch Dying Light Custom Game."