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Late Night Conversation (Detailed Edition)
By Bō / Toni
Extended guide of the 'Late night conversation' achievement. Location, timing, walkthrough: everything explained.
Good day everybody!

I have been testing 'Late Night Conversation' achievement for quite a long time (since early beta) and finally have gathered all the details about. This little guide contains full 'walkthrough': location, server timing, tips and specific details. I enjoyed discovering things and dedicated many night hours to find out more about stars appearance and pattern and will gladly share my experience.
Where to start?
The Big green tree in the center of the map is a perfect place to start your journey. Simply teleport there by using 'Back To Tree' option in the Pause menu. Now, look around as your goal is to find the highest mountain in Meadow as an orienteer. Just run around the tree and you should find it:

Next to this mountain, on the right side, you will see big waterfalls, placed uphill, flowing into the hole of the world. That is your destination. Sprint, crawl, fly or simply walk up to those big running streams of water. Do not forget to pick up the flowers.

Displayed pictures are made during the day for better sight, however, you should remember that stars appear during the night time only, thus do not forget to check your time, before going out hunting. What time exactly? Next chapter, please.
Each server has different time lapse, based on the respective local time when stars could be found on the ground.

Right now you have about an hour available to talk to the star and unlock the achievement, regardless of your server:
  • Europe: 00.50 am till 01.50 am GMT
  • US East: 06.50 am till 07.50 am GMT / 01.50 am till 02.50 am EST
  • US West: 09.50 am till 10.50 am GMT / 01.50 am till 02.50 am PST

Check your time, grab your traveling Teddy Bear and get ready for a little adventure! Oh, and don't you wait till the last minute, ok?

Talked to the stars!
Location? Checked. Time? Checked. You are here, in nature, out at night. What's next? Once you're up to the hill, nearby those big noisy waterfalls, you can start looking for the stars. This entire area, extending to the other edge of the world, will contain multiple stars.

All you have to do is to simply approach the nearby star and use your scream (Left Mouse button) option to begin a conversation you will never forget.

If you succeed, you will unlock the achievement and become a ghost for approximately 5-6 minutes. Enjoy that moment, keep your awesomeness, run around and make some selfies perhaps?

Every single animal can obtain the achievement, from little badgie to mighty bird. No restrictions.
Handy tips
Sometimes, despite the correct timing and exact location, stars still could be missed. It is a rare occasion I had during the beta test, however, if this will happen to you, simply try to go to the den and back and stars would appear.

If you are lucky (and early) enough, you may be able to see how stars falling down to the ground. Looks beautiful!

If you have missed your server time, you can always check others as there's a moderate amount of time between each one.

Keep in mind that time lapse may change in the future,as it already happened after release. I will update it respectively but feel free to add the correction if you will notice it, please.

I've had my fun researching, making this guide and frankly this is my favorite Meadow achievement so far. If my experience will help at least one of you, it was well worth the time :)

Thank you so very much for reading till the end, I appreciate all of you! Have any questions, corrections, wishes or simply feelin' like sharing some of your thoughts? You can use that comment section below.

Happy Meadow!

Big thank you to MaD Jens for helping me out with time correction and explanation of the server's location.

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Kaija May 19 @ 8:34am 
bloodclan22, you can actualy go to a different server - a different time zone - and not stay up late. :steamhappy: I did that and it didn't take too much effort!
Good guide!!!
bloodclan22 May 13 @ 2:19pm 
dang, the closest time here is 4:20 so guess i'll have to be staying up late for that! :steamsalty:
Bō / Toni  [author] Mar 1 @ 11:02pm 
KarateCupCak_e So, you can refer to the time of thisd post as I'm now turned into a ghost after a late night conversation with a star. From now on you will have roughly an hour more to get the achievement.

PandoraTheFoxsky - Glad, it worked for you! Happy Meadow :meadowlovebadger:

And thank you, Annabeth, for helping tips on setting the home nearby this spot! Appreciate that!

NinjaKittenNya - PST stands for Pacific Standard Time, and GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time.
PandoraTheFoxsky Feb 26 @ 10:55pm 
AHH It worked, I love it! Thx!
PandoraTheFoxsky Feb 26 @ 10:52pm 
Gonna do it now, hope this works :3
Annabeth Feb 24 @ 2:02am 
Also an addition, since I couldn't see that in the guide, once your ghost status is over and you return to normal, you can actually go speak with a star and that will turn you into a ghost again. So it's possible to be a ghost for an hour until the stars are gone.
Annabeth Feb 24 @ 1:53am 
I got the achievement on US West server 3 minutes ago. The stars just started falling. So there's still an hour, if anyone is having trouble finding them.

Also it helps a lot to set the place as your home, which I did yesterday, so when the time is right you won't really have to try to find your way around in the dark.
KarateCupCak_e Jan 30 @ 10:51pm 
What time should I refer to since I live in Australia and I'm always on the US East server?
Thichu Jan 7 @ 3:45pm 
I have to stay up a hour more to get the achievement.... (it's 00:45 for me...And GMT time is 23:45...) Well i ain't getting much sleep today. xD
Btw seaching for friends c:
FloofyFox Jan 5 @ 8:26pm 
what does GMT and PST mean? (probably a stupid question)