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Garry's Mod Blood Addons
all the blood decal addons i could find on the workshop, one thing, don't subscribe to all of them
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blood effect-realistic
Created by Rebel_Friend
realistic blood addon, will add pics if there are not any, re-upload

When an npc is shot, blood will spill onto the ground and get bigger. This was not in the photos, will try to add video

not made by me

Galactopticon Blood
Created by C12H16N2
Blood Texture addon,...
Improved-er Blood
Created by Vondervol
The gore effects featured in the video were from another mod that no longer exists on the workshop. THIS mod replaces the blood decals of the game. Like, when you shoot an NPC and blood splatters on the walls. THAT is what this mod does. Please consider th...
4K Blood
Created by A little Eileen
Hello everyone, you probably don't know me but I'm a L4D2 modder that loves to play with material proxies (I manage to create new stuff for mods using texture programming, I managed to create a Random Texture System and other stuff)
Back in summer, I did ...
"Bigger" Blood
Created by WyvernLang
Do not explain, you can know everything from the picture!
This is Blood Pack!
It can create more blood![/u]
and It
Blood Decal-Splat
Created by Rebel_Friend
Another blood decal re-upload, more of a splat blood...
Enhanced Blood Textures - Tweaked (No green square)
Created by Psi7
Original uploader TFA

By DDefinder
I've fixed the green square by creating an alpha channel and I also increased the decal size.
BGO4 is recommended for a gory experience...
Gore Blood Decals Soldier of Fortune II
Created by
For everyone that does not know how to install this:

1. Remove any other blood addons.
2. Click the Subscribe button.
3. Restart Garry's Mod.
4. Load any map and enjoy the addon....
Half-Life Blood Decals
Created by Mr.Lazy
Blood from Half-Life 1
Pls give me your Like :D
P.s you can play "Resized maps" without this addon....
Insurgency 2 Bullet wounds
Created by | HT.S | Gredwitch
Completely stolen from NWI's game Insurgency.

Credits are going to:
Me for compiling the mod
New World Interactive for the textures....
Left 4 Dead 2 Blood
Created by Matt Dagon
A Blood replacer for the default blood. It replaces the default blood decals with the Left 4 Dead 2 ones. It's more realistic in my opinion, so press subscribe and don't forget to rate :D [BTW you don't need Left 4 dead 2 for this]...
Metro Last Light blood decals
Created by K38
Thanks "4A games" for blood

6 decals included
MK:DA Blood Decals
Created by deadfall07
Replaces the blood decals with ones from Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance....
Not So Bloody: [Acid]
Created by Miciah
Blood decals are acid/puke color.
FREE and always will be....
Not So Bloody: [Rainbow]
Created by Miciah
Blood decals are rainbow colors.
FREE and always will be....
Not So Bloody: [Slime]
Created by Miciah
Blood decals are toxic slime color.
FREE and always will be....
Outlast Blood (ON HALT)
Created by Clay
This addon replaces current blood textures with 512 by 512 Outlast Blood. Thanks to the people at Red Barrels for making the 2spooky4me Outlast game. This addon may be something more in the future but for now, we enjoy the blood....
Realistic Blood
Created by Head Creeps
This addon replaces the default blood textures with HD and more realistic blood textures. All credit goes to hiphopopotomus...
Realistic Blood used in Dizztah's Gmod Films
Created by Dizztah
This addon was uploaded because I couldn't find the original one in the Garry's Mod workshop but I can now see it was even uploaded before I uploaded this. I won't delete this addon from the workshop since so many are already subscribed but I will give cre...
SMod blood decals
Created by Leutner
Bloody blood decals. I did not make these decals. Maker is unknown....
TF2 Style Blood
Created by Namsan
This addon changes texture of blood.
Have fun.

However,I did not make this texture.
Original Author:
True Reflective Blood
Created by Big Black Orc
Donate me some money.[]
NOTE: Before you download it, you must know that this won't be shown in ALL maps. It will only work on maps that have cubemaps or reflections.
This means that if a map has WATER a...