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Troubleshooting guide for Final Days
I'm having a problem downloading / installing / updating / launching the game
Please refer to the the Steam Troubleshooting and How-To's knowledge base. It contains a lot of helpful advice for many common problems. It is also available in several different languages.

In particular, the following article is a good starting point for download and install issues:
Solving Download and Game Install Issues

Occasionally the game files can become corrupted and you won't be able to launch the game. This usually seems to happen when Steam tries to update the game, but fails for some reason. If this happens, verifying the game cache should fix it:
Verify Integrity of Game Cache
The keyboard/mouse controls don’t work or aren’t working correctly
Make sure that the “Keyboard Type” (under Options > Control Options) is set correctly for your keyboard (i.e. QWERTY or AZERTY).
My gamepad controller doesn’t work
Final Days works natively with most modern “XInput” twin-stick controllers (e.g. Xbox 360 / Xbox One compatible), and also Steam controllers. It does not currently support older “DirectInput” controllers.

Some controllers (e.g. Logitech) allow you to switch between XInput and DirectInput. If this applies to your controller, make sure that it’s set to XInput.

Playstation 4 controllers should also work by default in Steam. I've published an official Steam controller configuration which emulates it as an Xbox controller. The only problem is that it appears in Final Days as an Xbox controller, but apart from that it works well.

Controllers which are confirmed to work:
Xbox 360, Xbox One, Steam, Playstation 4 (via Steam config), Logitech F310 (XInput)

Controllers which do not work:
Logitech Dual Action
People can't see/join my multiplayer game
The game tells me that I need Windows Media Player to be installed
Final Days currently requires Windows Media Player (WMP) for music playback (it's to do with the framework it's using). Eventually I want to remove this requirement, but unfortunately for now I'm stuck with it.

If you can't (or don't want to) install WMP, then you can still play Final Days with music disabled. When prompted to install WMP, just say "no". It will then ask if you want to play anyway with music disabled. Alternatively, you can disable music (and the WMP requirement) with the command line switch: /nomusic
I can't hear any sound, or I can hear music but no sound
This is likely due to a quirk of the framework I'm using. For sounds to work, you must have speakers (or headphones) plugged in BEFORE you launch the game.
The game crashed
If the game happens to crash (which should hopefully be a rare occurrence), then you should get the option to send the crash report to me. These crash reports help me a lot with diagnosing and resolving the problem, so I strongly encourage you to send it.

Please include as many details as possible (e.g. what you were doing, steps to reproduce, etc), as well as a screenshot if it’s helpful. If you’d like me to get back to you about it, please be sure to also include your e-mail address. Or alternatively, contact me about it after you've sent the report.

Once I receive your crash report, I will endeavour to find the cause of the crash and resolve it as quickly as possible.
I'm having a different issue...
Please send me as many details as you can provide such as:
  • Description of the problem you're having
  • Where/when in the game did the problem happen
  • Steps to reproduce
  • PC specs
  • Final Days log files
I will endeavour to resolve the issue for you as quickly as possible.
Where can I find the log files?
The log files are located here:
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\+7 Software\Final Days\Logs
To easily send me the log files, follow these steps:
  1. In your Steam library, right-click on "Final Days" and select "Properties".
  2. In the properties window, go to the "Local Files" tab and select "Browse Local Files".
  3. When the "Final Days" folder opens, you should see an application named "LogUploader". Double-click this.
  4. The "Final Days Log Uploader" application should then appear.
  5. You can optionally enter your e-mail address and any notes you might want to mention (e.g. description of the problem, steps to reproduce, etc).
  6. Click the "Upload Log Files" button to upload your log files to me.
How do I report a bug or issue to you?
Here's a few ways you can report issues to me:
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