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Mass Effect Theme Pack
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Nov 5, 2016 @ 11:33am
Jan 8 @ 6:28am
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Mass Effect Theme Pack


» A full blue interface, with blue galaxy and a new nebulae design
» A custom and animated Mass Effect menu with blue buttons
» 15 Mass Effect loading screens
» 19 Mass Effect soundtracks replacing all Stellaris musics
» 40 Mass Effect flags in gold and silver versions
» Asari animated portraits and namelist - Peebee's facemark in it !
» Cerberus animated portraits and namelist - yes, you can have Miranda's outfit !
» Alliance animated portraits and namelist
» Turians animated portraits and namelist
» Quarians animated portraits and namelist
» Salarians animated portraits and namelist

◢ As much races portraits and namelists as possible - in the meantime, this mod works with other ME mods

..... ✓ Asari, Cerberus, Alliance (1.2), Turians (1.2), Quarians (1.2), Salarians (1.2)
..... ✗ Krogan (planned for the 1.3)
..... ✗ Geth (planned for the 1.3)
..... ✗ Batarians (planned for the 1.3)
..... ✗ Collectors (planned for the 1.3)
..... ✗ Proteans
..... ✗ Volus
..... ✗ Drell
..... ✗ Vortcha
..... ✗ Hanar
..... ✗ Yahg
..... ✗ Elcor
..... ✗ Kett (Mass Effect Andromeda)

◢ UI Sounds Effects
◢ Mass Effect Relays
◢ Galaxy
◢ Reapers invasion - never done events, but i'm gonna try !
◢ 3D Ships - I'll see what i can do about that when everything else will be working (don't know how to make ships right now)

REPORT ISSUES HERE : Bugs Report Topic
Do you want new music ? Wishlist - Soundtracks

Contribute to this mod : Community Working Area - Turian namelist
Contribute to this mod : Community Working Area - Salarian namelist
Contribute to this mod : Community Working Area - Krogan namelist
Contribute to this mod : Community Working Area - Batarian namelist

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VJ  [author] 9 hours ago 
Hi guys ! Thanks for your comments. Please report bugs in the right topic so i won't forget them when i have time to try to fix them. I don't have a lot of free time currently to work on my mods, but i really intend to update them as soon as possible ! I've been working on animated krogan portraits (i had some issues to make them but it's done !). Males are done, female will be my next work. Geths are done too but i don't want to release geths and krogan males because i didn't have time yet to check if they work fine and i don't want you to have issues with them lol. In light of my current very busy schedule, i can tell you that the 1.3 won't be release before mid-february. Sorry about the wait. I'll be back to you as soon as i have good news !
Isariamkia 11 hours ago 
If you need help for translation (I speak French and Italian fluently) I would be glad to help you :)
xOmega Onex 12 hours ago 
love this mod. love the mass effect universe. any ETA on the 1.3 update?
Moonravin Jan 19 @ 2:08am 
All i can say is youv made me very VERY excited. Love the mass effect world and love what you have done so far please please dont ever stop working on this mod its the best iv had so far. cant thank you enough :)
[STW Italia]White Wolf Jan 18 @ 5:51am 
-Nice mod i love Mass Effect saga but when the launch of game is complete the language in the main manù and other voice is/are in spanish ro latin language is an error o my unlucky?,i try to deactvated the others mod and everething work correct, the stay only in the language
Lt.CommanderGustavus Jan 15 @ 7:30pm 
Since the alliance ship pack is legit, you may be able to talk with the mod creators of Dotr for Sins Rebellion about the moddles. Maybe try to get a deal in place or something
Smitty099 Jan 15 @ 6:19pm 
Are you able to mod unit graphics? If so, then changing the squidlike harvesting species in one of the crises (I can't remember their name) to the Reapers would be awesome. They already have the same game mechanic: erradicating life in the galaxy
Ravenous Jan 15 @ 10:18am 
yeh if unbidden gtg, they gtg. cheap reaper clones anyways:). aaah, i love this mod with System allience ship graphics! And the food import/export-mod:)
Dancool Dan Jan 15 @ 7:33am 
I think a reaper invasion would be amazing! I personally hope you can figure out to program your own crisis but If you need to replace one replace the unbidden IMO. but if you can create your own which would be awesome make sure they come early (Not too early) but early enough to ruin your life like in the original... Anyway ill just leave... and stop telling you how to do your hobby...
Spellops Jan 14 @ 9:43pm 
I love this mod so I mean no disrespect when I say this, but the male Turian portraits look a little off to me. I'd recommend looking into using Yoshy's Island male portraits, if you ever have the time. It's up to you though.