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Incon Effects Mod
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Nov 5, 2016 @ 5:04am
Feb 27 @ 6:28am
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Incon Effects Mod

Inspired by the legendary Opticalsnare's hilarious Blastcore Physics and Lao Fei Mao's cool Blood Mist mods, here's my take on Arma 3's effects. Rather than go for comedic effect, I figured I'd aim for a bit more realism. So far I've focused on 3 things:

Ragdoll Physics

In vanilla, it's pretty limited. This aims to give people a bit more of a chance of getting airborne if there's an explosion nearby. Unfortunately, most explosions have similar physics power so to give a GBU the right level of floaty people would mean making grenades look ridiculous. I've tried to strike a balance.
Key difference vs vanilla: Bodies respond more to explosions and (every so slightly) more to weapon impacts.

Muzzle Flash

In vanilla, when a soldier shoots, the area around his weapon is lit up for longer than there is actually fire coming from the barrel of the weapon. This was always a bit of a pet peeve of mine from when I first started playing Arma and looks silly in my opinion. I've tried to shorten the ambient light of muzzle flashes so they synchronise with the duration of the muzzle flash itself, giving a kind of strobe effect at night. It should work on modded weapons as long as they inherit from a base weapon class.

Key difference vs vanilla: Ambient light from muzzle flashes doesn't last longer than the muzzle flash itself.

Blood Mist / Hit Effects

When a bullet hits a body, it generally doesn't look like someone's been slapped with a handful of red chalk. "Pink mist" is often quite a subtle, short-lived affair. It also doesn't float around the body, instead shooting at speed out of the exit wound and possibly being blown away if there's wind. It will scale with caliber too; large caliber weapons will chuck out a fair bit of mist, smaller caliber weapons like pistols may not. This isn't finished and is still open to suggestions (please don't post any pictures or videos of people getting shot), but I've tried to get this as close as I can to reality. I suggest combining with Zooloo's Bloodlust for better realism.

Key differences from vanilla:

1. Blood mist comes out of exit wounds rather than sitting around the entry wound

2. Blood mist size, colour and transparency has been tweaked to be more realistic (less of a bright red explosion and more like a fine mist)

3. Blood mist moves at speed in the direction of the bullet (as opposed to floating statically in the air)

4. Blood mist can be affected by wind, vanilla blood mist cannot


This should all work clientside and I've included a key for servers (if in doubt, remove the physx PBO). Effects are split into different obviously named PBOs so you can pick and choose which you would prefer. If using Steam, just make a local copy of the mod on your hard drive and delete any unwanted effects in the @InconEffects\addons folder.

Mod compatibility:
Should be compatible with most mods (depending on whether config values are inherited from vanilla) but won't cause any problems if not. Any known incompatibilities will be listed as people let me know.

Zooloo75's BloodLust: To get the blood mist working with Zooloo75's BloodLust mod, set "BloodLust_IsBloodSprayEnabled" to false in the BloodLust settings menu.

Blastcore Pheonix (and variations of): To use with Blastcore, move "blastcoreCompat.PBO" from the optionals folder to the addons folder. This will overwrite Blastcore's blood effects with those from this mod.

ASR AI: Apparently there's an incompatibility with the physx and ASR's wounded crawling feature. If you notice any glitches, removing the physx.pbo file from addons should solve this unless you'd prefer to disable the effect in ASR. Thanks to Riven Deckard for pointing that out.

Thoughts, suggestions and wildly uncontrolled praise are all welcome.


Not for profit. Everything else is fine though.


V1.1: Separated mod into 3 standalone PBOs so users can choose which effects to use (thanks for the suggestion Evil Organ!)

V1.101: Added missing server key

V1.2: Blood effect tweaks (less uniform), ragdoll joints added (less floppy knees), Blastcore Pheonix compatibility PBO added (in optional folder - experimental)

V1.3: Minor edit to fix characters leaping up when shot (knees are floppy again, sorry about that)
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Spartan1 Jul 8 @ 6:44pm 
So I guess at somepoint you changed the Ragdoll physics on how powerful they are thrown and all because I can't see any ragdoll launches anymore.. :(

I rather enjoyed tossing a grenade down an alley and watching bodies fly out of the alley onto the road in front of me instead of guessing again if their dead.

Great mod either way! Just wish the old ragdoll physics were availble still.
Wardruna May 2 @ 7:01am 
@Katz_Are_Cool or simply, head explose... (more 308.)
Katz_Are_Cool Apr 19 @ 9:44pm 
My opinion, you should improve headshots to deliver more energy to the head. Because you know, a 1600 Joule projectile is enough to break the neck.
sans-abri Mar 5 @ 4:12pm 
Thanks for the quick response, the ragdolls are much better. The issue with crouched infantry jumping up when killed is gone :steamhappy:
Incontinentia  [author] Mar 1 @ 2:50pm 
That's great news, thanks for the feedback hombres. Like the massacre gif! As for ASR compat, that's good to know. Remove the physx pbo and it will work fine. Unless there's a way to disable this effect in ASR.

Unfortunately it seems the knee bending thing was probably related to the leaping somehow. I might try to fix it down the line but whatever Bohemia is doing with physx code will probably carry on until the next DLC is released so not much point investing too much effort until then.
Riven Deckard Feb 27 @ 2:44pm 
I just tested the new update in the armory for a bit, everything seems to work fine. There are only two problems, one of them is a conflict with another mod so I don't think you can do anything about it.
It's the ASR AI3 mod, one of the features of it is that from time to time enemies fall down slowly and crawl wounded when they get shot, if it happens there is still this glitch when the ragdoll acts weirdly before they go down and crawl.
Second problem I noticed is the knees on dead bodies still bend into angles opposing to human nature ;)
Apart from that all works fine for me, and I usually use a lot of other mods.

Thank you for your work and updating the mod!
.. Feb 27 @ 12:49pm 
Looks good to me, you be the judge:

It might not be perfect but for a one-click install of 0.003MB it's more than I would expect. Arma ragdolls were implemented so poorly, they may as well have stuck with the death animations of the earlier games—that is, until your addon made them work properly. Good job Incon.
Incontinentia  [author] Feb 27 @ 6:30am 
Turns out a few values weren't quite working properly so I've updated those and put physx back in. Hopefully this should have fixed the jumpy characters. Let me know if it doesn't. Cheers again for the feedback.
Incontinentia  [author] Feb 27 @ 4:43am 
Thanks for letting me know. For now, I've just dropped the physx tweaks and will take a better look at them later on (probably after the next DLC is released as I think it will change physx a bit more). Update is published. If you still want to get the jumpy physx tweaks, they are in the optionals folder - copy the mod as a local file and add the physx PBO to the addons folder and you're good to go.
sans-abri Feb 25 @ 11:15am 
AI units tend to do a little hop when dying from small arms, it looks silly please do something about the ragdolling in this mod. I like the blood mist effects but the ragdolls are just straight up dumb :/