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Incon Effects Mod
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Nov 5, 2016 @ 5:04am
Nov 13, 2016 @ 4:36pm
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Incon Effects Mod


Inspired by the legendary Opticalsnare's hilarious Blastcore Physics and Lao Fei Mao's cool Blood Mist mods, here's my take on Arma 3's effects. Rather than go for comedic effect, I figured I'd aim for a bit more realism.

So far I've focused on 3 things:

Ragdoll Physics

In vanilla, it's pretty limited. This aims to give people a bit more of a chance of getting airborne if there's an explosion nearby. Unfortunately, most explosions have similar physics power so to give a GBU the right level of floaty people would mean making grenades look ridiculous. Update as of 1.2: ragdoll joint parameters have been tweaked so that joints are less likely to bend backwards on themselves like literal rag dolls. Kneecaps have been restored.

Key difference vs vanilla: Bodies respond more to explosions, fly rather than flop, and joints don't bend back on themselves when they shouldn't (for the most part).

Muzzle Flash

In vanilla, when a soldier shoots, the area around his weapon is lit up for longer than there is actually fire coming from the barrel of the weapon. This was always a bit of a pet peeve of mine from when I first started playing Arma and looks silly in my opinion. I've tried to shorten the ambient light of muzzle flashes so they synchronise with the duration of the muzzle flash itself, giving a kind of strobe effect at night. It should work on modded weapons as long as they inherit from a base weapon class.

Key difference vs vanilla: Ambient light from muzzle flashes doesn't last longer than the muzzle flash itself.

Blood Mist / Hit Effects

When a bullet hits a body, it generally doesn't look like someone's been slapped with a handful of red chalk. "Pink mist" is often quite a subtle, short-lived affair. It also doesn't float around the body, instead shooting at speed out of the exit wound and possibly being blown away if there's wind. It will scale with caliber too; large caliber weapons will chuck out a fair bit of mist, smaller caliber weapons like pistols may not.

This isn't finished and is still open to suggestions (please don't post any pictures or videos of people getting shot), but I've tried to get this as close as I can to reality. I suggest combining with Zooloo's Bloodlust for better realism.

Key differences from vanilla:
1. Blood mist comes out of exit wounds rather than sitting around the entry wound
2. Blood mist size, colour and transparency has been tweaked to be more realistic (less of a bright red explosion and more like a fine mist)
3. Blood mist moves at speed in the direction of the bullet (as opposed to floating statically in the air)
4. Blood mist can be affected by wind, vanilla blood mist cannot


This should all work clientside and I've included a key for servers (if in doubt, remove the physx PBO). Effects are split into different PBOs so you can pick and choose which you would prefer. Just make a local copy of the mod on your hard drive and delete any unwanted effects in the @InconEffects\addons folder.

Mod compatibility:

Should be compatible with most mods (depending on whether config values are inherited from vanilla) but won't cause any problems if not. Any known incompatibilities will be listed as people let me know.

Zooloo75's BloodLust: To get the blood mist working with Zooloo75's BloodLust mod, set "BloodLust_IsBloodSprayEnabled" to false in the BloodLust settings menu.
Blastcore Pheonix (and variations of): To use with Blastcore, move "blastcoreCompat.PBO" from the optionals folder to the addons folder. This will overwrite Blastcore's blood effects with those from this mod.

Thoughts, suggestions and wildly uncontrolled praise are all welcome.

If you like my work and want to donate, then you're awesome and please use the link below.

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the_Demongod Jun 1 @ 6:11pm 
The ragdoll effects are a little overdone IMO, I think it would be much more realistic if less force was imparted to the bodies. A hand grenade causes the same effects I'd expect to see from a 500lb bomb.
condottiere May 9 @ 6:35am 
Also, putting this together with the Realistic Unit Ragdoll mod here on SW helps dampens the pretzel corpse effect. Your mod alone didn't quite rein in the kneecaps for me, but both together look good about 80% of the time. Why are joints so difficult, Arma?! :D
condottiere May 9 @ 6:33am 
I really appreciate the muzzleflash (great in nighttime firefights) and physx effects. So satisfying to blow some AI sideways out of an alley with a grenade.
stealthops May 5 @ 8:28am 
Hey, Im having trouble getting this mod to work with Bloodlust and balstcore edited mods. I did both the things you suggested but now absolutely no blood what so ever comes out at all. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
[22nd] Amit May 3 @ 2:27am 
Very cool mod.
The Psycho Gamer Apr 2 @ 5:42pm 
(To get the blood mist working with Zooloo75's BloodLust mod, set "BloodLust_IsBloodSprayEnabled" to false in the BloodLust settings menu.) Does this disable 'Incon Effects Mod' blood or 'Bloodlust' blood? (Sorry new to Arma 3)
munamies koska imen munaa Apr 1 @ 10:52am 
no bigger complaints expect fix the horrible leg bending/knee twisting i like the ragdooll physics very much
Daddy's Little Girl Mar 19 @ 7:06pm 
this is pretty good, aside from the occasional leg breaking/bending! 10/10
Incontinentia  [author] Feb 18 @ 12:06pm 
Good to hear, thanks for the feedback!
HistoryBuff Feb 5 @ 8:46am 
nvm I've been playing a few hours and yes I do see it it's much better than the vanilla