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Ooze Race
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Nov 3, 2016 @ 3:47pm
Feb 20, 2018 @ 10:02am
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Ooze Race

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Originally intended to be a chemical weapon, the Ooze are a race of slime creatures that accidently gained sentience. They come from a derelict factory planet where the entire ocean consists of a single slime mass that all of the Ooze spawn from.

Adds new race,
Ship pet,
Respawn animation,
Teir 1 armor,
Teir 2 armor,
Teir 3 armor,
Teir 4 armor,
Teir 5 accelerator armor,
Teir 6 accelerator armor,
Teir 5 manipulator armor,
Teir 6 manipulator armor,
Ship AI,
Sound effects,
Wearable eyeball,
Ooze tenant: Vomit,
Random ooze tenants,
warrior ooze tenants,
2 Posters (sold by the custom tenant vomit),
New hairstyles courtesy of Xel,
Mech body,
Throwable sluge ball

Future Features
I wil hopefully add new armor teirs, weapons, new clothes, and villages

In order to spawn the tenant Vomit there has to be suitable housing with toxic furniture such as the toxic chair, table, chest, and lamps.
For just a random ooze tenant you need one object with a slime tag in the room such as a slime torch.
The mech is craftable by all races until I figure out how to make it specific to this race so for now every race can use it.

Special Thanks To
MothGirlMusic for sound effects,
Xel for hairstyles and other help,
Draco1122 for making it Frakin Universe compatable
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