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Watkins Glen
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Nov 3, 2016 @ 3:13am
Jul 12 @ 4:42pm
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Watkins Glen

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Firstly, this is NOT my original track. It is of unknown origin and is provided for the Stockcar league community. There has been a raft of fixes from the 0.4e version. For the benefit of some who are not stockcar fanatics, at the last minute I added the boot version. (without inner loop)

Watkins Glen Stockcar is a ~2.5 mile road course with 11 corners.
Watkins Glen Indycar is a ~3.4 mile road course with 11 corners.
Watkins Glen Chicane is a ~3.4 mile road course with 13 corners.
It is a service update of a track originally built for rFactor 1.

Most of the fixes:
New repaving road texture.
Concrete patches removed as per repave.
Pit box texture corrected at ends.
Grass verges fixed at pit exit, before bus stop and various other spots.
Narrow road section before bus stop fixed.
Added poly's in turn 2 to remove noticable feeling of poly's when driving.
Kerbs and track edge lines swapped in from American Stockcar and sharp edges removed from kerbs.
Tyre marks on runoff areas have collision removed. (cause of invisible wall feeling)
Some texture albedo corrections in runoff areas.
New high definition grass detail texture.
Slight reallignment of wall in the esses to remove sharp corner.
Slight change to blending of grass verges.
Added secondary kerbs in bus stop.
Removed kerb and added realroad to runoff at exit of carousel.
Removed excess grass that was showing in odd places.
Completely new AIW file.
Reconfigured some sandy edges.

0.75 Fixes (mostly performance update as original builder had the original track very, very poorly optimised)
Moved safety car forward so 1st pit stall car can exit without reversing.
Low detail replaces high detail stands with low detail stands. Low detail removes the 3d grass. Medium detail removes a layer of trees. High to full does nothing.
Going from medium to low shadows removes tree shadows
Fixed "lazy" graphic on exit kerb (T10)
Replaced verges with a little nicer texture.
Performance will be better for those who have slower pc's and need to drop detail. Previously everything was on full detail and full shadows in every graphic setting.

0.80 DX11 Fixes
Textures updated to DX11
3d Startman & 2 extra pairs of 3d flagmen added around track
Pit entry cones added (marks start of 50mph)
Thumbs fixed for DX11
Mirror distance increased from 150m to 750m
Reflection code added
Long version with chicane added
Pits now open in time for leader when yellow comes out (all versions)

In Stockcar at the Nascar track, the AI run quite good. 100% AI strength recommended if your an elite driver.
They are a little slow through the esses, the carousel, and exit of last left hander. Hints for where you can pass: Get a run up for the first 2, or get a low exit and pass on the left (tirn 10) Watch my video, as I do all 3 passes.
As I mentioned, I added the boot version also. The AI Dallaras are fun to race against. There was only a few small changes and a new AIW to get the boot version running.

This is a fill in track until the VLM track becomes available.

v0.6 is first public release. 0.75 fixed a few issues. 0.80 adds DX11 and some more fixes.

The original author of this track is unknown. I did quite a bit of digging. This track was created using Bobs Track Builder, probably a very early version as some of the geometry on the track surface was different to later versions of Bobs Track Builder.
The earliest direct link I could find was a Spanish language site with a rF2 conversion. 0.4e. Sim Raceway's Watkins Glen used the source of this track as a base. American Stockcar also used it as a base. I found a conversion of Sim Raceway to an rF1 track. Comparison showed that this track is pre Sim-Raceway. Thanks goes out to the person who built this track.

Configuration: Road Course is enforced for Stockcar_2015

Non-Steam download links and SETUPS are on the ISI forum:
Setup: See setups folder link in my posts on ISI forum for all my setups.
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Machine  [author] Oct 15 @ 7:28pm 
It's not ISI_STOCKCAR_2015 any more. With Studio 397 releasing the Stockcars, the folder is now StockCar_2015
art7har Oct 15 @ 6:34pm 
I go on Youtube and I see everyone showing skins from the RACEDEPARTMENT, but every time I watch them install a SKIN they all have a FILE in their directory called ISI_STOCKCAR_2015....does anyone know HOW AND WHERE to get this? I can't find it on the net anywhere on how to get ISI STOCKCAR 2015 or how to install it???? thanks for anyone's help.
Dick Sledge Jul 15 @ 5:24pm 
Very much enjoying the update. Just seeing some light bloom off the top of the stands on a really sunny day is perfect. Other subtle tones are making it look really good too. Only thing that came up as an issue was when you skip the formation lap for a rolling start. All the cars are jammed together in a single line. I don't know if that's the track or not. I honestly can't remember if it was like that before since I think I was just doing standings with the WTCC mod. In any case, the cars sort themselves out before the flag so doesn't affect the racing. Top notch work.
Machine  [author] Jul 12 @ 4:53pm 
Updated to 0.80 DX11
Yes it would be good to have a mesh update: Volunteers? Or push VLM to get theirs out!
Dick Sledge: DX11 is out, you can now say something, but be nice :)
manc0ntr0: Your wish is someone else's command. There is an IMSA config. (someone else wanted it too)
Sheep should be happier now.
Enjoy guys. Now back to the ovals.
manc0ntr0 Jul 2 @ 9:28am 
will be great to have imsa configuration, with the chicane and the long track
Machine  [author] May 13 @ 12:53am 
I have an original i7. 8gb ram. It's the ATI HD7770 that's slowing it down. I had an R9, but it died. I have a mate doing reflections for me, as I can't see them. The DX11 stuff I can see ok in the Dev Mode Viewer.
Dick Sledge May 12 @ 5:53pm 
Machine, you keep doing your thing. If I could buy you a rig for full DX11 support, I would. I assume you'd take donations in full on gaming PCs? Anyway, I've been playing this more and more under the DX11 beta without the full upgrade and it still looks really great. I can't remember when I've been so excited for an UPDATE on an existing sim. I just hope S397 gets the whole of rFactor 2 in a place where races and full seasons feel more engaging. It's good but content like yours gets it so much closer to perfect.
Machine  [author] May 7 @ 4:27am 
It will take a while for me to get through my tracks updating to full DX11. There's no difference in the 2 in regards to designing tracks. It's just DX11 is more sensitive, and shows up bad albedo maps more than DX9. I have already started on Daytona. Sucks I can't run DX11 myself. Luckily I discovered the DX11 viewer in Dev mode so I can see what they look like.
Sheep May 7 @ 2:43am 
Reminds me: what is the use of DX11 in rF2 with all those shitty rF1 DX9 mods...
Dick Sledge May 5 @ 2:18pm 
Only a minor nit pick issues. But I won't say anything until after DX11 implementations. This is already a great track. I very much enjoy running the Cup cars here along with GT3s. Thank you for this.