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LEX - Stand Alone Edition
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Nov 2, 2016 @ 5:21pm
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LEX - Stand Alone Edition

LEX - Leviathan Events Xtended
is a series of events designed to introduce more large, dangerous and highly rewarding events into the game to allow the player to immerse themselves into the Stellaris universe. The mod contains many custom assets and textures to expand the base games content.

At this moment in time we have three events for the player to sink their teeth into.

<> Watchers of the Throne - A very powerful and old ringworld system just waiting to have its secrets unlocked by the adventurous player.

<> Forlorn Gravekeeper - An epic ancient battleground, a mysterious derelict spacestation remaining vigilant. What happened here?

<> Seekers of Knowledge - Discover a mysterious system containing ancient technology. Unravel its secrets and make decisions that can doom your civilisation or raise it to untold heights.

<> Crossing the Rubicon - All things come to an end.

Several things worth mentioning at this point.

1. These events are designed as late-game content. They are designed to be challenging, but there are means within the mod to give the player an advantage if they can find them.

2. A new savegame is NOT required to access the content, as long as the save file doesn't contain any data from a previous iteration of LEX. In that case there is a high chance of savegame corruption.

3. Compatability with other mods hasn't been extensively tested. And when encountering errors/bugs we ask the players bear this in mind. As long as a mod doesnt modify vanilla components it should be okay.

Feel free to leave feedback in the comments.
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Marvin Megavolt
< >
Muniin 13 minutes ago 
Maybe but I doubt it ISB and this play pretty nice together. I havent had any issues at all between the two. I am using ISBS as well and havent encountered that in any playthrough.
David 1 hour ago 
It must be Improve Space Battles then. At least Im guessing. It halfs the combat value for all fleets in the game in order to make the AI play better using the mod, so it must be something with that.
Muniin 1 hour ago 
@Hypernova Haha nice, yeah i'll just keep waiting, just getting to that paranoid I bugged it somehow point.

@David Prolly another Mod, most of those ships will just show as a skull rather than actually FP numbers. Think I read somewhere he wrote something about it would show negative or some weird thing if he didnt have it that way. So i'd assume its another mod wigging out trying to deal with it.
David 1 hour ago 
Is the Garden suppose to have 100+ million fleet power or is it another mod im using that is making it that strong? Im using Improve Space Battles with it.
Hypernova1912 1 hour ago 
Wait for it. It'll come eventually.

Which reminds me, it triggered twice for me once, on the current version. What's up with that? Not that I'm complaining, of course...
Muniin 1 hour ago 
How long does the trigger for Lev from Garden generally take?

Because I have both other Lev's awakened yet have still never had that trigger. I recieved 3 of the garden fleet repair triggers, and yes i've had a station built over magma the whole time. Just seems strange its been so long.
valdindor 1 hour ago 
blue. gone now just vanished
Hypernova1912 2 hours ago 
No, I'm talking about something else. Is it blue or orange?

If it's blue, it's nowhere near as OP as it will be.
valdindor 4 hours ago 
yea i beat it and did the mission. then i got one for a while. it was so awesome
Hypernova1912 6 hours ago 
Did you awaken it yet?

Once it becomes awakened, it goes from OP to practically unstoppable.