Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

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The Engineer
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Nov 1, 2016 @ 6:30pm
Mar 24 @ 9:48am
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The Engineer

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Goat's Team Fortress 2 Character Mods
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The Engineer from Team Fortress 2 for Don't Starve Together!
Now you can bring some gun to Don't Starve!

With custom speech strings and more!

~ Can build his Sentry, Dispenser, and Teleporters
~ Has his own Hard Hat, Scrap Metal, and Wrench
~ Has a science bonus
~ Has his own tab for Construction
~ Has his own unique emotes; /ranchorelaxo, /kazotsky
- Deals less damage on his own
- Loses Sanity if a building is destroyed
- Can only have 4 buildings out at once (Config)
~ Can right click to carry and move his machines

~ Favorite food is Cooked Meat
~ Many Configurable stats!

Check out my latest mod project! "Reign of Runts" (quotes compatible)

"This amiable, soft-spoken good ol' boy from tiny Bee Cave, Texas loves barbecues, guns, and higher education. Natural curiosity, ten years as a roughneck in the west Texas oilfields, and eleven hard science PhDs have trained him to design, build and repair a variety of deadly contraptions." - Valve on The Engineer

I request that you do not repost or reupload this mod without permission.
If you would like for us to fix or try to add something feel free to tell in the comments! Enjoy!

Thanks for many years of support!

More of my TF2 character mods:

Support The Mod []

(Credits to VALVe for TF2 and The Engineer)
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M J Daniell (2)
< >
IDS-87 Apr 22 @ 12:21am 
best mod creator <3
ALEXZANDER YT Apr 17 @ 9:42pm 
well i tested (my turrets dont attack other engies f they hit me) so i dont know maybe server mod makes conflicts with it? if that is i test it only if will have free time :I
ALEXZANDER YT Apr 13 @ 9:42am 
Can you make engineer mod compatible with Island Adventure mod (Shipwrecked DLC mod )
DLJB Apr 9 @ 8:18pm 
so i have an idea to make teleporters a bit better
First is two just boil them down to a single structure rather than an entrance and exit
then simply have the player insert gems into two different teleporters to make them linked allowing for two way teleportation between them

alternatively you could just make it so when you prototype the exit/entrance you also prototype the opposite teleporter part so you don't need to destroy or manually move it where you want it

thats all, sorry if this sounds kinda whinny or bossy
ALEXZANDER YT Apr 7 @ 8:57am 
add option to enable or disable dispencer upgrade system :D
ALEXZANDER YT Apr 4 @ 11:22am 
and for other players summoning hounds from plushies of the wira the wild child mod
ALEXZANDER YT Apr 4 @ 9:57am 
When wira summons her hounds from plushies
ALEXZANDER YT Apr 4 @ 6:16am 
also there is one problem (in mode Wira the wild child - her firendly summoned hound from plushie is a target for my turrets every time! could it be fixed if you have free time?
Also the rats of Winky from uncompromising mode are targets for my sentries too (while they just follow their owners)
ALEXZANDER YT Apr 4 @ 12:54am 
also can you make an option do enable or disable turret (off or on) so like turret goes to sleep :D?
Goat Slice  [author] Apr 1 @ 9:34am 
With the new crafting update, you can use c_freecrafting() in console to craft any character-exclusive items