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City under Duress v1.3
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Nov 1, 2016 @ 7:51am
Jun 17 @ 4:50am
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City under Duress v1.3

In 1 collection by Gunter Severloh
IFA3 Lite Singleplayer Missions
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City under Duress

With the Germans starting at a far distance, the Russian forces will move to occupy Staszow city with most of the strategic points captured, forcing the Germans to come up with a new strategy to penetrate Russian defenses, capture the city and eliminate the Russian base.

You'll have a couple of options to approach this:
1. build up your numbers and then move to the city, considering you need points in order to build your forces you will only
be able to recruit so many infantry, or tanks because of the requirements

2. build a small force and get to the city right away while the Russians only have so many SP captured allowing you to build your forces quicker
once you have some SP's captured as you will have points coming in.

Other strategic options are possible, time and distance is against you in this.

What is Ragnarok'44?


A Rts (Real Time Strategy) Mission/Mode Rydygier and myself built back in 2013 for the
Iron Front in Arma2OA (IFA2) version now ported to Iron front in Arma3 IFA3!
Ragnarok'44 is RTS mission/mode based on Window Of Opportunity[] "The battle from above!" mission mode by Mondkalb, modified with his permission.
Command, Build, Recruit, Capture, Incarnate, Seize & Destroy your enemy!


  • Command with a camera as a general pointing and clicking what
    and where you want your forces to go and do.

  • Build buildings which will allow you to recruit various types
    of infantry, vehicles, tanks, and static weapons.

  • Establish a logistics to gain better\faster resources, upgrade the level
    and skill of infantry, vehicle, and tankers, as well as increase efficiency of fuel, and ammo usage by the AI.

  • Play as any of your forces in 1st/3rd person by incarnating into them,
    command a whole squad, be a lone soldier, play as a tanker, or just be a driver of a vehicle.

  • Capture strategic points on the battlefield which will earn you more
    resource points allowing you to build more forces and upgrade them.

  • Create your own Ragnarok'44 missions on the fly, and on any map!
    See the tutorial--->
    How to build your own Ragnarok'44 missions Tutorial/w video[]

  • Fight enemy AI Commander (Hetman A3 (Artificial Commander) that will
    seize strategic points, gather resources, build and deploy his own army, defend,
    and engage you with his forces.

  • IFA3 Lite
  • Ragnarok'44 mod (IFA3) v1.16 - (This is the base mod that all Ragnarok'44 missions require)
See the list of links to the steam workshop uploads to the right to meet the requirements.

If you have any comments, questions, issues, or need to report a bug or some bugs please use the:
BIS Forums Official Ragnarok'44 Release thread[]
Videos, and other features are posted here, as well as new missions, tutorials ect,.
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Gunter Severloh  [author] Feb 12, 2017 @ 5:08pm 
Click on the change notes tab at the top of the page, above the pics.
You can also see the changelog here on the release thread for the series:
Vancer2 Feb 12, 2017 @ 12:36pm 
What are the changes :D
Gunter Severloh  [author] Feb 12, 2017 @ 1:56am 
v1.1 out!
Vancer2 Nov 3, 2016 @ 6:05am 
Ahh, many thanks, as usual keep up the amazing work, both of you.
Gunter Severloh  [author] Nov 3, 2016 @ 5:34am 
The issues you are dealing with are demonstrated in this video:
I recorded Oct 21st, basically to have a reference for Rydygier for when he gets time again and starts working on the mission, he'll have a visual reference of what the issues are.
Overall the video should give you a decent idea of what to deal with for the vehilces.

Thing is with City of Duress you need the trucks, or you'll have your forces running forever, the alternative is what you can try is when you do get an Opel Bltiz click on it and press the exit vehicle button, that will tell the driver to get out, and when he does he will dissapear which is the bug, but whatever squad you put into that truck they will drive it instead, so it will solve that issue, just a workaround for that.
The other thing is you can carry soldiers on your tanks too.
Vancer2 Nov 2, 2016 @ 8:18pm 
I love the mission btw. Also, I grouped 4 MGs into a truck only for 3 mgs to get out and I guess the driver of the truck got out and 1 of the mgs decided to drive the truck.
Gunter Severloh  [author] Nov 2, 2016 @ 5:34pm 
Thanks for reporting, yes I know about this, this will happen with all missions towards the end, or when you been in the mission for a long time, idk, its random, but when you do get it press either H or backspace to return to the normal view, also try not to use your middle mouse button to turn or pan the camera.
Just keep in mind that the mission/mode is still WIP and beta and right now until Rydygier gets some freetime we'll have to wait til the issues get fixed.
Vancer2 Nov 2, 2016 @ 2:21pm 
I'd like to report a bug. I couldn't report any screenshots. Towards the end of the game as I was smashing the enemy base. The camera decided to take an interest towards the viewpoint from the bottom of tanks. I saw treads. Thats all I could see. The game stopped responding. Thats all I can give you.