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Hull Breach
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Nov 1, 2016 @ 2:59am
Nov 23, 2016 @ 2:15pm
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Hull Breach

Your ship is crippled.
So is the enemy's, and you find yourselves floating dangerously close in the abyss of space. Grabbing a plasma rifle off a nearby rack you head to the starboard airlock, ready to repel borders…

Board ships in intense fire-fights, man laser turrets and get sucked into the infinite void of space as you work together to destroy the enemy's ship while defending your own.

Current features:

  • Strategic team-based FPS spaceship battles
  • Flyable, destructible and repairable ships
  • Seamlessly transition from your ship into space
  • Board enemy ships through the airlocks or simply holes you have blasted in the side
  • Use weapons or C4 to take out sensors, oxygen, engines and even gravity-generators; crippling your enemy's craft
  • Destroy the opponents Cryopods and stem the flow of reinforcements
  • Man the laser, flak, torpedo and beam-laser ship-mounted weapons

Planned features (in order):

Multi-function FPS weapons – An array of weapons with both physical and energy settings. Energy cells recharge while physical ammo is finite, but packs a punch and penetrates shields.

Boarding Torpedoes (holds 2) - Climb inside and fire yourself at the enemy ship. Blast through the roof or wall and take your opponents by surprise.

Ship shields and energy - The captain can control the energy output from ship's reactor. He can split this between engines (speed) weapons (laser turret recharge rate) and shields (recharge rate). Shields absorb damage from energy weapons, however physical objects like torpedoes and players can still pass right through.

[MTS] Mantis Class Carrier - Carrier class ship which is larger and less armed than the current [DGN] Dragon Class Frigate. It has flyable fighter craft that the crew must use to both attack and defend with.

Bots - We understand what a pain it is trying to start a match but you're waiting on people to join or having players leave halfway through a game. Bots will never be as good as a real player, but at least you can get into the action straight away and won't be left at a major disadvantage if someone leaves your team.

Ship weapons terminal – Essentially a mini-game in itself, the weapons terminal allows a player to remotely access the ships weapons not in use, have them lock onto the enemy and fire automatically at reduced damage. This allows a small number of crew to still put up a good fight, however we will need to watch this system very closely to make sure it remains balanced and above all, fun.

Virtual Reality Support – We started building Hull Breach on an Oculus Rift DK2 and so have had VR integrated since the start of the project. As headsets have become higher resolution and the game has increased in complexity, it has become harder to maintain a solid VR experience. We fully intend to launch the final game with Virtual Reality support, but not at the expense of great gameplay. Thus we are getting all the required features in the game before optimising for VR.

Hull Breach is being developed in Melbourne Australia by Dave (art & design) and Alister (code). You can follow our little company at
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Philsmeup Oct 2, 2017 @ 5:20pm 
Game looks amazing! When might it be out??
Sigurd Mar 20, 2017 @ 7:24am 
Great music!
Game Cooker US Rocks VR Dec 14, 2016 @ 2:33pm 
Some nice 80's music there.....
HellCow (DannyDOA) Nov 23, 2016 @ 1:45pm 
1. Hey, if you're interested I can promote your game trough my group!

2. If the game is in need of a tester I could get from 5 and up testers!

3. If you want to talk about promoting Add me me in steam or send me a mail at here:

4. IMPORTANT: my promotion will give honest votes and thoughts here is where I can promote your game: Gaming Until End Remember, I don't push you if you don't want this just ignore/delete this post
ando bien marihuano Nov 13, 2016 @ 7:45pm 
Nice game:moonbly:
Bauer Nov 12, 2016 @ 3:10am 
Yes! I need this game in my life!
Gam3rBoiCUL8rBoi Nov 7, 2016 @ 8:07pm 
As for balancing the automated weapon system maybe make it something that take a while to boot up and can be interupted by enemies. Like if an enemy kills the guy ramping up the system it immediately starts winding back down. Just a suggestion.
THE LORD OF THE RINGS Nov 5, 2016 @ 9:07am 
Nice game ( im russia boy )
GhostFlag Nov 5, 2016 @ 8:37am 
very interested,and amazing ,Excited.I think this game is vrey good
IAmGorbusha Nov 2, 2016 @ 11:22pm 
I was very interested in the game, space war, in principle, a good idea, an interesting multiplayer, I hope that the single will not be the game mechanics is also quite good, look forward to it on the steam store shelves))