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Ship Yard Rebuilt - all the vanilla ships AND room to build!
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Oct 29, 2016 @ 8:22pm
Dec 25, 2017 @ 2:30am
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Ship Yard Rebuilt - all the vanilla ships AND room to build!

Coming soon
Better support for custom race pets(one race at at time) and other issues with them as I find them(or they're reported).
Probably some more ships.

Requires(makes use of) my Blocks and Objects mod which you can get here

Ever have a hard time deciding between vanilla ships and build-your-own shipworlds? Why not have it all? Replace your ship with every ship and a customizable shipworld plus more.
  • The shipyard has every vanilla race's ship present.
  • Vanilla ships upgrade to T9(as per eLe's original T9 ships).
    • There is a "T10" for (previous T10 character) compatibility reasons, but currently "T10" is just a copy of T9.
  • Fuel capacity increases as you upgrade the ships(as they get larger) up to 65,000.
  • Crews max set at 200.
    • After all you have a silly amount of room to use so there isn't any practical reason to limit this where limited space isn't an issue.
    • I have fixed the upgrade mechanic so that you can do legal upgrades with the regular crew count instead of requiring you to have the maximum(200 LOL)
  • A very large farming dome is provided.
    • Some tilling required but no more fighting birds while farming and you could have a pretty large farming operation going in no time.
    • I was originally going to incorporate the irrigated pipes mod, but that's obsolete so many I can make my own version.
  • You can now fix ship thrusters as soon as you get to the Outpost. This won't fix FTL.
  • Large warehouse with excessively large shipyard lockers.
    • 384 slots per locker so you won't soon run out of storage space here!
    • I recommend a larger stacking mod to compliment.
    • These don't currently have the fancier features of some storage mods, but I may correct that later.
    • You could clear them out and put your own containers if you prefer... like anything else here.
  • Teleporter room doesn't currently have a purpose... but will eventually.
  • Several general purpose rooms are already set up. They could be anything.
  • You can destroy, replace, and/or add to almost any part of the shipyard as you see fit.
    • Even the invisible "ship wall" blocks are technically destroy-able, although you'll need the aid of a mod-tool with enough destructive power like Base-in-a-Box's area clearer, or some seriously overpowered matter manipulator.
    • Yes that will leave the background images in those areas, nothing to do about that!
    • Note that if you use ship bays as building space that could interfere with ship upgrades so I recommend using an empty bay or outside the shipyard, otherwise sticking close to the edges of the ship's bays.

Using other mods with this
  • Compatible with Mad Tulip's ship mod!
  • You wouldn't use T9/T10 ships with this per say, but you don't need to.
    • That mod a fork of eLe's original T9 ships (which I've also incorporated).
    • I also included a (player compatibility fix only) T10 too. The shipyard provides so much extra room, that I can't see much point in expanding beyond T9 ship size.
  • You could choose to spawn on a different ship (or anywhere in the shipyard) with something like my world start modifier mod.
    • Place a flag, wire the top node, send a signal(from a door, switch, etc). You can remove the flag after you're done.
    • The beam up/respawn point is now permanently changed until you change it again or upgrade the ship.
    • This mod works on regular worlds as well to change the beam-down point.
  • I currently have 2 racial support mods for the shipyard(each covering many races).
    • I need to update with some newer races.
    • I intend to support racial pets soon too.
    • Link to my other mods provided below.

Some things you should know
  • For existing ships, DO NOT attempt to upgrade existing ships without reading this -
  • If you are currently using a build-your-own ship, you could scan it with something like the "Base in a Box" scanner and just deploy it into an empty bay! Not that you couldn't just build a ship in a bay anyhow.
  • This uses blocks from my blocks and objects mod and therefore requires it. Much of that was made specifically for the shipyard but can be used without it.
  • The shipyard is pretty big, and you'll probably want some tech that enables fast travel.
    • such as my own tech mod or others
    • traveling this distance quickly is what prompted me to make my tech mod initially.
    • You could use a vehicle too because the large doors do open automatically for people or vehicles.
    • The small doors are vanilla doors and so require the Automatic Doors mod to open automatically, otherwise needing manually opened.
  • The shipyard isn't accessible until T2 aka when you're ship is repaired enough for system travel.
    • In fact the ship doors are broken until then (as they where pre-release Starbound).

  • Obviously the shipyard makes a great multiplayer hub... provided the server isn't 100% vanilla!
  • Always ask your server admins what mods are on the server, and don't use this when it isn't supported or you'll PERMANENTLY mess up your ship.
    • Technically you can delete it again and get a new shipyard, but can certainly loose your "stuff".
    • Do not assume. Ask.
  • When servers don't support your mods, make new characters to play on them.
  • A server admin that wants to support Shipyard users (without forcing everyone to use it) can do so easily enough.
    • For this purpose I moved all actual shipyard assets into the prerequisite bk3k's Blocks and objects mod.
    • Server admins need only include that mod. The actual Shipyard mod isn't required for current Shipyard users and thus you won't affect the ship choice of other users.
    • Much of it isn't accessible without having a shipyard of course, but the assets themselves are present.
    • I made sure there is no griefing potential from this mod. The invisible/tough blocks are completely non-craft-able (even with admin commands) because they have no material item.
  • As much as that would make the Shipyard server compatible to only have the prerequisite, you still don't want to upgrade your ship without the actual Shipyard Rebuilt mod present. Do your upgrading on single player to be safe.
  • I probably should incorporate a means of shielding the ship that only its owner can disable.

Check out my other mods too
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caljar22 Jul 10 @ 8:41pm 
Nah, you aren't trash at art. The art is good and the designs are solid. Plus you are some kind of code wizard.
bk3000  [author] Jul 10 @ 8:33pm 
Yes the shipyard is just one giant shipworld.

Yeah no particular reason to remove it. I was going to get around to making some objects for retractable airlocks or something, but never got around to it. I'm trash at art anyhow.
caljar22 Jul 10 @ 8:02pm 
I just realized. You probably don't have any reason to remove the black glass right?
caljar22 Jul 10 @ 7:44pm 
Forgive me for asking silly questions, but is the shipyard basically one giant shipworld and you just appear to be on the ship when you remove the glass? and are there any good ways of making a barrier that blends in so I don't fall off the front of the ship?
Pride Jun 20 @ 1:20pm 
still nothing man, i do the indications....maybe its not compatible whit other mods
Pride Jun 2 @ 12:39pm 
i cant found the shityard, i try whit a new char
Pride Jun 1 @ 10:19am 
me its not the normal one its the one you can craft
bk3000  [author] Jun 1 @ 10:14am 
To the right of the captain's chair. After fixing the ship.
Pride Jun 1 @ 6:51am 
question: where i have to go to accest this place?
Californian Kitsune Apr 30 @ 10:58am 
The only problem I noticed was the crew capacity did not change (stuck at the highest vanilla level) and nor did the fuel capacity (1000)