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Workshop of Horrors 2016
Happy Halloween!

Gaze upon the thrilling works of the Team Fortress 2 contributing community in this year's Workshop of Horrors!

Visit the Workshop of Horrors here![]

Items were added if they fit the criteria of using the Workshop of Horrors template, were marked for Halloween, were not already added in Scream Fortress 8 or prior, and didn't involve stolen work. Any and all items that fit the criteria were added, no matter what. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and art is subjective! If you feel your item was not added, please let us know!
Items (136)
A Beard of the Seven seas
Created by Ernest
Don't misslead me with the Ottoman joker

-normal map/model/texture/preview pic: Ernest

-facial flexes:Jpras

-sfm promos/thumbnail: Daesdemona

-concept art/description/name:Earl de Darkwood...
A Gourdeous Beret
Created by s3ndhelp
The latest trend in french autumn magazines everywhere. Perfect for knife-wielding fashionistas.

-Team colored
-2 LoDs

Model & texture: Raabbit
SFM promos: FUNKe...
Alchemist's Apparel
Created by RetroMike
Looking good! Unlike your career in magic.

Ash Kickers
Created by ToxicWeasel
Someone's gonna get their Ashes kicked for sure!

Reflective metal caps
Bat Bowler (Outdated)
Created by Gadget
This is now outdated as I have uploaded an improved version here:
Batty Hatty
Created by Populus
It's a hat that's also a bat, what's up with that?
Created by iron
It's this time of the year again !
Get out the Draculas, the Frankensteins and the Skeletons with the guns in their hands !
Introducing BloodWater ! (pl_badwater_event), The Brand New Remake of the EXTREMELY POPULAR Badwater Map !

This Maps Feat...
Bone to Kill
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Halloween weapon.
Backstab turns victim to skeleton...

Workshop of Horrors II[]...
Bonehead's Beanie
Created by Psyke

This year why not wear your skull on the OUTSIDE to honor those who have fallen in the skeleton wars.

Misc Compatable!

Models by Sky
Textures by Psyke

Booregard Haunter
Created by RetroMike
"This is my first haunting, so I'm just gonna go ahead, okay?"

-Paintable hat!
-Makes a good night light!
-Jiggles all spooky like!
-Two styles, Halloween and Smissmas!
-All class!

See the Smissmas style here
Bottle Bottom Glasses
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Part of "Fragwürdig Doktor Set"

You can download mod version from

Workshop of Horrors II[]
BrainWave Bun
Created by K_Factor
Don't let the secret world order control your mind! Cut yourself off from their hidden mind control!

(Disclaimer: Does not include tinfoil hat)
Bread Biter
Created by ToxicWeasel
If for some reason a mutant bread creature decides to attach itself to your face then of course!.. wear it with pride!

Caution: Strongly recommended that you do not attempt to eat it!

Brickyard Event
Created by Hi5TBone
Boo! Halloween's come to PASSTime!

With skeletons, spells, and bombs!...
Bubbles the Builder
Created by QuestionablyInsane

-3 LODs
-Team colored hair
-Paintable hair
-Facial Flexed
-Works well with most hats (c...
Burning Eclipse | Unusual Effect
Created by Cordial
If the sun and moon line up together while being extremely close to each other, then you'd most likely get a glorious view of the moon just like this effect (while your body slowly melts away from experiencing the intense heat and awesomeness of the sun)....
Circus Train Hopper
Created by donhonk
Wear these tattered pants so you can cover up your legs broken by debt collectors....
Created by Phe
Arena mode is pretty much dead but i liked this map so i decided to make a event version of it.

I dont know if Valve will add community maps this year but i will give it a try because why not....
Constellation Moonlight | Unusual Effect
Created by Cordial
Why go outside and observe actual stars in real life when you've got your own hat full of stars (and moon) that you can gaze through in a virtual world instead?

Comes in three colors: Blue, purple, and pink....
Cozy Koala
Created by NecroDement
The perfect disguise for exploring the woodlands of South Australia.

It has cool jiggleboned flaps, too.

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
Cp DegrootCreep
Created by Mimas Torres
Want a scary thought? Brutal medieval weaponry mixed with hellish magic! DegrootCreep is just that. And if that's not scary enough for you, we have portals leading into the underworld where you will be made prisoner and tortured. Only the bravests will mak...
Cymbal Bashers
Created by Jukebox
You might notice hair on your body in places it wasn't before.

Model: Jukebox
Concept: Ye Welsh Tabby
SFM: Dilly

Check out my other Halloween items!
Dark Magic ( Halloween Unusual Effect )
Created by Nonhuman
A spooky portal with randomly moving ghosts coming out of it.

Unusual effect for Workshop of Horrors II.

Comes in 3 colors:
- Purple
- Green
- Orange...
Deadly Death Cultist
Created by Svdl
Hey everyone! Let's perform blood sacrifices and bring about the end of the world!

Pointy hood with a paintable mask.
Disco Fro
Created by NecroDement
get ur groove on

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
Diviner's Duds
Created by RetroMike
Like your potions, those are some nice duds.

Doom Star
Looks like you can summon an army of skeletons when wearing this helmet...


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Dwarven Pride
No dwarf is complete without one.



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Created by bakscratch
From the 2015 Summer 72hr Mapping Contest Winning map Koth_Pughead comes ...... Koth_Eerie_Event!

Layout and Detail : Bakscratch
Detail: Exactol...
Emergency Flares
Created by NecroDement
get ur groove on

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
Eye Landing
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO

Glow grenade part.
Facial flexed (Only a little).

Workshop of Horrors II[]
Nightmare Before Smi[]...
Created by Jukebox
Perfectly normal glasses with nothing weird or fake about them. I don't know what you're talking about.

Paintable rims

Jukebox - Model
Metabolic - Texture...
Fat Stack
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Get 'em while they're hot!

-Paintable butter

-Available for mod download[]...
Fate Foreteller
He might know a few things about your (not so bright) future...


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Ferocious Feet
Created by Segab
They're not chicken legs!...
Fire Blanket
Created by Dewzie
BOO! Tee-hee!...
Created by Jukebox
All the better to see electrostatic discharges with my dear.

Created by Tumby
Spooky reskin of Lumberyard (arena).

It's a strange place this "graveyard". I feel like this giant skull is watching me on every step. The big hole in the middle doesn't look inviting either. And I don't even know what this green stuff in the valley IS. I...
Griefing rolls v2
Created by Dreamϟcape
Since ancient times man has often adorned their (neighbor's) trees to celebrate the coming of Halloween. Be prepared to decorate every tree you see with these grenade replacements for our grenade wearing mercs!

Paintable, Multi-Class, and with 2 styles to...
Grins of our fathers II(.5)
Created by Spike Nitros
Every time an archaelogist digs up a pile of bones, something bad happens. This possessed demonic jawbone is no exception.

An all-class, paintable extra jaw for those times when one is not enough. Resubmitted (again) with new thumbnail.
Groovy Garment
Created by NecroDement
get ur groove on

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
Created by Fanotak
Need a hand ? Need a deserved shoulder massage while killing your foes ? With that handy little pal at your side, you'll sure get both.
You can even give him your favorite color as a nail-polish !

Special thanks to Wrath wh...
Hangmann's Hood
Created by JPRAS
Haunted Head
Created by Ludumberg

Hands Jiggleboned
Glows in Dark
2 LODs
Head Buster (Updated)
Created by Mopo
Updated for Halloween 2017 with a tweaked texture and phong!

2 LOD's
Team coloured
Lights are self illuminated and paintable!

My other workshop items:
Headmann's Tunic
Created by JPRAS
Created by megastorm
I have a question for all you fools and mortals, why would you ever want to go upward, when you can go downwards TO HELL! -Merasmus aka a smart brave magician.

-Edited Upward by megastorm for Halloween 2016 and Workshop of Horrors II.
To play the map, typ...
Heroic bug
Created by lucarioaaron
Is he fast, listen pal
he got radioactive blood

Item made by this guide
High Hells
Created by Ryuga_Knight
The curse a man must walk when he "Accidently" hits on the girlfriend of a "powerful" Wizard.


"What you tell me "Walk a mile in her shoes?"


-Actual conversation between Sc...
Inner Force
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO

Workshop of Horrors II[]

Nightmare Before Smissmas[]...
Ironforge Irons
Nothing beats literally beating an orc to death with fists of steel.



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KotH Muertos (Kong King Event)
Created by Mikroscopic
Entry into the Workshop of Horros 2016. A KotH map set in a quiet Mexican village with a secret curse.

Uses the Frontline! Asset pack

and the Mayann Content pack

(You do not need to d...
Little Plant of Horror
Created by Jukebox
Does this look "inanimate" to you, punk? If it can move and it can talk, who's to say it can't burn anything it wants?

Jaw opens and closes


Item - Jukebox
Concept - Ye Welsh Tabby
SFM - spookwithavengence...
Looney's Locks
All sappin' n' no buildin' make Dell a dull boy.

* Custom eyebrows!
* Forehead wrinkles in the normal map
* Paintable hair and eyebrows...
Lunatic's Lab Coat
Created by Jukebox
Protect your nice shirts and your massive ego with this lab coat.


Thanks to Karma Charger for the demonstration video!...
MVM Underworld
Created by Woozlez
The Mann Brothers have continued mining operations in hell! But the undead have come to destroy it all! Battle the undead through a full 666 mission, featuring new types of bots (all super spooky!).

If you'd like to play the map, feel free to join us on...
Macho Poncho (Style 1)
Created by oiz
When you have to trek through a tropical jungle to teach a spoiled monarch a thing or two about humility, you better wear something to keep off the rain.

Part of a 2 Item set for the heavy, style 1 of the Macho Poncho

Get []...
Macho Poncho (Style 2)
Created by oiz
When you have to trek through a tropical jungle to teach a spoiled monarch a thing or two about humility, you better wear something to keep off the rain.

Second style for the Macho Pancho
Part of a 2 item set for the Heavy

Manneater's Muzzle
Created by N-Juli
'I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.'

Download []...
Mortal Mask
Created by Sky
So edgy you might cut yourself.
Also paintable.

Prefer cute to edgy? Check out this adorable little bloodsucker:
Created by Zoey
Sweet suffering....
Murderous Masquerade
Created by Jukebox
"This little engie looks like he's had his sentry popped! Wonder if he's got any metal on him..."


Model - Jukebox
Texture - Metabolic...
Created by Nuq
We have news. Good and bad.
Let's start with good: Gray Mann died. But bad news are: zombies want to ressurect him! And if they can't just revive him by their satanic powers, they will just blow themselfs and you to bloody pieces to bring the Gray Mann up...
Mythical Skulls
Created by Earl de Darkwood
Behold the power of the Ancients Ones !
Come with 5 colors & Custom sprites
Gold, Crystal, White, Blue & Red

Halloween Re-submit....
Nightmare House
Created by hat
A CTF map with medievil mode enabled. It is set inside a spooky scary house which is perfect for halloween so that is why it has the Workshop of Terrors 2 Thumbnail!

Fun fact, this map was inspitred by a nightmare I had, hence the name...

***This map is ...
Ominous George
Created by Jukebox
Staring... Unblinking... Curious...

Paintable Fez
Includes Facial Flexes

Model: Jukebox
Concept: Ye Welsh Tabby
SFM: Dilly

Check out my other Halloween items!
Peruvian Pullover
Created by oiz
When the sun hits that noggin just right... The fabric sings!

Part of a 2 item set for Heavy, with the Macho Poncho

Get the Peruvian Pullover as a mod on![]...
Created by RetroMike
Get it? Pestle-ence? Eh?! Eh?! Ahhh you don't care......
Prehistoric Peripherals
Created by Segab
A moving tail makes for a convincing disguise...
Primate Pantaloons
Created by Jukebox
The stripes make you look slimmer. Every monkey is concerned about how slim they look.

Model: Jukebox
Concept: Ye Welsh Tabby
SFM: Dilly

Check out my other Halloween items!
Protein Perspective
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Your death, over easy.

-Paintable yolk

-Available for mod download[]...
Rad Raiding Hood
Created by Sky
Remorseless Raptor
Created by Segab
Eating flesh is easier with 2 sets of teeth...
Rockin' Topper
Created by ToxicWeasel
Just because you wear a gasmask doesnt mean that you can't head bang with the best of em!...
Rumpled Ill Skin
Created by Norman3D
Something wen terribly wrong in the lab......
Schindler's Cyst
Created by Norman3D
Something went terribly wrong in the lab...

Thanks to "The irish person in your attic" for the name!...
Created by void~
See full change log below.


Welcome to Camp Saxton!

Slasher is a one-of-a-kind Halloween map built from the ground up as an all-out Boss Rush Roulette map!

In addition to the King of the Hill gameplay, S...
Sorcerer's Softcap
Created by RetroMike
It's soft, just like your head.

-Jiggle bones
-Two style
Hair Tonic = Beard
Potion of Youth = No beard...
Spirit Pit
Created by iron
Good evening, Halloween nights are always the setting of strange events,
for example did you know halloween sweets where composed of "E112" alimentary dyes, capable of provoquing cancer ! *screams of pure terror*
Now that you are terrified, let me tel
Static Slick
Created by Jukebox
Feel the wind and static electricity in your hair.

Steel Eater
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
My first facial flexed item!

Workshop of Horrors II[]...
Stitched Smile
Created by Vipes
How about I stitch a smile into your face?

Download the mod here:

Reupload of:
Taunt: The Bloodman's Desire (UPDATED)
Created by Spectral Chuck
Boys and girls of every age, would you like to see something strange?


It Includes:

Maniacal laughter,
PHD in being a generic MAD DOCTOR!!!

Laugh at the stupid enemi...
Tech Noir
Created by donhonk
Detective Steel once left for dead by the Neotokyo street gangs is resurrected by cutting edge nano-technology. As he awakes from his hospital bed the human half of Steel's new cybernetic brain flickers with only one thought. Revenge....
Terrorlict (MvM)
Created by Sntr
When the Witching Hour draws near and the bones are rattling in their tombs,
It can only mean that Halloween has come again! *Thunder sound effect*
Darkness falls across the land, trees shed their leaves (in fear) and the cold, terrifying air is filled wit...
The All Seeing Spy
Created by u_wil
Check out this eye opener, a real chakra aligner, you're gonna feel some crazy stuff dude. Open that third eye man, just open it, it ain't hard little man.

Has flexes and all that stuff....
The Bone Banjo
Created by Deadhands Dan
Bonus: The clicking and clacking makes a nice metronome....
The Bonus Duckmann
Created by Mark Unread
Also known as the Curse of the Wereduck.

-3 LoDs
-Pyro Mask
-Might have a second style. Working on it.

For the mod:
The Honcho's Headband
Created by u_wil
It costs $400,000 to fire the bullets on this bandana, for 12 seconds...

-2 Lods
The Charleston's Zaster
Created by Ernest
"Greet my 40 guns into your port"

-normal map/model/texture/preview pic: Ernest
-facial flexes:Jpras
-sfm promos/thumbnail: Daesdemona
-concept art/description/name:Earl de Darkwood
The Crazy Streaks
Created by ToxicWeasel
Suitable for spooky mad doctors and scientists world wide!

(remake of an old version posted a long time ago)

Medic and Engy classes...
The Gnarly Gibus 2016
Created by Spooky Lucy
Updated an item from last year.

- Glow in the dark eyes
- Paintable eyes and tongue...
The Hatvich
Created by u_wil
Note: Does not actually contain any bread, olives, or tomatoes. Please don't try to eat it.

Alternative Title: Sandvich Party


Updated with better materials and less clipping! (Not showing in promos at the moment)...
The Haunted Handjob
Created by kf.hammond
It's back from wherever It's been.


Download it as a mod at
The Helm of High Mountain
Comes with two horns, in case you decide to just roll the dice and charge in head on.



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The Hot Phlog
Created by u_wil
Oh my god, what is wrong with your face?!

It's paintable...
The Light Headed
Created by Just A Mug
Whats underneath in that piece of cloth? You had to find out yourself...
The Male Enhancement
Listen, bozo, if you want to be a chick magnet like me, you got to wear these babies! Ladies love a tall fella.

[ Download on ]


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The Misty Mounters
A long and periless journey will be taken, to take back the control point, and kick your ass.

[ Download on ]


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The Nightmare's Nailhawk
Created by kf.hammond
A nailgun seeks revenge.

Download the Mod at
The Rasta Imposta
Created by WavyGravy
We be Jamming Mon

- Jiggle Bones!
- All Class!
- Paintable!

A Rasta Hat Costume with dreads for all....
The Sack Man
Created by Zoey
Sinister Slimebucket
Created by Master Chef
Witches know how to make a good brew. You know this, because you've spent the past two months kicking the asses of a bunch of Canadian witches while adventuring through the lost jungle known as Maine, USA. While it was not advised to use the cauldron you...
South Carolina Terror
Created by Ernest
Behold the Kapitän

-normal map/model/texture/preview pic: Ernest

-facial flexes:Jpras

-sfm promos/thumbnail: Daesdemona

-concept art/description/name:Earl de Darkwood...
The Spook-Achute
Created by K_Factor
Scaring people straight to hell since the year grown men became pansies!

3 LOD's,
and Uber-Spooky!
The Weary Mann's Windbreaker
For those rare moments where it is just too cold to get nude and cover yourself in honey.



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The head on a tray
Created by Mopo
Blood is paintable.

Concept by Vernoguy
Model by Mopo...
The Überbiss (old name: Dental Trouble)
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Part of "Fragwürdig Doktor Set"
Facial flexed.

You can download mod version from

item name idea from dim shadow.

Workshop of Horrors II[]
Throat Burster
Created by Jukebox
I don't know what the hell it is, but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is.

Jiggleboned Tentacles and Head
Paintable Tentacles
Glows in the Dark

Item - Jukebox
Concept help - Metabolic
SFM Promos - CDJO...
Tiny Topper
Created by Sky
Totes kawaii and definitely absolutely completely not haunted!


Paintable decorations!...
Trick Or Treats
Created by Dewzie
The trick is, none of them are treats. Unless you like explosives....
Turbine Event
Created by zakariasan2
This is ctf_turbine in a event theme type for this upcoming Halloween.
I decided to edit this in a event because I always wanted to make the map more detail in some way. The Blu side of the map was hard to make because there we're alot of stuff specifcall...
Wall crawlers
Created by lucarioaaron
Wealth and fame, he pursues Action is plus reward
Look out, here comes the Scouterman

Item made by this guide
What's left of ye'
Created by kf.hammond
Proper soupcan-burial materials.

Mod avaliable at:
Wicked WaistCoat
Created by ToxicWeasel
This waist coat is for the true Rockers out there! (who also burn things alot)

Team colours
Witch Doctor
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Facial flexed!

You can download mod version from

Nightmare Before Smissmas[]

[OLD] [Unusual Effects] Foreshadowing Feline, Bittersweet Nightmare, Cauldron Kitty
Created by Cheesypuff
Has been Updated

Spooky witches cats

Video made by Retro
Particles made by Cheesypuff
Concept made by Aardvark

Comes in Orange,Green,Purple

[Unusual Taunt Effect] Fountain Of Blood
Created by Cheesypuff
What a spooky bloody taunt


green: monster blood fountain

purple: poisonous blood fountain

red: blood fountain...
[Unusual Taunt Effects] Underworld Vortex
Created by Cheesypuff
The Underworld Vortex!

Comes in Green, Orange, and Purple.

Effect made by Cheesypuff.

Concept, posters and video made by Bonk Nickeltoon

[Unusual effect] Zen spirits
Created by Ethosaur
Could be the ghosts of the fairly oddparents.. Or the Mann brothers, I guess we will never know, but one thing we know for sure: They are now haunting your hat!
[Unusual] Magic Mortar and Pestle Potion
Created by RetroMike
Why work when magic can do it for you?!

Two variants

Purple - Pestle Potion
Green - Magic Mortar...
[Unusual] Magical / Cursed
Created by FissionMetroid101
Some spooky particles for a spooky season.

FissionMetroid101 : Created the particles
Hydrogen : Lending use of his server for the viewmodel variants
Stachekip : Restoring the beta explosion sprite card

Created by Ethosaur
Made for 2016's community halloween event. Enjoy! This is a halloween reskin of koth_snowcliff

Includes: MONOCULUS! Pumpkin bombs, wheel of doom, ghosts and my own variant of the long-fall pit. (Also timed spellbook spawns)

Original map: https://steamco...
Created by Hex: Daddy Myers
Welcome to Halloween 2016! You push the ghost cart into the hell! Help the friendly ghost to get there! Meet also the horrors from the past halloweens and join the fun!

- Pumpkin bombs (ka-boom)
-Skeletons !
-Bosses ! (Headless Horseless Horsemen and Mo...
Nimble Fingers
Created by Emil
Now it's time to weird out and/or sicken your friends!

These fingers have 3 LODs and you can of course do some nice manicure/pedicure!

LOD 1: 1296 tris
LOD 2: 800 tris
LOD 3: 468 tris

I did not intend for this to be a reference to spy-kids, I figured it...