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Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
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Feb 8, 2012 @ 12:20am
Dec 2, 2012 @ 8:23pm
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Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons

SSE version here (not 100% certain on stability):

*** Please take a brief moment to read this description before asking questions in comments ***

Also available at

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Version: 4 *** Compatible with Dawnguard ***
Sep 4, 2012

Included weapons:

- Wraith Greatsword (two versions: ancient and polished)
- Sting (also includes a glowing version named Spiderbane)
- Elven Short Blades (Legolas' daggers)
- Elven Longbow (Legolas' bow)
- Witch-king Sword
- Sauron's Mace (see instructions below)
- Anduril and Narsil (one- and two-handed versions)
- Shard of Narsil (dagger)
- Glamdring (three versions: ancient, regular, and polished)
- Morgul blade (dagger)


- some swords are sold by Eorlund at the skyforge

- all weapons craftable only at the Moonforge (except the Shard of Narsil, which must be crafted at a smelter)

- the Moonforge can be easily located half way up along the path to High Hrothgar (it's that tallest mountain in Skyrim, Throat of the World)

- You need the steel smithing perk to craft most of the weapons

- To obtain the enchanted Sauron's Mace, to to Blackreach City and defeat its guardian at the city gate (Should be fairly easy to find) and loot from its body. Unenchanted version may be crafted at the forge.


All meshes and textures are made by myself from scratch.

Special thanks goes to:

- BGS from the MERP team, for rigging and exporting the bow
- DigitalLion, for helping me resolve the two-handed sword crash
- Mergweq, EwokJedi, and Dahaka002011, for creating the Armed to the Teeth mod used in screenshots
- WETA, for the wonderful original weapon designs

Contact me (Isilmeriel) via pm on skyrimnexus for all questions and comments relating to this mod.
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есть кто из россии?
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Aug 19, 2017 @ 9:26am
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< >
Yto Oct 29 @ 6:16am 
- некоторые мечи проданы Эорлундом в skyforge
- все оружие доступно только в Moonforge (кроме Осколка Нарсила, который должен быть изготовлен на заводе)
- Moonforge можно легко найти на полпути вверх по пути к Высокому Хротгару (это самая высокая гора в Скайриме, Горло Мира)
- Вам нужен стальной кузнечный кулак для изготовления большей части оружия
- Чтобы получить заколдованную сундук Саурона, в Блэкрейч-Сити и победить его опекуна у городских ворот (должно быть довольно легко найти) и добыть его тело. Unenchanted версия может быть создана в кузнице.
Yto Oct 29 @ 6:16am 
- Призрак Великий меч (две версии: древняя и полированная)
- Sting (также включает светящуюся версию Spiderbane)
- Эльфийские короткие лезвия (кинжалы Леголаса)
- Эльфийский лук (лук Леголаса)
- Меч ведьмы-короля
- Булава Саурона (см. Инструкции ниже)
- Андурил и Нарсиль (одно- и двуручные версии)
- Осколок Нарсиля (кинжал)
- Glamdring (три версии: древние, регулярные и полированные)
- Лезвие Моргула (кинжал)
cyclonegamer101 Oct 2 @ 9:28pm 
is any dlc required?
Ichiro Sep 3 @ 2:01pm 
Doest work for me, any suggestions? I don't see it at data files in launcher either...
John Constantine Aug 22 @ 2:47am 
best mode ever, i love it :whiterun:
Типовий Арієць Aug 19 @ 10:28am 
Сука ну чому немає перекладу на українську або хоча б на російську.
tramper Aug 11 @ 3:18pm 
Lord Ginger you gotta have the steel perk before you can smith any of the others.
LORD GINGER THE IX Aug 5 @ 3:31pm 
when i get to the moonforge i can only craft thw witchkings sword,the long bow and glamdring can anyone tell me how to get all the other craftable weapons?
tramper Aug 2 @ 10:41pm 
For those of you asking about Sting, why don't you read the instructions, Sting is easy to get as long as you have all the ingredients to forge it, its all there when you get to the Moonforge and start forging, how hard can it be ?
.dat May 25 @ 1:01pm