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Fleetwood Tourist Companion Sheet
By SocialEnigma
Welcome to United Federation of Fleetwood Island ! Where the tropic air is breathable and the waves are relaxing !
History of Fleetwood (Dramatized Version)
For more geographical look on The Oceania Regime, see :

Originally posted by JonesDekker:
I can make the world trembles ! But we need the power ! MANPOWER to be exact !

The Discovery of Fleetwood Island
in 1441, A Marabean Trade Ship (MTS) named MTS Varwijk ventured from Marabean Empire to Fleetwood Island which inhabited by native tribe called the Hulu . The trade ship made some contact with the tribe and even trades with them !

in 1524, A Captain named Heller Van Der Witzht discovered the island and began to colonialized it.
They slaved all the inhabitant and forced them to make a settlement and plantation. When Marabean Trade Ships went to the island Van Der Witzht Denied and ordered his men to open fire at the Trade Ships. After hearing this message from one of his men, Lord MarbelZ decided to make an offensive which he did. In hurry Van Der Witzht and his men were panicking and failed to flee from the island. They exploded his Steam Ship somewhere in the Eastern Sea. Unfortunely many Hulu Tribesmen were dead in the battle.  S.S Heller

in 2015, A guy named JonesDekker won the Island from a gambling game. He set a small settlement with his friend Fifee03 and then they quickly monetize the island with its tourist vacation spots. They began renovating the building and harness the art and heritage of The Hulu Tribe and they also found the Steam Ship which Van Der Witzht owned and restore it.

in 2016, Fifee03 left and JonesDekker began to spreading the word of the Oceania Regime which he start and started to building all across western and northern territories ! He build a constable office to keep the area clear and focusing on tourist attraction
Tourist Guide
Constable Raichnauff ! Come over here !! Give this guy a tour guide
Central Fleetwood Downtown

Fleetwood Security are based on Constables and Marshals they are happy to help and fun to serve.

So, back to the tourist guide. there is no tourist guide. You can't enjoy happiness in this small socialist island of "happiness". Everything is recorded. You don't have freedom of speech. If you come here you gonna get kidnap and forced to be a labour slave.

Don't come to fleetwood. Come to Marebean instead.