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TF2 Community Stuff I want to See Make it into the Game
This is a collection of the TF2 Community Workshop Content that I have voted for, so I can check back on them from time to time.
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Created by Hypo
Embrace your inner arsonist with this absolutely twisted taunt!

I sincerely hope you all enjoy the video trailer! I had a lot of fun with it! There is a video demonstration of the taunt (rendered without motion blur for animation clari...
The Metal Warrior
Created by God sent ME
"Do there exist many worlds, or is there but a single world? This is one of the most noble and exalted questions in the study of Nature.""


-Awesome uv's
-Rigged 110%

I hope valve helps a bit with the metal sh...
Airburst Rifle
Created by donhonk
Launch the sticky with the underbarrel launcher and hit it with the Rifle mid air for massive damage!

Like skeet shooting, but louder!...
The Tartan Tincture: V3!
Are you having a rough day?

Did you lose a fight you should've won, lose a wee miss that should've taken, and now the warning signs of frostbite is rearing it's ugly head to render you immobile and in constant agony for your now brevit life?

Well buck up...
The Apollo Welder's Mask
An advanced welding mask from the future!

3 LODs
Made from space-age materials!...
The Gladiator
Created by Beemo
A roman gladiator mask!...
Elegant Killer
Created by Hunter
The L.E.D. Head
Created by Yikes
I am... Abomination.

Model: Spacedad
Texture: Boomsta
SFM: Hotrod McCoolguy...
The Deadbeat's Duds
Created by Yikes
Comfy and easy to wear.

Model: Spacedad
Texture: Harry
Concept: Tabby
SFM: Hotrod...
The Industrialist
Created by goldenjohnson
"First you revolutionize manufacturing robots, then you revolutionize destroying them."

You can download it as a MOD here
Delinquency Do
Created by donhonk
Show everyone how tough you are with this slick hair-do! Based on this wonderful video:


Constellation Moonlight | Unusual Effect
Created by Aries
Why go outside and observe actual stars in real life when you've got your own hat full of stars (and moon) that you can gaze through inside a virtual world instead?

Comes in three colors: Blue, purple, and pink....
Medic's Magic Medicine Bag
Created by CyanPlastic
What could be in Medic's bag? Voodoo? Magic? Actual medicine? Maybe it's best we don't know.

- Paintable
- 2 LODs

Model/Texture by Uncle Grumpskin
Concept by CoBalt
SFM render by Munchy...
Created by Ahri
Achtung! No need to fear the wurst when Doktoberfest is around. With these Bavarian bad boys, even the sauerest of kraut will be at ease. Order today! U-boat be disappointed.

Download the mod to replace a variety of medic shirts:
E.L.S. [Explosive Lock-on System]
Created by DevilsCry
Tired of missing all those shots due to your ocular impairment? Look no further with your one eye!! With the E.L.S. its like you have two! (But you don't)....
Handy Canes
Created by kf.hammond
some handy festive candycanes....
The Booze Hound
Created by Cipher
Quench your thirst on the battlefield with this handy barrel of fine Swiss booze. It'll even keep you warm on those cold winter days!

Multi-class, paintable, 256x textures, 2 LOD models....
the Mann Whole-Cover
Created by EmAr
Tactical protection for Demomen who like to keep their bodies single piece!

Thanks to February [Fug] for the name suggestion.

This is also available as an armor piece for Sniper, Soldier, Engineer and Pyro:

Terry Falcon's Pro Skate Helmet
Created by Yikes
Protect your head from your parents' disappointment in your life decisions

Model/Texture: Spacedad
Team Fortress 2 stylized promotional logo: ale
Source Filmmaker promos: Hotrod McCoolguy

Jiggly straps? You betcha.
Paintable? Without a doubt!
Bootleg na...
Ash Kickers
Created by ToxicWeasel
Someone's gonna get their Ashes kicked for sure!

Reflective metal caps
The Snapshot
Created by boomsta
"Ever been in a bind where someone asked you for a headshot but you just couldn't tell what exactly the kind of headshot they wanted? Well those days are over, now you can send them both a photograph and an invitation to a funeral."

Comes in two styles! ...
Created by Sir.Grey

The long awaited nope.taunt is finally here, brought to you by CrazyHalo, Kritzkast[] and by the creator of this iconic meme: [url...
The Gear's Ally
Created by Zoey
The Drive By
Created by Ducksink
Nothing like the fresh feel of scratched steel and burnt tyres.....
The Kevlar Headcase
Introducing the NEW Kevlar Headcase! Guaranteed to protect your head from any incoming bullets!* Go to WAR, and live to tell the tale!

*Might not actually work. In the case that the Kevlar Headcase does NOT protect you from being shot, it would be too lat...
Pyro the Flamedeer
Created by QuestionablyInsane

- 3LODs
-Team colored Lenses and Filter
-Rubber mask area is paintable.

Wintery Wisp | Unusual Taunt Effect
Created by Aries
You're as cold as ice.

Comes in two color variants: ice blue (Wintery Wisp) and space purple (Arctic Aurora)

heartLyss - particle design, promos
K_Factor - concept...
MvM Tropics
Created by Dayal
During one of his animal hunting adventures in the tropical rainforest of the Yucatán peninsula, Saxton Hale discovered an ancient Mayann temple filled with Australium. However, he was never able to solve the mystery to unlock the gate between him and the ...
Poop Deck Plunder Canteen
Created by FiveEyes
Booty for your booty!

- MVM Canteen
- Closed when empty, open when full
- Jungle themed item

FiveEyes: Model
NeoDement: Texture
Metabolic: Concept...
Unusual Effect: Just Got Lei'd
This effect was made for the Jungle-themed update recently announced by the TF2 Team. If you would like to see this effect in the game officially, please consider voting for it! :)...
Emperor's Old Crown
Created by perrryz
They say it was found deep inside a jungle.
Probably just a rip-off....
Jungle Fighter
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
All class & jiggleboned
Mayann Victory Dance (Taunt)
Created by MediExcalibur2012
Everyone thinks that the legend; deep within the jungle is some kind of idol or sceptre or some kind of magic.


Any common person knows that the REAL legend is some kind of guy, running around collecting apples and breaking crates with his...
Ancient Mask
Created by OverPovered
UPDATE: added the Jungle tag.

A Mayan mask that stares into your soul.

CTF Mayann Temple
Created by ploomutizzle
It's a temple like map set in a reserve claimed by the opposing teams. Layered like an ogre or cake, pass through the palm tree jungles or over the temple complex to claim the enemy intelligence on the whereabouts of something shiny.

Do report any issues ...
Pathfinder's Pith
Created by K_Factor
Be prepared to explore, from the wastes of Siberia to the jungles of Mesoamerica.

Intended for the Community-created Mayann Update. Check that out!

3 LOD's.
Team Colored.
Arena_Secret Jungle
Created by a Hippobottomus
A Smallish Arena based around a jungle with a waterfall, 1 CP and alot of trees
Links to the custom Stuff:
Created by OverPovered
UPDATE: reuploaded to use the "Jungle" tag which Valve introduced alongside the announcement of jungle themed weapons.

Update August 17,...
Jungle Ops
Created by ToxicWeasel
Cap : Check
Headphones: Check
Bandana: Check



Jungle Jacket
Created by NeoDement
The pockets on this jacket are full of all the tools needed to survive in the wilderness. Rope (for tying specialist knots), a compass (for direction), and a handbook on how to tie specialist knots (because you don't know to tie specialist knots).

Jungle Parasol
for Mayann Update
Created by ГΛVΛGΕ
Koth_brazil, une map koth qui se déroule dans une base secrete dans la jungle, les joueurs se battent pour le contrôle du radar.

Thanks to :

Heyo - Pour les modèles du pack jungle
Yyler - Pour avoir fait des modifications au layout
NassimO - Pour l'overl...
Created by Freyja
Sulfur is a steel-style cp map with a koth final point and only three external points set in a secret(?) Japanese hot spring

1st Place in the Dynamic CP Contest

The final point is always accessible but must be held by blue for 3 minutes to wi...
TFKart_CherryBlossoms was made a couple months after the 2014 Halloween update introduced bumper cars to the game. The Kart mechanics are built into the map so you don't need a plugin or anything like that to enable the bumper cars. I also have a configura...
PL Genesis (Alpha)
Created by Berry
A jungle Payload map where BLU aims to destroy a rocket. Credit to Heyo for the PL Borneo jungle props.

View on
Created by squintik
Angkor is a 3-stage Payload map for Team Fortress 2
On stage 2 and 3, there's also a Capture Point to allow the cart to continue on its path.

After BLU's plane crashed in the cambodian jungle, they encountered RED team wandering around a khmer temple, so ...
Created by sean
Pl_borneo is set in secret facilites in the misty jungles of Borneo. The map is a single stage payload map with 4 areas of battle.

Many custom textures and models had to be created for the jungle theme. It was really tedious work making all the foliage...
Created by ::Egan::
Arena_Discovery is cliffside-excavation of an old Mayan waterfall temple. To spice the mode up, there is a random 1 in 3 chance that the round will spawn a special Knockout powerup on top of the giant head in the center of the map.

To win, either kill all...
All-Purpose Camo Mask
Created by The Verminator
This camouflage mask is good for many different situations:

- Jungle
- Desert
- Urban
- Wasteland
- Pretty much any other situation you can think of

- paintable...
Marksman's Mudders
Created by Bapaul
Navigating through the jungle is a dirty job. Thankfully one leg can rest on a tiny cushion

Concept by Noizeblaze
Model/Texture by Bapaul

Mod release:
Get it as a mod here![]...
The Gorilla Grenades
Created by Phil Swift
Show 'em who's King of this jungle!...
Tsarzan Bruiser’s Brassards
Created by DPV
“First, read Jungle Book. Second, kill babies with bare hands!”...
The Deep Jungle Doctor
-2 LODs
-Team Colors

Consider checking out the rest of the collection!
The Deep Jungle Giant
"seen much, combat?"

Consider checking out the rest of the collection!
Deep Jungle Arsonist
"Mmph Mmm, mmm, Nmmph Mrrr Mmmmh"


"Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that."

- 2 LODs
- Team Colors
- Jiggleboned Helmet Straps

Consider checking out the rest of the collection!
Timely Demise
Created by Svdl
Sapper slot item.

Demoman shouldn't get to have all the fun.

Has team colors and LODs....
Smissmas Surprise!
Created by Populus
Gift yourself to a loved one! Surprise friends! Ambush and burn your enemies alive! It's a Smissmas Surprise!

Populus - Animation
Square - Concept
NeoDement - Present model
SedimentarySocks - Promo video and renders

============ Technical information ===...
The Bunnyhopper
Created by NeoDement
Jump around! Flip with mouse 1! Spin with mouse 2! This taunt's got it all![/url
Surgeon's Squeezebox
Created by Populus
The success of musical therapy is closely related to the loudness and noisiness of the instrument used in the procedure.

Populus - Animation
NeoDement - Model
SedimentarySocks - Promo video and renders

============ Technical information ============

The MannChop V2
Created by Zxo Pink
"The expert killer and peerlessly
refined espionage specialist, the Spy,
is here to tell you all about how to
put your enemies six feet under with
less-than-ideal armaments, namely,
entirely without any weapons.

An assassin's weapons are only ...
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